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    JadeWeserPort is Germany’s largest harbour project. It is supported by the states of Lower Saxony (50.1% stake) and Bremen (49.9% stake).

    This new container port is located at Wilhelmshaven at the Jade […]

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    SC Freiburg – VfB Stuttgart 1:4
    Bayer 04 Leverkusen – 1. FC Köln 5:1
    FC Schalke 04 – FSV Mainz 05 4:1
    Werder Bremen – SC Paderborn 07 4:0 
    FC Augsburg – Hamburger SV 3:1
    Hertha BSC – FC Bayern München 0:1
    <span style="color: #000080;font-size: […]

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    This is the view from the bridge over the Ruhr river. The landscape has beautiful colors in the afternoon sun hanging low.

    In the background you can see the motorway A40. Click map or image for details.

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    There is a new note on the streets. After a few days of announcements in the media the first tenners have arrived at the ATMs. I just got a few of the latest 10-€-billets when I went to the bank.

    And I made up a little competition:
    If one of these 3 bills come you way some time the just take a picture and post it here together with…[Read more]

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    There is a new easy blog tool to use in conjunction with some free web space. I have already written about GETTING FREE WEB SPACE for blogs or other web pages.

    Now there is a Windows program which could […]

  • Hi there to all readers:
    There will be no more news on Jeanette, please read this:

  • Sorry, there is no-one here activating the comments on behalf of Jeanette.

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    Thumbnailin Gedenken an Jeanette Hess

    I was wondering why there were no new articles on Jeani’s several blogs. But just today the idea came to my mind to try googleing about this rather well known blog writer. I […]

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    In Germany all football fanatics are waiting for the new season to begin.
    And the new FOOTBALL BUNDESLIGA season starts today!

    Highlight: FC Bayern München will be live on free tv as the winner of last […]

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  • du changed their profile picture 5 months, 2 weeks ago

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    Just had another week abroad. This time the destination was the Italian island of Sicily. The city to stay at was Catania. That is 2 and a half hours by plane. And over an additional hour by bus to get to the hotel there.

    Catania is a very historic city. Not only back yards but of course old cathedrals and ancient excavation…[Read more]

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    Hi there!
    Whats going on with you?
    Your blogs are asleep – are you OK?

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    Now it is spring time here and I took one week off. Traveled to my favorite destination: Ireland.

    It`s a bit bad luck as I have picked typical Irish weather these days. But still there are some beautiful views over the countryside to the beaches. Just try to imagine there`s a ray of sunshine – it would be a dream…

    You guys may be used…[Read more]

  • The (Ex-) Manager and president of German football club Bayern München was charged for  tax evasion. He was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison for failing to pay over 27 million Euros tax in the past 7 […]

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    I just came along the pond this morning and I found this year’s spawn in the water. As far as I remember I went there on Friday to check, as I am expecting the spawn in early March.

    So the frogs must […]

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    @lyndes Hi, Ivisited you B&B web site. Could you have the full HD image replaced for an exact fit one? It takes ages loading…, Cheers

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     I went to Supermarket for some weekend food shopping. Examining the scavenge table I found a nice object: A plastic bag package with some piece of clothing inside. It is titled “SWEATHOSE”.

    Now since […]

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    Maybe I was unclear:
    You can not do much about it – and the counter needs some additional programming – which will not happen to soon…

    Just remember when you tell people about your wordpress blogs you […]

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