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LAKE ELAND MILE OPENS ONLINE ENTRIES 15 FEB’13 just after Midmar Mile Event

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ONLINE ENTRIES NOW OPEN FOR LAKE ELAND MILE 2013 VISIT and click on lake eland mile link


2013 has arrived and saw a high demand for Lake Eland Mile to commence early in 2013, exciting changes have taken place and many more surprises will be coming up in the next 4 months.


Margate Swimming Club hereby would like to invite you to visit our upgraded site for the 2013 Lake Eland Mile by following this link

Followed by clicking on the Lake Eland Mile link on the top of the site.


And if you don’t know what the Lake Eland Mile is all about read our poster information on the MSC Home page, which stretches over 5 sheets.


Lake Eland Mile 2013 has opened entries in February 2013 and technical problems with the site have now been eliminated. From 2013 Swimmers my enter online and submit their entry online, or print manual forms for entry to submit by fax and email. After online submission the website also offers links to the main banks for EFT payments to be made, a much simpler and easier method to enter for 2013. Also visit our map section and accommodation section on the site for info on distances and places to stay. 2013 will see exciting competitions including a pre-entry prize draw of a holiday for all those who enter before 30 September 2013! The designing of this page on the website for the provider of the pre-entry prize is currently undertaken professionally and will be up and running in the next 3 months. Sponsors and Partners will be finalized during June of 2013 and these updated logos etc will be loaded on marketing material from July 2013 onwards. Entry fees have been structured to fit most swimmers pockets and ranges from Level 1 – being the cheapest to Level 5 – being the most expensive, depending on the date of the entry. To encourage swimmers to swim more than one race, special discount structures were introduced for entering two events (10%) and entering 3 events (15%). Lastly to encourage older folk to join in the health benefits of open water swimming, pensioners will now receive 20% discount on all entry fees. A lovely high quality black towel will be available for sale with entries again this year

Start Training people! For those who have not had the guts to swim the Midmar Mile this year, due to not being fully trained and  avoidance of possible embarrassment in front of thousands, there is another chance later in the year for you! The Lake Eland Mile is on a smaller scale in a beautiful setting for family and friends to join swimmers for a day out, swimmers who are in training can test their skill at swimming a mile and test their readiness to swim Midmar Mile 2014 at the Lake Eland Mile on 3 November 2013, Or come and train for Midmar 2014, it is only 3 months before Midmar. For info on the event, or entry opening dates as well as forms either printed for manual submission or can be submitted online. Make a commitment now, it will motivate you to start intense training now already. For info you can email Samantha Botha on or google “lake eland mile”

Towels will be available with pre – entries at very reduced rates and with certain late entry period towels can still be ordered extra at various rates depending on the date entered. A price draw for pre-entries is in the final stages of negotiation and so is special rates for entering the Lake Eland Reserve along with possible packages for camping for those who wish to stay over for the weekend. Detailed info on the event and costs will be on the website over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out. Towels will be featured on the site in the following 6 weeks.

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