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How Come Most Posts are in Afrikaans

December 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

I left for a while now all of a sudden most posts here are in afrikaans.

I think News24 should create an afrikaans site for the afrikaner speakers, whats the point of having a news feed thats all in afrikaans if I dont understand it???

Editors please take note and separate afrikaans from english

Yours Trully

Tumisang Kolobe






7 responses to How Come Most Posts are in Afrikaans

  1. Yes, it used to be like that. And it is much better that way. I am one of those who only post in Afrikaans and I really do not mind sharing but it is definitley much more messy as it is now.

    But then there is many things that have changed, and many people have complained and even left and still nothing has been done.

    For example, there ain’t many options to change the backgrounds any more. And before people could subscribe to your blog, now they cannot do it anymore.

    It is sad.

    I must say, the spam is much better than what it used to be, at least for me.

    • They must do something about it for sure, we cant be subjected to poor service, Word Press must listen to us….News24 used to allow so many good things on the blogs and now I miss them!!

  2. What happened to democracy… or are you just being an arsehole with access to a computer again, Kolobe? Not enough racial shit to occupy yourself with on News24..?

    • Rum you arent even welcoming me back, you start by making unfounded allegations that I am an arsehole, it takes a bigger one to see one doesnt it???

  3. Yes kolobe, I heard that one in std.5 last. So what now, because you (supposedly) don’t understand Afrikaans, those posts should be removed to please you? Ever heard of bilingualism?
    Are all trolls this arrogant ?

  4. Welcome back Kolobs. I just mentioned you in my most recent post and here you are, back in the game.

  5. I still post in English Kolobe:)

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