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100% behind Vuyo Mbuli

November 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Of all the things that public figures have to go through or taking themselves through, one has to feel for the pain it causes to their families, A married man is busy visiting a female friend at 11 in the evening, its obvious that Vuyo was just being a man, Vuyo Mbuli should not apologize for being an African man, and correctly exercising his manhood, it’s obvious that Legwabe was  jealous that Vuyo scored by obviously shagging and enjoying the company of the female companion Thabisa Nyamakazi, in his jealousy Legwabe acted violently to a rather calm Vuyo Mbuli, I always say that don’t bleksem the person that you are being cheated on, if you can’t resist the edge to bleksem then bleksem your cheating partner.

In this scenario it was obvious that Thabisa was cheating Legwabe with Vuyo Mbuli, who might have not known about legwabe, now the family of Vuyo is being drawn into the whole saga, by some cheap women, when Legwabe acted violently Vuyo bleksemmed him with a vase on the leg, once again I don’t blame vuyo, it was an act of self defense against a raging jealous bull, in legwabe.I just hope that the wife of Vuyo has been correctly taught to accept the fact that a Man has got to do what a man has to do.

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  1. WHAT!!!!? You can’t be serious. Is it truly your vision that an African man is simply exercising his manhood in cheating on his wife! ANd then you cap it by branding only Legwabe as cheap! Come on. REAL MEN DON’t CHEAT ON THEIR WIVES. If you want to fuck around, don’t get married. No onr forces anyone into monogamy, but marriage is another story. And DON’T even think about trotting out the old “in my culture” nonsense, as Mbuli is about as much of a traditional ethnic African as I am. Sorry, but this is just an insult to African men.

  2. Some extremely dodgy double standards here. How is it acceptable for Vuyo, who is married, to have an affair but the girl is branded a slut by you, even though she was not married but merely in a relationship according to this other guy. Furthermore Vuyo should have known that his family would be embroiled in this saga if it all came out as he is a public figure. The only person I feel any sympathy for in the whole sorry mess is Vuyo’s poor wife and children who have been publicly humiliated by his actions. It is definitely not alright for married men to cheat on their wives!!

  3. HEAR HEAR!!! I can’t believe that even Kolobe is serious here. African Male bloggers, SAY SOMETHING!

  4. In my culture there is an idiom that says “Monna ke selepe re a adimana” a man is an axe we borrow each other, “monna ke phoka o wa bosego” a man is a like a fog he falls before sunrise, that means that an African man can please and be pleased by as many women while married and the wife would not feel demeaned by that, in fact if Vuyo wants to marry this women that he is currently shagging then he should do so without any problems, I don’t care what the western indoctrinated people have to say about that, you think Jacob Zuma married those wives without shagging them first?no, he shagged and when it felt good he decided to bring it home by marriage.

  5. No the Shagee in this case should have indicated to Vuyo that she was commited with Legwabe, we cannot expect Vuyo to have known about the shagee’s commitments or is Vuyo a prophet?that he can sense that the shagee has other legwabe cannot blame Vuyo for the miscommunication of the shagee, Vuyo proposed love to the shagee, the shagee look at her status and said Vuyo I don’t have a man in my life and therefore please come let have fun.

    Zuyo as an african man did nothing wrong, only if Vuyo was European then we would all cry foul.

  6. Nice response to the 16 days of Activism so warmly endorsed by the very JZ you refer to. Jeez.

  7. I am not abusing any women or am I?

  8. Of course you are, by even venting these disturbing notions. Such an attitude is necessarily an abuse of ALL women.

    You’re enjoying this aren’t you.

  9. Enjoying what?am just saying the sentiments of true african man, what might be disguting to white people might be purely acceptable with african man, and dont come with your superiority nonsense that, you feel that your point should be taken.

  10. Hehehehe….poor Vuyo ne. I hope he at least enjoyed bonking her…before being publicly humiliated.

  11. Now can Daaivark read the comments of an african women in this case Lee, that you claim that I am abusing.

  12. And catching a free peek at your name sake with the prosssie isnt abuse either I suppose?

  13. Yip and thats why Africa has one of the highest HIV/aids infections per capita!
    monogamy is a big word ….

  14. no its business, dont you see stuff that you buy?

  15. And joost is also african I guess

  16. you guys dont think while you using somebody else’s ax, there is another guy using your ax? SLOPPY SECONDS is a real bitch isnt it?

    The mind boggles at the intelligence behind your words..

  17. No dude I dont have to pay or go use hookers,I have a partner.

  18. Joost is just as big a poes as vuyo..I dont give a toss coz he is white, he is still a twat!

  19. I see that everyday, it does not entertain me anymo, its too serious to entertain.

  20. well then monogamy is not working, thats why african prefere the tried and tested like Joost and Vuyo, I support them fully, you boring suckers continue with your boredomness and ont bother us the liberals, if you are conservative then leave the liberals party alone, why spoil our fun if you fine with your fun.

  21. Good answer dude… your intelligence is really shining through now…

  22. No hence we blame the shagee in this case, she was suppose to indicate that she does not need to be entertained because Legwabe is doing that.

  23. Its funny that we don’t preach to the conservative to monogamous man to amend their ways and become like us, but they on the other hand have assumed the moral high ground and are trying to tell us what to do with our not so cool lifestyle, the questions is what makes them think that their lifestyle is better than that of the African mam. Joost is a man and what he did there is nothing wrong with it, it just that in his community the moralists are critical to those who are different from them.

  24. *YAWN* dude do you read what you write?
    If so, do you understand it?
    If so, does it make sense?

  25. Quite right DaaiVark… I suspect he is just pushin your buttons to push up his comment count.

  26. yesssssssssssssssss

  27. LOL!!

  28. Kolobe african man who belive this shit about multiple partners deserves everythingthat is surely coming their way. SO many african women are goind through kak because of this shit. Its a load of crap and please dont hide behind culture or beliefs here. isithembu or polygammy if practised the african way has rules and guides that are never adhered by the likes of thjose who profess to belive in this practise. our forefather had a lot of respect for women and they never practised polygammy to ridicule and humiliate women.
    bro wake up from this shit

  29. As for vuoy .. its a hilarious story and he deserves everything that is coming his way. knowing savita his wife he will be recieveing it in spades

  30. Are you serious Lee? :(

  31. What kind of idiot is Vuyo to go shag a woman at HER place? Idiot. MOTEL.

    As for the sanctity of marriage puhleeeeeeez :(
    Right or wrong, men, ALL MEN, African or otherwise, are only as faithful as their options.
    You got options, you get laid; Got no options, how the hell you gonna get laid even if you wanted to?

  32. I cannot see how a shag can be lekker if it is going to be laden by so much baggage. is it worth it. If Joost had any grey matter would he have carried on with the act or abborted it in favour of coitus interruptus. What about Bru Stevie? Until kingdom cum

  33. daaivark, why speak when Kolobe clearly is trying to defend the indefensible… cheating is cheating!

    Vuyo said nothing about his culture or that this was an African thing.

    No good african man would bring such pain to his family… let’s stop hidding behind culture (aimed @ Kolobe), coz we all know culture changes with the time, but still remains authentic… Vuyo “allegedly” cheated and if that’s so, he was wrong… the end! Nothing more, nothing less…

  34. “What kind of idiot is Vuyo to go shag a woman at HER place?” < -- dawg... on a different note... what's this no no of not shagging a woman @ her place?

    This obviously is just a general curious question… Vuyo’s situation is not involved… I’ve heard it a couple of times. Tell me brah? I’m curious…

  35. Motels are full of paparazzi. The best place to shag a chick is her hous, but the last timeI tried that I had to use the window and shoes in my that’s crazy.Vuyo is fucked in any case, being a celebrity is cruel

  36. Simple reason, the chances of getting busted are high!
    Its also the worst time to find out that the woman you thought was single is married or has a 6-foot 130kg thug for a boyfriend.

  37. Oh! That means shagging a woman @ her place is only meant if you’re creeping… if that’s your chick, it’s a ok?! Right or wrong?

  38. If its your chick, as in your main chick, then of course shag away at will :-)

  39. Hi there, I enjoy reading all of your article. I like to write a
    little comment to support you.

  40. Oh… please….! you guys are not serious about life…. so, if its ok for a husband to cheat i guess a woman can do the same thing too. it turns to be unfair when a woman cheats, the husband divorces her so fast, but if its the man who cheat a woman is expected to forgive, receive him back and move on; then the being a man nonsens is being highlighted, people are sick out there… men are being unfair… they gather all Sexual diseases and infect the faithful woman who is sitting at home doing nothing but looking after her husband and submitiing to him,, this is just not fair… Men who cheat are being used by the Devil and should all have theit “p” cut off… just like the rapists..

  41. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an really long comment but after I
    clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

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