‘n Pomp in Elke Dorp

Hello Peeps


You guys had a lekker weekend, ja?


I prolly told you guys a long time ago. I hate chain emails. I hate these challenges sent via email. Or the soppy kak about sending to 7 people otherwise you’ll be hit by a friggin bus. You know mos.


But I think what I hate more is when people lie to me, and I find out their true colours on email.


My cousin sent me this earlier. A letter from Steve. (not Stevie Wonder, okay?)


Afrikaner activist Steve Hofmeyr’s letter to Julius Malema
Dear Julius

As of today I withdraw my former World Cup enthusiasm with active endorsements of all warnings to potential visitors until your leadership rebuke you as we see fit.

Tomorrow, after you’ve shot the Boere you will still be a pitiful black African living in denial of your own impotence parading as a fake achiever without contributing to the world a single original idea.

Yours is mere envy disguised as hatred as nothing you say, wear, drive and steal alas, even your idiocy, is a luxury born of this continent.You must appeal to base sentiment as Africa has yet to yield a single intellectual, a single thought school, a single intellectual thought not inspired by the very West you and Mugabe detest.

You have been a phony from the day you set out to champion a defiance from a period you we not even born.

You are still consuming from that productive era living in the lap of luxury thanks to the taxes of the very people you want to shoot, the only tribe to sacrifice a third of its population to breath in the African air.

In history South Africans will choose to forget you when the only thing you should be remembered for is you share in the falling short of a brilliant idea: a working South Africa.

You are a black man. To be proud you must pander to white ideas: you must drive cars, live in expensive hotels, wear suits, be Christian, do unions, be Communist, wear wigs, speak English and play soccer.

Although I know better, you will enforce the stereotype of how Africans are globally viewed… with pity.

Steve Hofmeyr




She denied that she and Steve were friends. Or that she was a fan.


I’m also not sure if I should shake his hand or give him a klap. What do you think?


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28 thoughts on “‘n Pomp in Elke Dorp

  1. you could klap his hand hard and kill two birds with one stone?

    SHUSH With the probs on group emails I am going to blog and explain why people do that… arrrgh arrgh arrgh!

  2. hehehehe…altwee? I also received it and promptly deleted it! I’m not taking back the grandparent comment yet – lol – Have a lekker day!

  3. Just klap him Dizzy. For no particular reason other than him being Stevie H. Oh and also coz I can see you need to get rid of some frustration and klapping somebody sure helps with that. xxx

  4. Steve “Stoffsuier” at it again!
    Loved your previous post. My almost 23 yr old is still my “baby”. Always will be.
    Hugs, Dizzy.

  5. I don’t think it really deserves the dignity of either reaction. Not exactly a literary masterpiece, is it? While I am as ready as anyone else to declare Julius to be a pathetic individual, I don’t think this style of declaration achieves very much.

  6. Extremist? Although, he too was expressing his disgust at Juju’s juvenile spewings. There are many who does exactly the same

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