Sony Brand Store Is Collecting Books for the SAPESI Mobile Library Project

November 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Sony Brand Store is proud to support SAPESI and its goals of improving literacy in South Africa.  SAPESIa non-profit organisation based in South Africa and Sony Corporation announced Sony’s support for the ‘South Africa Mobile Library Project’. This project was jointly launched by SAPESI and the South African Department of Education as part of the Department of Education’s efforts to improve literacy levels by loaning books to pupils and teachers at primary and middle schools across the country. Sony will make a financial contribution to SAPESI in support of the project’s operations, and will also donate used children’s books collected at the Sony Brand Store.  The Mobile Library Project started with 21 vehicles that were donated and imported from Japan. A further 14 vehicles are planned to be added this year. In schools, children start to learn alphabet reading and writing in their home language during grade 1~2, and in grade 3 they start to learn English (which is the formal language of their education moving forward). In this sense, the acquisition and development of English is very important for them, and it can be reinforced through English book reading. Availability of libraries is limited and most parents do not have funds to buy English books for their children. It is with this in mind that the Mobile Libraries help meet an important need by visiting several schools, bringing books to teachers and children who would otherwise not have access to such learning materials.

Why not share the books your children once loved and cherished with a new generation so that they too can enjoy and appreciate them.

By placing a book bin in the Sony Brand Store Gateway, you will not only get a 5% discount on your purchase, T&C’s Apply, but you will be contributing to the education of our country’s children.

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