Mary Ann’s Kitchen receives visit from Unilever

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The brand managers of Knorr and Knorros recently visited Hirsch’s Umlazi where they sponsor Mary Ann’s Kitchen, a community project that gives underprivileged members of the Umlazi community the opportunity to learn new skills for free.

Yet to say that they were blown away, their comments were out of this world, “it’s a privilege to be in partnership with Hirsch’s”, said Coleen Leygonie brand manager for Knorr South Africa.

The students all did a testimonial on how they experienced her classes and where it has taken them in their own lives.  The two classes were full of eager students and Mary Ann prepared two recipes, a Beef Stew with butternut (using Knorrox beef cubes) and spicy muffins.


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Chief Operations Officer of Hirsch’s, Margaret Hirsch spoke at a Woman’s function held at Tree Tops in Gateway recently to inspire and empower the community.

Margaret started off her talk by telling everyone to look at each other and say, “your beautiful”, and explained to participants that they should always keep a clear vision in what they want in life.

She also gave them several pointers with regards to the secret of success:

Passion for one’s business; hard work; exercising both  mind and  body; treat your suppliers and your customers like gold; always be the best you can be; be totally focused.  The winner, she said, is the person who keeps going, despite adversity.


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The guests attending a recent photography talk, hosted at the Sony Centre in Gateway was amazed by the breathtaking photos Steve from Airserv took them on a journey from a top.  Steve, who is also a member of the professional photographers of S.A., explained the intricate process of mounting the cameras on his light weight airplane.  “You have to be prepared with extra batteries and memory cards, as it is very expensive flying, and every minute you waste is money lost”


The monthly photography talks hosted at Sony has become a hit among novice and professional photographers.  Attendance if free and booking is essential.  To get your name on the guest list, contact Warren Pearce on 084 513 0911 / for more information.



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Keeping up with technology is a job in itself, but Samsung is taking their customer service one step further by offering their users free training on the Galaxy Tab.

The Group of 27 ranging from kids to adults all coming to learn more about the Galaxy Tab, discussed was setting e-mails, social media accounts and how to get the most out of your tab.

To book a seat at the free monthly training sessions, contact Warren Pearce on 084 513 0911 /


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Wedding photography was the topic of discussion at a recent photography talk hosted at the Sony Centre in Gateway.

Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding day, and part of that dream is capturing every perfect moment.  This is where the wedding photographer comes in.  “Starting out as a wedding photographer is an exciting field to persue.  First you need to start with compiling a portfolio.   Once that is complete start advertising on websites as well as word of mouth.  Wedding photography is all about the detail and making sure you capture the precious moments”, said Casey Larson, guest speaker and professional wedding photographer.

The monthly talks hosted at the Sony Centre is free to attend, with new guest speakers and topics every month.  We invite all novice and professional photographers to join.  For more information contact Warren Pearce on 084 513 0911 /



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Keeping up with technology is a job in itself, but Samsung is taking their
customer service one step further by offering their users free training on
the Galaxy Tab.

Our Samsung training is aimed at helping tablet owners make the most of
their gadget.  Discussed this month was social media applications.  A couple
of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook come as standard
applications with the tablet.  Other social media applications that can be
downloaded include Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+.  The applications are easy
to download and install.  Once installed the user can simply log in to use
the app, said Warren Pearce PRO for the Samsung Store Gateway.

The group of over 25 people  that attended found the training extremely
useful with plenty of questions answered in the Q&A session afterwards.

To book a seat at the free monthly training sessions, contact Warren Pearce
on 084 513 0911 /


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With smart phones getting smarter, the Samsung Store in Gateway embarked on
a drive to teach their customers how to use their devices optimally as to
get the most from it.

The training, which takes place every month in the ultra sleek Gateway
store, aims to educate users on how to use the basic and advanced features
of the Samsung S4 device.  With more features and smart gesture capability,
the phone boasts with more features than ever before.  Users of the popular
device flocked to the free training to find out more and how to best use the
phone.  Annette Steenberg from Samsung conducted the training and said that
she is delighted to see their customers being so enthusiastic about the

To attend the free monthly training contact Warren Pearce on 084 513 0911 / for more information Seats are limited and booking
is essential.


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Hirsch’s Umhlanga recently hosted a baking workshop that also included a session on induction cooking.
On the menu was a butternut soup and rustic bread, perfect for the cold winter season.  Induction cooking has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to it’s energy efficiency and time saving benefits.
The workshop was a huge success with students attending from across the city.

Unilever proudly sponsors community kitchen

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Unilever recently donated R9 500 in sponsorship towards Mary Ann’s Kitchen at Hirsch’s Umlazi, a community kitchen aimed at educating and empowering disadvantaged members of the Umlazi community by teaching them basic cooking skills.  Singing and dancing filled the store as students and workers at the community kitchen came to hear about the generous sponsorship towards their project.

With a heart as big as her smile, Mary Ann Vundla regularly gives back to the Umlazi community by empowering the youth and unemployed individuals with the necessary skills to seek employment, or even better yet, start their own businesses.  The community kitchen runs twice a week from the showroom floor of Hirsch’s Umlazi.  All training provided at the kitchen is free of charge to the students, and a typical class has about thirty eager and motivated scholars that want to learn more.  A typical course runs for eight weeks and after the training Mary Ann arranges with a business coach to teach the students how to go about setting up their own business.  The classes generate no income, and rely on the goodwill of companies in the form of sponsorship in order to keep the stove on and the food cooking.

If you would like to show your support in uplifting a community that is in need of good Samaritans then feel free to contact Mary Ann Vundla on 082 679 9109 for more information on sponsorship, or to attend one of the courses.

Washing day for domestics at Hirsch’s Umlazi

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Domestic workers from Umlazi and surrounding areas recently attended a free Domestic Workers Course hosted by Mary Ann Vundla at Hircsh’s Umlazi.


The session included training on the various types of washing machines.  The three main washing machines include front loader, top loader and twin tub.  Each machine has their own unique pro’s and con’s when it comes being user friendly.  The most important aspect is to choose the machine that suits your lifestyle and wallet.  The front loader is the most natural movement in the drum and creates the least amount of friction between fabrics.  The top loader machine usually boasts with a bigger capacity with some brands going up to 18kgs.  This is ideal for washing blankets and big loads of laundry for a big household or family.  The main advantage of a twin tub washing machine is the price tag with it being considerably cheaper than the previous two types of machines mentioned.


Remember OMO Washing Liquid, just one small cap is enough, says Mary Ann Vundla.


If your domestic’s skills need a good dusting, then contact Mary Ann Vundla on 082 679 9109 for more information.  The monthly training sessions are free to attend an booking is essential.