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A South African Fairy Tale

February 3, 2013 in South Africa

This is a South African fairy tale.

Zuma was very ecstatic after Bafana Bafana qualified for the quarterfinals. So he decided for some real ‘me-time’ and he decided to go for a long walk on the beach, alone.

As he walked barefoot on the sand, he felt something hard buried under the sand. He unearthed an old rusted oil lamp and he wiped away the sea sand from it. Suddenly a Genie spilled out and after recovering from his shock, the Genie thanked him for rescuing him and told him he would grant him one wish.

“Eish that will be great”, Zuma said.

“So fire away”, the Genie urged him.

“Eish, my wish is that Bafana Bafana should win the Afcon Cup”, he said.

The Genie replied: “No, you do not understand, I cannot perform miracles, only make wishes come true. Bafana Bafana does not have what it takes; therefore, this is an impossible wish. Tell you what, make another wish”.

“Eish, I understand. Okay, now my wish is for a happy and prosperous South Africa, free of corruption, crime, racism and negativity where we could be a real united Rainbow Nation”.

Now the Genie was embarrassed and worried. “Let us go back to your first wish; maybe we can work something out”, he replied.

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