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FNB AD Campaign and the Bullying Tactics of the ANC

January 26, 2013 in South Africa

I followed the saga regarding the ad campaign of FNB with concern and from the very beginning I was sure that as with Zuma’s Spear (penis) saga, the ANC would once again be the winners, whilst the democracy they said they fought 100 years for (which is anyway a bullshit story) would be the looser.

Here is my message to FNB:

“I have a: Complaint
Regarding: Other / Not Sure
Comments / Questions:
I am very disappointed with FNB who succumbed to the bullying tactics of the ANC in the saga
over your ad campaign. You had a vision to better the democracy but instead you nourished the
drive of the ANC towards an autocratic and suppressive system.”

Be afraid, be very afraid, what Bob is doing next door would be a Sunday School Picnic in comparison to what is going to happen in SA.



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