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The First Joke of 2013!

January 3, 2013 in South Africa

Here is the first joke of 2013 -courtesy of Cosas!

‘Stop newspaper matric results – Cosas’

About 30 pupils protested outside the education department’s offices in Durban on Thursday to demand an end to matric results being published in newspapers.

The group, which included pupils who had written matric this year, as well as some who had written in previous years, carried placards, some of which read: “Publish Angie’s Salary”, “Reshuffle Angie”, and “To Hell With the Publication of Matrix Results”. They were referring to Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga.’

I bet you a Zim dollar that the people (30 of them) who demonstrated are those dumb stupids who failed matric this year or previously.

In the good old days, this will be before 1994, those who were not clever enough to ever make matric, were told so at the beginning of their std 8 (grade 10) year and they were prepared to get jobs at the end of that year which they did.

Now, these stupids are so dumb that they will not listen to any advice that they would never make matric, and they are also so dumb, they will not even get a job. But what they want to do is to hide behind a ‘Zuma curtain of secrecy’ so that nobody will ever know they are stupid.

I bet you a further dollar that Cosas are not too bright either – if they were they would have told the 30 stupids to get a life!

Thanks Cosas for the first laugh of 2013!!

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  1. It must be something in the coastal air that contributes to the taking of intelligence to record lowths!

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