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The Zuma Joke of 2012

January 2, 2013 in South Africa

I am a big fan of Zuma!

Zuma entertained us throughout 2012 – he was genuine a ‘laugh-a-minute-president’. I enjoyed him so much that at one point I was afraid that he would not be re-elected as ANC president, which would have meant that he would not be president for a second term. Fortunately, my prayers were answered and at least the joke will be with us for another term!

Looking back at all the funny stuff associated with Zuma, and there were many, the joke that stands out is the one about whites and their dogs. I had a good laugh and then, the cherry on top of this one was poor old Mac’s efforts to salvage the damage Zuma caused, as usual.

Here it is:

‘Zuma was trying to decolonize the African mind – Maharaj’

‘President Jacob Zuma was only trying to “decolonize the African mind” when he criticized caring for dogs as pets as part of “white culture”, the presidency has said.

“The essential message from the president was the need to decolonize the African mind, post-liberation,” said presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj.

He said Zuma wanted “to enable the previously oppressed African majority to appreciate and love who they are, and uphold their own culture”.

The presidency was responding to a report in The Star that said Zuma, in a speech given at Impendle in KwaZulu-Natal yesterday, had said that spending money to buy a dog and taking it to the vet and for walks, belonged to “white” culture.

He said that the African way was rather to focus on family.’

It is only Zuma and Mac who believed this funny fairy tale.

Thanks Zuma and Mac, I could close 2012 with a big laugh.

Please continue with your funny stuff in 2013 – South Africa needs the laughs!

One last word or two on this issue, at least I do not eat my dog!

2 responses to The Zuma Joke of 2012

  1. This was a shocking statement by the president. It is sad to see that the people of South Africa are being stereotyped in this way on the basis of the colour of their skins. The president should apologise. There are many black South Africans who love their dogs, and there are many white South Africans who do not like dogs.

    • According to Zuma/Mac logic, the non-dog-loving whites are admirably adopting the African decolonized mind.
      Unfortunately, those types often also focus on abusing their families.

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