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Regering woedend oor gru-verkragting

February 7, 2013 in South Africa

“Die regering het in ‘n verklaring sy woede uitgespreek oor die tienermeisie wat in Bredasdorp in die Wes-Kaap om die beurt verkrag en toe vermoor is.”

Kan die regering so eenvoudig wees. Of dink hulle Jan-Alleman is so onnosel? Ek dink dit is meer ‘n geval van die regering wat in hulle onnoselheid dink almal is onnosel.

Nou skielik wil hulle ‘n groot bohaai maak. Hoe lank al is verkragting en vroue mishandeling nie die nuwe nasionale sport van Suid-Afrika nie. Entlik is dit by die tyd al die ou gevestigde sport. En wat is al die jare daaraan gedoen? Dadels en bokdrolletjies. Die regering het mos sedert 1994 praat en praat en nogmaals praat en daarby sanik, en sanik en nogmaals sanik vervolmaak. Maar doen weet hulle nie veel van af nie.

En hierdie skielike woede, gaan nogmaals maar net ‘n gepratery bly.

Sit julle geld waar julle monde is. Oeps, daar is nie geld nie, lankal al verkwistig.

Liewe regering, almal in die land is nie onnosel nie. So hou op om vir die pawiljoen te speel!

En more, wie gaan more verkrag word sonder dat ‘n vinger gelig word om vroue te beskerm!

Gaan lees hier die snert wat hulle kwyt geraak het

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A South African Fairy Tale

February 3, 2013 in South Africa

This is a South African fairy tale.

Zuma was very ecstatic after Bafana Bafana qualified for the quarterfinals. So he decided for some real ‘me-time’ and he decided to go for a long walk on the beach, alone.

As he walked barefoot on the sand, he felt something hard buried under the sand. He unearthed an old rusted oil lamp and he wiped away the sea sand from it. Suddenly a Genie spilled out and after recovering from his shock, the Genie thanked him for rescuing him and told him he would grant him one wish.

“Eish that will be great”, Zuma said.

“So fire away”, the Genie urged him.

“Eish, my wish is that Bafana Bafana should win the Afcon Cup”, he said.

The Genie replied: “No, you do not understand, I cannot perform miracles, only make wishes come true. Bafana Bafana does not have what it takes; therefore, this is an impossible wish. Tell you what, make another wish”.

“Eish, I understand. Okay, now my wish is for a happy and prosperous South Africa, free of corruption, crime, racism and negativity where we could be a real united Rainbow Nation”.

Now the Genie was embarrassed and worried. “Let us go back to your first wish; maybe we can work something out”, he replied.

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FNB AD Campaign and the Bullying Tactics of the ANC

January 26, 2013 in South Africa

I followed the saga regarding the ad campaign of FNB with concern and from the very beginning I was sure that as with Zuma’s Spear (penis) saga, the ANC would once again be the winners, whilst the democracy they said they fought 100 years for (which is anyway a bullshit story) would be the looser.

Here is my message to FNB:

“I have a: Complaint
Regarding: Other / Not Sure
Comments / Questions:
I am very disappointed with FNB who succumbed to the bullying tactics of the ANC in the saga
over your ad campaign. You had a vision to better the democracy but instead you nourished the
drive of the ANC towards an autocratic and suppressive system.”

Be afraid, be very afraid, what Bob is doing next door would be a Sunday School Picnic in comparison to what is going to happen in SA.



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Onnie Steek Vrou Glo in Kuierplek – Beeld

January 21, 2013 in South Africa

Berig in Beeld-aanlyn 20 Januarie 2013

Ek hoop van harte die onnie het ten minste ‘n kondoom gebruik.

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Beautiful, Spacious Family House in Edelweiss, Springs!

January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Check out this beautiful, spacious family home in Edelweiss Springs, Gauteng!

This beautiful family home received a loving and tender make-over from her owners. It vibrates with love and character!

– 4 bedrooms, main bedroom en-suite
– 4th bedroom can also be used as study or home-office
– Kitchen modernized – any want-to-be chef’s dream!
– Separate dining room with serving hatch from kitchen
– Huge living area
– Cozy entrance hall
– Covered recreation area adjacent to kitchen
Single lock-up garage with carport and outside room with toilet

Click here for more info!

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Are They Human?

January 10, 2013 in South Africa

Watching and reading the reports about the farm-workers strike which turned violence (as usual with all strikes in SA) one wonders ‘are t human’?The answer is a definite NO!

Human doing such things cannot be classified as humans!

And therefore they do not qualify to be treated as humans!

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The First Joke of 2013!

January 3, 2013 in South Africa

Here is the first joke of 2013 -courtesy of Cosas!

‘Stop newspaper matric results – Cosas’

About 30 pupils protested outside the education department’s offices in Durban on Thursday to demand an end to matric results being published in newspapers.

The group, which included pupils who had written matric this year, as well as some who had written in previous years, carried placards, some of which read: “Publish Angie’s Salary”, “Reshuffle Angie”, and “To Hell With the Publication of Matrix Results”. They were referring to Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga.’

I bet you a Zim dollar that the people (30 of them) who demonstrated are those dumb stupids who failed matric this year or previously.

In the good old days, this will be before 1994, those who were not clever enough to ever make matric, were told so at the beginning of their std 8 (grade 10) year and they were prepared to get jobs at the end of that year which they did.

Now, these stupids are so dumb that they will not listen to any advice that they would never make matric, and they are also so dumb, they will not even get a job. But what they want to do is to hide behind a ‘Zuma curtain of secrecy’ so that nobody will ever know they are stupid.

I bet you a further dollar that Cosas are not too bright either – if they were they would have told the 30 stupids to get a life!

Thanks Cosas for the first laugh of 2013!!

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The Zuma Joke of 2012

January 2, 2013 in South Africa

I am a big fan of Zuma!

Zuma entertained us throughout 2012 – he was genuine a ‘laugh-a-minute-president’. I enjoyed him so much that at one point I was afraid that he would not be re-elected as ANC president, which would have meant that he would not be president for a second term. Fortunately, my prayers were answered and at least the joke will be with us for another term!

Looking back at all the funny stuff associated with Zuma, and there were many, the joke that stands out is the one about whites and their dogs. I had a good laugh and then, the cherry on top of this one was poor old Mac’s efforts to salvage the damage Zuma caused, as usual.

Here it is:

‘Zuma was trying to decolonize the African mind – Maharaj’

‘President Jacob Zuma was only trying to “decolonize the African mind” when he criticized caring for dogs as pets as part of “white culture”, the presidency has said.

“The essential message from the president was the need to decolonize the African mind, post-liberation,” said presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj.

He said Zuma wanted “to enable the previously oppressed African majority to appreciate and love who they are, and uphold their own culture”.

The presidency was responding to a report in The Star that said Zuma, in a speech given at Impendle in KwaZulu-Natal yesterday, had said that spending money to buy a dog and taking it to the vet and for walks, belonged to “white” culture.

He said that the African way was rather to focus on family.’

It is only Zuma and Mac who believed this funny fairy tale.

Thanks Zuma and Mac, I could close 2012 with a big laugh.

Please continue with your funny stuff in 2013 – South Africa needs the laughs!

One last word or two on this issue, at least I do not eat my dog!

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‘Proud to be a White’ Campaign

November 18, 2012 in South Africa

Some idiotic fool or fools started a campaign ‘I benefited from apartheid’, aimed at whites – check here!

In answer to these idiots, I decided to start my own campaign – ‘Proud to be White’! Or, what about, ‘Whites Kick Ass’.

The moral of the story?: Anything you can do stupid, I as a white can do too!

Maybe my next campaign can be “Zuma must earn his respect’!

Have to go now, must go and think out stupid things like the majority of South Africans!


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I Miss Malema

November 10, 2012 in South Africa

What happened to Malema?

He was the news-maker for many months, but suddenly he disappeared from radar. I miss his jokes and tomfoolery. since he left, South Africa became a bore.

Please Julius, come back! Since you disappeared Jacob took over. it is better you are in the limelight because Jacob is just making a hash of everything – there are many things but the latest is his praises for Mbeki – sies Jacob, after you took over his post caused him to be fired!