Back to routine (well, almost)

January 4, 2013 in Family life

After 10 days away, we are back at our home sweet home in JHB. Christmas festivities (read too much rich food, far too many tipples and just a tad more “family time” than one can manage) have taken their toll on all of us. Himself is crabby, the muppets are ratty and I’m plain worn out with trying to keep the peace. Time to get back to basics, in a big way.

Other than the tree and decorations (which we keep up until 6 January i.e. 12th Night), pack away all Christmas related clutter. Wrapping paper, tags, empty boxes all must go, either to a suitable storage place, the recycling bin or the trash can.

If it’s sunny, send the children outside. They have probably had at least a month’s worth of screen time in the last two weeks and are at risk of developing square eyes and porridge brains. An hour or three in the fresh air doing what kids are supposed to do is the antidote to many a holiday meltdown moment. My muppets have rediscovered their swingball set and other assorted sports equipment, it’s like Christmas all over again.

Of course, don’t underestimate the power of water. Swimming or simply running through the sprinkler on the lawn is always guaranteed to produced much laughter.

If the weather is a little on the soggy side, tip out a box of Lego bricks and let their imaginations run wild.

et bedtimes back to normal – well almost. Have the kiddies in bed no more than an hour later than their usual school bedtime and, for a few days, let them sleep as long as they want in the morning. This will help top up the sleep reserves and makes an enormous difference to their demeanour. Sufficient sleep means that they are better able to deal with their emotions which in turn will minimise the risk of meltdowns.

Plan to eat substantially lighter meals for the next week or two to give your digestive system a chance to recover. There is no substitute for loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, water and easy-to-digest protein such as lean chicken and fish to get you feeling less sluggish in no time. Being summertime means that it’s really easy to fill up on big, leafy salads, pasta with fresh sauces and plates of fruit. Your stomach (and waistline) will thank you for it.

So there it is, the White Girl’s guide to getting back to basics after the Holidays.


And not to forget, it’s New Year’s Resolution time just around the corner – more on that next time, although I will add that one of mine is to blog more regularly in 2013.

See you in 2013.


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