Who gives a flying duck?

October 31, 2011 in Equipment & gadgets

It, would you believe it, happens more often that you think. What? You wouldn’t want one? Then my sweet peas, especially those planning a wedding, listen up because here’s some advice for free.

Ask our friends at Silver Ribbon www.silverribbon.co.za about flying ducks and they can tell you a story or two, all of which are very funny because they didn’t happen to you. Sharon from Silver Ribbon recently shared her “must-have registry items” on a wonderful wedding blog which can be found at http://blog.celebration.co.za and I seriously suggest you take a look because the advice is very sensible. Indeed, I wish that such advice (and her gift registry) had been around when I got married, it may have saved me the trauma of having to write not one, not two but FOUR thank you notes for truly tacky glass cheese boards

But enough ungratefulness about thoughtless wedding gifts.

The article certainly got me thinking about registry must-haves and with the benefit of hindsight (which they say is 20/20 vision) I would without a doubt have these items on the list (in addition to all the excellent things Sharon listed):

  • A set of good quality (i.e. heavy) stainless steel pots and pans. Aluminium has a tendency to discolour food and cast iron, while beautiful to look at, is not really practical for everyday use – it is very heavy (don’t get me wrong, I love my Le Creuset but it’s not in everyday use). My own personal favourites are Scanpan and AMC Classic;
  • A non-stick frying pan 20-25 cm in diameter. Invaluable for pancakes, crumpets, drop scones, omelettes and the occasional Croque Monsieur. There are some lovely T-Fal ones available through Silver Ribbon.
  • Thick, well insulated oven mitts;
  • Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender with Accessories. I use mine to chop vegetables, crumb slightly stale bread (waste not, want not as our Nan’s would say) and to whip up the most awesome salsa, guacamole and hummus.
  • A wire balloon whisk. Not just for egg whites, it can be used to whisk out lumps in sauces, batters and gravies and to beat cream for desserts.
  • Govino wine glasses (they’re just cool, ok)

In the same vein and again with the aforementioned hind sight, things I definitely could have done without include fancy crystal glasses, anything silver (have you any idea much work it is to keep silver looking good?) and a pizza set (really, ordinary plates are just fine to eat pizza off).

What were the best (or worst) gifts you received for your wedding or bridal shower?

Looking forward to chatting again soon.

Until then, fare well.


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