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Comments: Oscar’s Freedom (Oscar Pistorius)

March 29, 2013 in Gender Violence, South Africa, uncategorized

Somehow there is a change in civil society responses with regard to the Oscar Pistorius Kills Reeva Steenkamp Saga.

One is used to all sorts of vile comments when it comes to black crime and black politicians and the ANC.

One is used to silence or no comments when Big Business and wealthy white business men are exposed in criminal activities, collusion and other unethical conduct.

With Oscar the tide seems to be turning.

I am hoping that the Anene Booysen and Reeva Steenkamp deaths will result in altered social perceptions regarding violence against women, femicide, rape and onwards from there, crime in general because the answers lie in our social attitudes.

There seems to be this awakening towards change. It is this awakening that catches my interest in the comments.

I neither approve nor disapprove any comment  I am not reading the comments critically beyond the awakening.

Criticism and judgment are all yours to exercise or not.

I am delighted that there is change and that the change is across racial lines; differently put- the change is also encouraging with regard to racism:)

  • Scott4920 hours ago

    WTF? Is there any other suspected killer who is charged with premeditated murder able to travel overseas? They let Dewani go and we all know what happened there. What’s wrong with our justice system? There’s no consistancy.

  • drdovy21 hours ago

    I have a problem with guys who smash woman’s heads in with cricket bats

    • hopporace drdovy15 hours ago

      Me too–this man should be on remand never mind travelling around the world as if everything is peachy. The South African legal system needs a reality check.

    • God drdovy8 hours ago

      Most normal people do.

      Here’s some Fox Insider News that betrays a leak. The autopsy report is the prosecution’s coup de grace:

      “The Daily Mail reports new details that could prove explosive in the Oscar Pistorius murder case. According to the reports, Reeva Steenkamp’s autopsy revealed that her skull was crushed by a bloody cricket bat before she was shot in the head.”

      None of it is publicly official yet, but if this double amputee had any sense at all he’d get the hell out of SA asap.

      Even his high ranking Freemason relatives past and present (eg. Bro J W Pistorius), will not be able to save him from imprisonment.

    • TSOTSIX drdovy21 hours ago

      I have a problem with people who talk shit………………

    • Brenda07 drdovy14 hours ago

      Where do you get your information? I have problems with people who cause so much harm with neither facts nor logic. Actually you are yielding a bat of a different kind.

      • barber10 Brenda0712 hours ago

        If you read drdovy correctly he just mentions he has a problem with guys who smash woman’s heads in with cricket bats.There is no mention of guys who shoot four times through a closed bathroom door because they heard a noise.

      • somuchricherthanyou Brenda0713 hours ago

        i agree. maybe these people can give us next weeks lottery numbers?

      • cc Brenda077 hours ago

        You still believe in Oscar!!! We sill gonna watch the end… it will either be life in prison or life in Russa…

        • Brenda07 cc4 hours ago

          I believe that this horrific tragedy is an indictment on the lawless and criminal society that South Africans live in and that the ‘leaders’ (sic) are accountable for the unacceptable level of fear we live under. As for Oscar, I believe he has been an outstanding ambassador for South Africa and an amazing role model and I doubt he is capable of premeditated murder. Yes, I believe him.

    • Mr Peabody drdovy10 hours ago

      He didn’t smash her head in at all. You clearly haven’t been keeping up.

  • madam fluff21 hours ago

    Well lets face it….it was “just another woman’ being killed by “just another guy”. The fact that he was famous and she was absolutely beautiful has changed the face of all interest.

    • Mr Peabody madam fluff10 hours ago

      Have you seen Reeva only a year or two ago. Naturally she is not a blonde. She is dark haired and very very ordinary looking. Naturally she is a plain Jane. Yes she is naturally attractive, but not someone anyone would turn their heads for. Pistorius would have walked straight past her and not batted an eyelid in her direction. He was not his type from a looks department. He preferred blondes with ironing board bodies. Reeva is a brunette and slightly on the pudgy side naturally. I preferred her that way to be honest. She transformed herself after having been rejected by FHM three times because they referred to her a pudgy. So she gave herself an ironing board body by starving herself, and changed her hair colour. This made her into Pistorius’ type. I personally have a huge problem with women who transform themselves this way. It’s all false. Nothing about them is real.

  • ZuluGirl10 hours ago

    I’m quite sure that if I had shot someone four times in my home and killed them, I’d be on the wrong side of a prison cell never mind traveling abroad. It sucks being a mere mortal.

  • ZigZag11 hours ago

    Now this’ exactly where our justice system is flawed, judges failing to use logic!
    Fine – let Oscar compete, but the only events he should be competing in should be “prison events”. He should be banned from international travel or participating in any international events until his case is complete. Then only can he appeal to represent SA since I believe any prisoner is free to represent their country (or may be not). Justice must prevail. I just feel for Reeva’s family and friends, the last thing they would want to hear or witness is the man that ended the life of their daughter/friend running around like nothing ever happened!

    • zumalia ZigZag10 hours ago

      Innocent until proven guilty.

      Perhaps i am on the only one who has been reading and visiting this site for several years. About every 2 months some family member accidentally shoots a loved one, this is SA!!!

      Yet if he is guilty so be it but the media has sensationalized it, made it to be something which no one knows exactly what happened but they put thoughts in our heads.

      Im not saying it was a accident, im not saying he did it – let the judge decide. We all entitled to our opinions but when the media starts making those for us then we enter a whole different ball game

      • cousy zumalia9 hours ago

        Seems like that first Judge was more interested in playing for the cameras…the appeal judge realy lit a fire under his bottie

  • somuchricherthanyou13 hours ago

    so many south africans where there on that fateful night. all crammed into that house. so many of you know what happened. how did this guy squeeze past you all to get to that lady. didnt any of you try to stop him?? innocent is not an option?? even if he is??

  • macshac12 hours ago

    Oscar “it’s all about me”Pistorius strikes again.
    Cold ,calculating and remorseless.
    His narcissism is only exceeded by his shamelessness.
    R.I.P Reeeva , if only you had not become involved with Oscar ,you would be alive and happy today.

  • Susan Carden Grave13 hours ago

    He shouldn’t be allowed to run against able-bodied athletes because his long titanium blades, posing as feet, give him an unfair advantage against the others.

  • Lushan Turner14 hours ago

    ja well no fine….. personally, i dont think the audience at the track meet will be cheering him on so maybe he should go, and get a full-frontal of what people think of him.

  • Googaloo10 hours ago

    It is my wish that the spectators completely boycott any event that he participates in! Fcking murderer!

  • Dave Young12 hours ago

    But a person charged with driving under the influence had to surrender passports and report to the police station every Friday??????? WTF?????? There is NO consistency and this decision was wrong. Based purely on how famous the murderer is.

  • aardvaark27 hours ago

    This guy is a complete arsehole even if he is innocent of murder he still killed an innocent person whose families life has been shattered by his actions.
    If he thinks it is okay to put it behind himself and carry on as normal he is even more stupid than I thought. Break a leg you twat!

  • Emily13 hours ago

    He is not going to represent South Africa is he. Hopefully he will be competing in his private capacity.

  • Mr Peabody10 hours ago

    Dewani is a completely different case from Pristorius. Dewani is not a south African and has no ties to SA. Pistorius has plenty ties here. While the crime is never to be condoned, there is no reasonable reason why he should not be allowed to travel broad to compete. This is his livelihood! He should be allowed that. On the crime itself, there is a possibility that Pistorius ‘ defences is what actually happened. The man only knew the woman since November. If he didn’t like anything she was doing its easier to show her the door! Why he would risk a lifetime of a brilliant career, sponsorships and all his fame for a woman he only barely knew and probably didnt really love is totally beyond me! Reevas death was a terrible tragedy but to be very honest, she wasn’t really going anywhere before meeting Pistorius. She was actually reaching her sell by date in the modelling world. The media totally blew her career out of proportion. She was an unknown. Other than FHM she didn’t really have much going for her. She landed Tropical Island because she was already seeing Pistorius and she was going to parties attended by all the famous in crowd. She was starting to get famous by association with Pistorius, and gained even more fame because Pistorius shot her. What a tragic way to gain fame – by association.

  • jose nanunu10 hours ago

    one of his bail conditions was no violence towards women which what i understand is what his lawyers were trying to ease as a part of all his bail conditions……nice one ossy. he can drink he can travel and he can klap and/or shoot a chick… niceeee chap

  • Battery charger7 hours ago

    Injustice I say, the man Killed . What is this like nothing happened ?

  • infidel8 hours ago

    Stop bitching, if he flees it will save the tax payer millions.

  • Brokenit9 hours ago

    This is an insane decision. SA have very few judges who seem to understand justice. While the trial has not yet taken place, this is an extremely serious crime and the bail conditions should actually have been tightened up, in my opinion. He killed the girl, whether in an insane state of negligence, at best or whether in an insane state of rabid murderous intent, at worst.

  • Peter Will Know9 hours ago

    It is very important that he competes, flips over whilst running and
    falls on his face, in another country, that is why the judge let him
    compete. Also his uncle wanted him to relax before the trial in
    Mauritius which assists in his relaxed state before preparing for the
    trial, which he will win as the State are a bit disorganised.

  • Bulldog00711 hours ago

    Perhaps the tide is turning a little?

  • sven12 hours ago

    He will try to stay somewhere in Moscow, or jump the border into Ukraine or some other country.

  • drdovy10 hours ago

    Just don’t mention he has no legs he might bash your skull in with a cricket bat

  • peanut_gallery15 hours ago

    I was just thinking that if Oscar is convicted and let say he gets a suspended sentence or has to pay a fine. Some contries wont allow him in because he will then have a criminal record.

  • D F6 hours ago

    mauybe oscar should do the pistol event at Olympics

  • Peter Will Know10 hours ago

    It is very important that he competes, flips over whilst running and falls on his face, in another country, that is why the judge let him compete. Also his uncle wanted him to relax before the trial in Mauritius which assists in his relaxed state before preparing for the trial, which he will win as the State are a bit disorganised.

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