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A Ban On The Role Of The NG-Calvinist Church in South African History??

February 27, 2013 in Gender Violence, South Africa

Ooh- AfriForum will be suing again.

They obtained judgment against Kill the Boer a Sturggle song which they say is aimed against farmers but which I still think referred police commonly known as Boere irrespective of race or skin colour and who oppressed people of colour /non-whies in South Africa with impunity. You don’t none of you think that the SAPS inclination to shoot to kill is a new phenomenon do you?

Like they hardly ever pitched to protect non-white people and when they did pitch they turned over furniture, smashed crockery, beat and trampled people and they always had guns …

Anyway- Lulu Xingwana was perhaps not very tactful in her comments about the some of the origins of violence in South Africa and now AfriForum wants to sue again..

They may hope to get rid of Lulu and destabilize the cabinet

and perhaps they will go for banning again:

No comments of the Boer Violence towards non-white people- that is Boer as in Afrikaner,,,

No comments on the religious and church backing for Apartheid and the violence towards non-white people

… but I grew up under the curse of being one of the children of Ham- hewers of wood and drawers of water…

we had to preferably convert to or be Christian but we could not share a church building for worship – it was illegal to do so

not equal to any white person and especially not a Boer, agge, Afrikaner.

I had to step into the gutter if any Afrikaner used the pavement because they had right of way …

and so on and so on…

They never changed the colonial legislation that made women inferior to men, and economically dependent on men until the 1980s and the traditions are still socially entrenched but I will post on this.

So there we were with the NG-Calvinist religious approach fundamentally governing the country.and supporting political and economic violence and preaching that women had to be obedient to men.

There was no protection against marital rape. .. men owned women and their property and the children.

There were few marriages between white people and people of colour but a whole new community of ‘mixed’ people developed; so many that the Afrikaners told the world that there was a new race found in South Africa, Coloureds and legislation was passed to forbid love and /or fornication with people of colour, especially with coloured women ) Ha ha, they were family after all even if this was not recogized and the babies never got any food or maintenance from their white fathers.

So we wonder about the culture of absent fathers and the refusal of fathers to maintain their children. These things are simply part of the historical South African culture hey. And the church, those NG-Calvinist institutions of holiness, said these children were bastards and that the mothers were bad women and had no right to impinge on decent women and their marriages to demand some sort of assistance in raising the children, some of which were the products of rape,

So we must talk about this stuff now because I foresee a future in which AfriForum and the courts will rewrite history by erasing from memory the elements that made up Apartheid except for the forced removals because it is a little hard to pretend that non-whites do not live in a few small areas and whites in the rest of South Africa owning a great deal of land that were once the homes of non-white people before Apartheid.

.We are not free from the ravages of colonialism and Apartheid. Every day many people try to encourage and empower people of colour to rise above these legacies. it is hard because the economic strategy for the impoverishment of non-white people were highly successful.

One might be willing to walk the miles but without shoes the journey would be slow. We are not all blessed with the advantages someone like Oscar has that facilitated his blade running although  he has no feet.

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