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February 25, 2013 in South Africa, uncategorized

Sunday 24 February 2013, I visited Churchhaven situated within the West Coast Nature Reserve.


Jack was baptized

Jack was baptized -Ooh- I am a great Aunt!

Remember the post of his parents wedding? The bride -now mother

The Wedding

The Bride

This is an historic place with a slave history.

It is beautiful

The water is very safe.

We gathered as family and friends.

After the service there was tea, coffee, juices and a variety of drinks and the braai fires were hotting up.

Not a wave in sight:)

Staring across the bay …

There is a narrow beach and very few people.


We clamber up and down this slope from the church site to and from the beach:

Path from the church property to the beach

The first picture- Churchhaven- is taken from between those two shrubs that designate the church property in this picture. There is a church, a hall, a rectory and a graveyard, an ancient bell. a wide stoep and some open ground used for parking.


Beautiful scenery

A gem in a stark setting








It is a nature reserve and this buck took time to look me in the eye,

He turned and moved away

Into the shrubs







He stopped to look at me

He moved away as we stopped to admire him and took a path into the shrub but stopped to stare at me for a moment before heading off again.



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