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Pondering Oscar

February 23, 2013 in South Africa, uncategorized

Not privileged to have been remanded at a police station and not in jail Nair said…facilitated legal consultation…

Really? I mean not privileged?

HA ha ha … other suspects don’t get that opportunity hey … it’s wait till Monday and hard luck till then or too bad you get to court before you saw your lawyer- chat quickly in the passage hey…

The prosecutor says that the cops really did not have enough time to do what they had to do before the bail hearing got going. Mind, with tests and stuff backlogged for 3 months and more I’d say that they did not have enough time- one hardly has to mess up wihen you are a cop because the system kind of mess things up any way.

But they did mess up some- pity.

If Botha tried just a little bit harder then Oscar would be in jail tonight and every night for a long time.

Where he should be- but he is out on bail.


Hell no.

A woman is dead.

Reeva will never breath again. Her eyes will never sparkle as though midnight lives in them and her smile will never light up a room again.

She is dead.

Reeva is dead because someone shot recklessly or deliberately, or with premeditation into a toilet where there was no escape from the bullets.

Anene died on a field hey, under the stars and Reeva met death over a toilet pot in a R5million house.

All the same- they are both dead, both femicide, lost their lives at a lover’s hands.


I struggle with this concept. I really do.

A contortionist cat burglar got through the toilet window and then locked himself into the bathroom?

Or- an intruder scaled the walls and got in through the balcony doors-(dogs and security and cameras and all) and then slipped past the bed with its occupants taking nothing and locked himself in the toilet?

Crazy stuff!

I wonder if Oscar is sleeping alone tonight.

Comfort would be a welcome thing hey:)

After all he is a killer. He took a life. He faces jail time . A long jail time – 15yrs. If guilty of premeditated murder- life…

It will be in the evidence and the arguments: may the new investigating officer, Moonoo strengthen the arm of Nell the prosecutor and may this trial have a just conclusion.

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