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Community Counter- DU

February 23, 2013 in Blogs, uncategorized

One of the problems many bloggers experience now is that sense of isolation- that feeling that no one is reading posts.

Join the community: get the code.

Du created a new code for this platform.

I took forever to join again, In fact I only did so yesterday, but already it has lifted my spirits because readers from across the world are reading my blog.

Community Counter- there is life yet in these blogs:)

Go here to read additional information


Paste this into a text widget- close without ticking the paragraph block,

Give it a name of course- I named it Community Counter because it shows me the other members when someone visits their posts.






<a href=”″ target=”neu” title=”Click for statistics”>

<img src=”;c=za”>







<a href=”” title=”How to get your counter” target=”neu”>Get Counter Code</a>&nbsp; |&nbsp;

<a href=”” title=”Promote your blog!” target=”neu”>Book Pixel Ad</a>







on my blog, beneath the counter there is a link.

Get it hey, and put a smile on your face:)

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