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Shooting to kill

February 21, 2013 in South Africa

So many twists and turns in the Oscar Pistorius case. We now have a new investigating Officer, Lt Moonoo.
None of this should divert us from what Prosecutor Nel Summed up so concisely:
Opposing bail, prosecutor Gerrie Nel painted a picture of a man “willing and ready to fire and kill,” and said signs of remorse from Pistorius do not mean that the athlete didn’t intend to kill his girlfriend.

“Even if you plan a murder, you plan a murder and shoot. If you fire the shot, you have remorse. Remorse might kick in immediately,” Nel said.

As Nel summed up the prosecution’s case opposing bail, Pistorius began to weep in the crowded courtroom, leading his brother, Carl Pistorius, to reach out and touch his back.

“He (Pistorius) wants to continue with his life like this never happened,” Nel went on, prompting Pistorius, who was crying softly, to shake his head. “The reason you fire four shots is to kill,” Nel persisted.

“The known forensics is consistent” with Pistorius’ statement, Roux said, asking that bail restrictions be eased for Pistorius.

But the prosecutor said Pistorius hadn’t given guarantees to the court that he wouldn’t leave the country if he was facing a life sentence. Nel also stressed that Pistorius shouldn’t be given special treatment.

“I am Oscar Pistorius. I am a world-renowned athlete. Is that a special circumstance? No.” Nel said. “His version (of the killing) is improbable.”

Nel said the court should focus on the “murder of the defenseless woman.”
Oscar did mean to kill. He did mean to use excessive force. He loves guns; he loves to shoot and was proud of his accuracy- tweeted about a 96% score.

Even if there had been an intruder that night – shooting to kill was out of order.

I hear a lot about Oscar crying but I have not really heard that he regrets that he killed Reeva. I have not heard that he is sorry that she is dead.
I keep hearing that he did not mean to kill her, I keep hearing that he is not guilty of the premeditated murder of Reeva.
I keep hearing that he is not guilty of murder

He is saying that he was within his rights to shoot and that the killing was lawful because he thought that there was an intruder.

He seems to have no regret that he intended to take a life; he did not intend that it should be Reeva’s life and so he is not guilty of her murder.

But there was a PERSON behind the door. Irrespective of whether that person was Reeva or an intruder, Oscar had no right to shoot to kill.

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