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Men can stop rape

February 20, 2013 in South Africa, uncategorized

Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Rape and Femicide-
10% of murders are by women
1% of rapes are by women
40% of reported rape victims are children
Every 4 minutes a person is rapedThe power and decision for change rest with men.

Why are we not talking to this?

Each man can take the decision to not rape or abuse.

Each man can take the decision to talk to other men.

Male violence on women, children and weaker men is an individual male activity: each man controls his own language, penis, fists and feet.

Each man chooses to be or not to be an abuser, the company that he keeps and the approval that he gives to other men.

The answer lies with men.

Stop looking for all sorts of fancy solutions to rape:

Men can stop rape.

Male attitude to women and to men that rape can stop rape.

The answer lies with men.

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