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The Gift Anene and Reeva Left Us

February 17, 2013 in uncategorized

The Gift Anene and Reeva Left Us
Anene Booysen and Reeva Steenkamp came from very different worlds.

Anene dropped out of school in Grade 5 and worked at the construction yard where she was raped and murdered. She was a teen, just 17yrs old.

Reeva, at 30yrs old, had a law degree and was a successful model and was just starting a TV career.

For them Death was not just the cliche Great Equalizer.

In this South Africa with its great social economic divides, with the prevailing ‘us’ and ‘them’ attitudes still entrenched and the grand idea that development and upliftment are things that must done to the ignorant poor (people of colour) somewhere in the nether regions that the middle class and wealthy have nothing in common with, these two women declare the lie.

In death, and through their deaths, they speak to us.
Shall we hear them; accept their teachings?

Can we make Anene and Reeva the faces Femicide and Gender Violence?

Can we learn from them that Violence against women are Equal Opportunity Crimes?

Can we learn from them the critical importance of society, men and women across all strata, uniting against violence?

Divided we fall, divided we fail …

Knife or gun, bare hands or weapon, rich or poor, advantaged or disadvantaged, white or black, tiled floors or dirt- dead is dead

and the only reason their killers did it was that they believed that they could get away with it …

because so many other acts of abuse and violence were condoned by family, friends and society.

Violence Against Women the Equal Opportunity Crime

2 responses to The Gift Anene and Reeva Left Us

  1. We are all responsible for the attitudes of our societies so we must all teach our young children by both word and example that we must respect others. The horrible attitude that these two terrible deeds show will continue until everyone does the right thing by their children.

  2. Hey Rooikat- I was looking at the pictures I used to make that Rooikat post for you the other day! How are you?

    Yes, we must teach our children and be examples for them.

    Still, there are various points in our lives when I get to crossroads and have that opportunity to make choices. We have opportunities to change our minds and ways every day but there are those special times when we have insight we might not normally have, like a window that opens…
    So every youth and adult must ultimately take responsibility despite poor parenting examples and poor role models.
    It bugs me when professionals in development argue as if a person can not at all better choices because of poor nurture.
    It is so diminishing .of our capacity as human beings. It is also a lie.
    The argument that will be used to defend Oscar is that he is disabled and thus responds to danger more radically.
    Hmm .. why then did he have guns and a gun license? The Act says that any cause for instability and / or hasty decisions to shoot, disqualify you for a license.
    .. and why did he have bullets that he was not licensed for- his father’s I believe?
    So then his dad’s.license must be revoked too. You know these licenses are not transferable.
    This nervous man went to sleep with the balcony doors open? Uh!
    Was it Marietjie who was killed by someone clambering up the balcony of a gated community?
    I will copy another post of mine elsewhere, here.
    While it is so important that we teach our children well. we really have to come free of patriarchy.
    The solution to end violence rests in the hands of men. It is about acting on that moment of insight and on the sheer logic of the issue. I men stopped hitting, stabbing, shooting and raping there would be no physical violence to speak of.
    Just stop.
    It is merely a matter of wanting to and other men disapproving if you don’t.


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