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January 10, 2013 in South Africa, uncategorized

While at the Kleinmond Lagoon I took pictures of the water.

Sun on the water Kleinmond

Kleinmond Sunset 2










































4 responses to Contrasts

  1. Pleasant sights, indeed!
    A very belated Happy New Year!

  2. To you and yours a great 2013 too:)
    I enjoyed my 4 days at Kleinmond. Had some fun experiences. I just had so much pain and then the asthma started up.

    With all the Khoisan -coloured issues and confusions and the Season I could not also manage the posts and visits I had hoped to do.

  3. Ah, I’ve been to Kleinmond once. It really is beautifull. There are wonderfull pictures.

  4. Hi there Barend:) Did you see the tree in the previous post? loved it!
    I will post a few more- the mountains were wonderful.

    How is the music /choir doing?

    I hope 2013 will be marvelous…

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