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Holiday News

January 9, 2013 in South Africa

May our blogging community members all have a blessed and prosperous 2013.

I had a bit of a slip early in December… wet tiles hey…

Wham – I hit a large metal safe with my back, not once but thrice. Guess I was lucky to not hit the tiles with my head or break a leg… or my back for that matter.

Seems that the muscles and ligaments have little tears and bruises and I still hurt a bit.

Saw the doc on Monday. He was more worried about my tight chest than my back although he said that he could see external bruising. Thing is, I never went to see him about the injury and missed my chronic meds appointment because it was on my appointment day that I fell. Got stuff from the private chemist hey.

Then when the pain was so bad I took stuff- with aspirin hey, that is not good for asthmatics- not in large doses over a longish period; stuffs up the chest hey!

Other than this I have had a good Christmas and New Year. Had a proposition too – been too long on my own hey… and the changes accepting would require from me for what would really be about fulfilling someone else’s sexual needs…

I think the cost might be too high for me.

Spent a week at my one brother’s immediately after my fall and then the long weekend at Kleinmond with SON1 and the grandchildren.

Kleinmond Sunset

:) So it was sunset – and those of you that know me for a while, know that I love sunsets- but it was really the tree that I liked!

Walked down and up this hill a few times to get to the lagoon below and back to camp.

Later I will post a few more pictures.

2 responses to Holiday News

  1. Compliments of the new season, my love! I wish you Godspeed, may you recover and God vanquish the pain for you…believe me, you’re not worse off than all the poor souls who became stats during our Festive Season. Thank God you made it in one piece…chat to you later!

  2. Thanks sydneyg:)
    I am so glad that I made it in one piece … and you… and hopefully all of our blogging community.

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