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This is a nationwide announcement…

November 27, 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa, uncategorized

Let it not be said that I had never warned of this kind of action or never shared…
Win or lose this first round- it hardly matters because it will simply go to court again, and again- and uprising will follow in time…
We might not want war but to those that have little to nothing, it hardly matters.
Ikeraam Kellerman posted to Equalspaces

From Chief Korana
This is a nationwide announcement
The SA Constitution has never changed, still deprives and marginalises us and name us Coloureds like colonial times, apartheid times and now in democratic time after 1994,.. which indicate we are still being colonialised.

There will be a court case of genocide as well as a cultural genocide case and a assimilation court case against FW de Klerk, Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma, Helen Zille, The Tri-Part Alliance, ANC, COSATU, SACP, City of Cape Town, South African Parliament, National and Provincial departments, Local, National and International Companies for not complying with the UNDRIP and Recommendations made by the Special Rapporteur of the UN and those affiliated to the above mentioned individuals, the National Khoisan Council, they have to prove they fought for us, they talked for us, and they have to prove their decisions were for the interest of the entire KhoiSan population and their communities,…
Please forward this to as many as possible.
This case will be on behalf of the entire Khoi, San tribes and their descendents whether you support it or not, the UNDRIP Resolution gives us such provisions, government is a signatutory to this treaty they signed but ignored every article and continued with their act of genocide and crimes against humanity in the interest of their future plans to keep us as Coloureds, landless and prevent us of our right to our indigenous identity, our land, our sea and our resources,….
From Chief Korana
anyone can contact me for more info or support of this motion of appeal
thank you
People of the South
People of the South

8 responses to This is a nationwide announcement…

  1. just remember……..its easy to start a war but very difficult to stop a war………………….and you cannot predict the outcome.

  2. Yes.
    But there are these agreements that have not been implemented and I am getting a feel from what I am learning now, that some people feel very militant.. Others want to go the legal route and there are those that seek a patriotic solution.

    Still, genocide on ‘coloureds’ or the First Nations and their descendents continue and this should not be allowed.

  3. I am informing, sharing information. Do not shoot the messenger.

    It has been quite a revelation to me how deep this matter goes in various communities and it is a growing thing.

    Perhaps the time has come for other citizens to speak up and find what the ‘right’ thing might be to do so that we do not descend into the bowels of war in time to come.

  4. haha….no jeany id never shoot you…..that would be causing a war which i warned about……i just think all the people in this world who are going around agitaing for this and that and every other thing and trying to save the world should perhaps just chill…….it is my opinion that agitators do more harm than good….and when they push the situation over the tipping point and the babies start burning they are all super quick to condemn and agitate some more against everyone and everything blaming others for what they (the agitators) infact caused………..

  5. It is a matter of attitude hey:) And I think that for some us that have been on either side of a gun or rifle, there are issues that are almost unspeakable.
    Perhaps we should learn to speak the unspeakable and to hear it properly.
    Sometimes I think that when I raise some of it, that it is seen as attack… and it is just saying that these are the consequences when good people do nothing.
    There are always better ways to do things, and awareness does not have to be agitation…
    change does not have to be militant
    Perhaps we have to work on our attitudes and how we receive things hey:)

  6. This case, GGP, goes to the Equality Court today. I am waiting for news.

  7. im sure youll keep me imformed….and im sure i shall read it…..its always a pleasure chatting with you jeany….even if we disagree…..actually i dont think we do disagree…..i dont think either of has to be right….i dont think our chats are about being right or wrong ….generally they are just exploratory ramblings and a really fruitfull fountain and sharing of interesting ideas….i feel that we both learn a lot chatting with each other……….t

  8. Love you too:)

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