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Inequality Debates 2

November 27, 2012 in South Africa, uncategorized

What the future for South African be? What specifically would the future for coloured South African women be when men in leadership and influential positions working on the emancipation of marginalised coloured folk, spread karthika M as God’s Gospel on Men vs Women or do not oppose it as pop psychology?

Hmm … so God had determined that women shall be different from men- and does that difference implies inferior, second class citizens; poor?


Women and girls still make up the majority of the world’s poor. Why? Because
money is power and historically women haven’t been allowed to control much
of either. At the simplest level, it seems you still can’t make a serious go of it in
business if you’re not one of the boys.

Women- the poorer sex

Women- still the poorer sex

But women are more than able to make their own way, aren’t they?
Take an example at one extreme: Oprah Winfrey. The show, the book club,
the web phenomenon. Damn, she’s good. But she’s not THAT good. Because
whilst she and other fine females are riding high on The Forbes Most Powerful
Women List, she’s way down the Forbes Rich List. In fact no woman, not even
Oprah, is in their top 10.
Take an example from another extreme entirely: a widow in a developing
country. She never went to school (but her brothers did). She was married off
for a bride price (so her husband’s family felt they owned her). While he lived,
he owned all the money and land – but when he died it was a different story.
The bride becomes the widow and is suddenly surplus to requirements.
She earns nothing, owns nothing and is without a voice.
So do women just need to graft harder?
Women are working alright, from London to Liberia they’re working very
hard, they just don’t always get to keep the fruits of their labour. Like the Kenyan
women who provide 70% of agricultural labour – only 1% of them own the land
they farm. In many countries, women aren’t even legally allowed to own land.
Their fathers pass it on to sons, and when their husbands pass away, male
relatives often inherit it. It happens in the UK too, farmers still pass land on to
their sons.
How can women be poorer?
Much of this poverty is caused by ‘dominant forms of behaviour’ – academic
speak for the accepted way that women are treated all over the world. There
are so many rules that girls are born into: rules about whether or not you’re
allowed to be somewhere, rules about how to dress or speak, rules about
what you are or aren’t entitled to just because you’re not a man. All of it limits
the scope of where a woman can be and how she can act. All over the world,
decisions, policies and industries are still mainly controlled by men. Now’s the
time to speak up and do something about it.

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