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Inequality Debates 1

November 27, 2012 in uncategorized

“It is now more dangerous to be a woman than to be a soldier in modern conflict.” Major General Patrick Cammaert, 2008 former UN Peacekeeping Operation commander in Democratic Republic of Congo.

A woman is also least safe in her own home, amongst her own, most beatings, injuries and killings occurring at home and involving family, friends and neighbours.

Why is there a war on women?

How do South Africans relate to this?


“It is now more dangerous to be a woman than to be a soldier in modern conflict.” Major General Patrick Cammaert, 2008 former UN Peacekeeping Operation commander in Democratic Republic of Congo.

It’s worth listening to the Major General. In the last half-century, war has changed. Civilians now account for more than 70% of causalities, and most of these are women and children. This isn’t just an unhappy accident either

– women are being targeted. Some 40 million people – 80% of them women and children – are forced to leave their homes because of armed conflict, left struggling to survive without food, shelter or health care.

Sounds a bit paranoid – why exactly are women being singled out?

It’s true to say that in times of conflict, violence against women comes in all manner of gruesome forms – physical, sexual and psychological. As a weapon of war, rape in particular is horribly effective, used to conquer and control women and their communities, as we’ve seen in Bosnia, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

– if you want to build a peaceful country, you need to involve those who represent half of the population: women.

And why? Because often, women are still seen as the property of men – rape the women and you humiliate the men. These women might be deliberately infected with HIV or made pregnant, and in some instances, might be forced into sexual and domestic slavery. As for the women themselves, words can’t do justice to the burden it forces them to carry. Rape can make them social outcasts, often living in shame and fear, never seeing their attacker brought to justice. It’s a nasty tactic with nasty results.

 Come on, don’t men suffer too?

Let’s face it – no one gets off lightly in war-torn countries. We know that male fighters lose their lives fighting in appalling conditions, often for reasons they don’t believe in or understand. But there’s no denying the particular horrors that rain down on women. It robs them of their human rights, it strips them of their dignity.

Women can be part of the solution to the human rights consequences of conflict, yet often, their voices aren’t heard. Over the past 25 years, only one in 40 of the folks signing peace agreements has been women. But hear them we must – if you want to build a peaceful country, you need to involve those who represent half of the population: women.

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  1. I think war has always been dangerous for women….but also the men…..combatants or not……remember a very common tactic in commiting genocide has always been to exterminate the men and assimilate the women into the tribe by rape and childbirth…….
    nothing is new under the sun……make the women and children combatants too then they can defend themselves……war is war…….there is not equality or lack thereof in war…..and most important……think very carefully before going to war….they never turn out as you envisage and they are very easy to start but super difficult to stop……….

    • Hi GGP:) Yep, Invader wars took its toll on women and children

      and wars are no easily stopped and perpetuate themselves in various ways.

  2. i dont like this men vs woman mindset….as ive mentioned before…..i feel it causes more problems than it solves as the femo activists are actually polarizing male and female which creates more violence………most sctivists make the very thing they are activating agains worse in my opinion…….violence is violence period….if you make a distiction between violence on women and violence on men something is wrong with the whole concept……violence remains violence regardless of the gender of the victim……

    • I don’t think the weareequals programs are about men vs women though. They are more about awareness of basic injustices- stuff that are so common that we no longer see them.
      Not all movements in this regard are militant feminism.

  3. you may be right….i may just be a little anti militant feminism…..some of them become so illogical and irrational that the only way to describe them is obssessed and deranged…………i personally just dont get it…i think its because i see women as equal….fatty and i are equal in every way…….as are all women in my eyes………….i dont manipulate women …i dont manipulate anyone…..ill never rape anyone……ive had sex with women who didnt really want to have sex with me and it was kak…….so why would i want to rape one?…..i know its about power…..i dont wanna have sex unless thats what she wants too…….i dont get the rape thing at all……….ill hit a woman if she hits me…as ill hit a man if he hits me……weird world that we live in and it makes less sense to me everyday…..i dont belong here….i dont think im human……lol

  4. Ooh- GGP:)
    Feminism and Gender and then women’s issues are all different and on top of that there are different forms of feminism too.

    I am ore into gender and women’s issues. An example of women’s issues would be childbirth from the simple fact that men do not birth children:)
    Gender is about the power relationships between men and women and how these advantage both or either and how we could change things to advantage both.
    Pure militant feminism, burn the bra type, focused attention on the problem.
    It is a problem ggp. It is not about the few individual guys that do right by women. It is about society geared to disadvantage women.

  5. ah whatever jeany…….life is very simple in my world……ive created it to be simple and i intend to keep it simple……..let the world blow itself to bits over ridiculous shyte…non of my bussiness…..ive given up on humanity…humans are the scum of the earth…..ill be sitting in my garden drinking beer, watching the plants grow and talking to the lizards and my dogs…………fuck em all.

  6. Ha ha:) you sound like Darksyde!
    We live with what we have hey… everyday there is reason to smile…
    and everyday we try to undo the harm of centuries, sometimes just by living simply but hopefully not by copping out:)

  7. darksyde….is that loony still around?……i thought he was quite funny actually……..hope he hasnt forgotten my important cooking lesson for his cauldron….salt……nah im not like darksyde i have and never will be into blasting the whole world into pieces……..and im not a cannibal…haha

  8. Shame hey, I got to like him. His last post was about people having to care for their children, to love them, to raise them above all else. It seems that all his darkness was warning about the paths that we take and the consequences of neglect and selfishness:)
    He swore to not post here; to delete his blog but it was transferred to this site, I saw it at a time.

  9. yes i recognize he was issuing a warning in his own silly and somewaht revelation fire and brimstone kind of way….not sure if anyone heard,,,,,,i did……i to do something similar….ie. they that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind………..cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war…….two real warnings indeed……….

  10. Ha ha ha:) That is why I so believe in an informed and discerning civil society- otherwise one would just be sowing in the wind…

    Funny how building an informed and discerning civil society is never high on anyone’s list!

  11. it needs to start right from early school days… of reading and reading diverse literature is the answer……children need to be taught to love reading then they will learn almost everything else by default…..

  12. Oh yes, I like that love of reading:)

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