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Gender Differences

November 23, 2012 in uncategorized

Women’s Brains By Stephen Jay Gould*
In recent years, Elaine Morgan has followed this strategy in her Descent
of Woman, a speculative reconstruction of human prehistory from the woman’s point of view—and as farcical as more famous tall tales by and for men.
I prefer another strategy. Montessori and Morgan followed Broca’s philosophy to reach a more congenial conclusion. I would rather label the whole enterprise of setting a biological value upon groups for what it is:
irrelevant and highly injurious. George Eliot well appreciated the special tragedy that biological labeling imposed upon members of disadvantaged groups. She expressed it for people like herself—women of extraordinary talent. I would apply it more widely—not only to those whose dreams are flouted but also to those who never realize that they may dream—but I cannot match her prose.

Critically Thinking About the
Brain and Gender
By Ryan C. Davison, American Chemical Society
Myth 1: Men have larger brains than women have and are therefore more intelligent.
Half of this myth is true. Modern science confirms that the average male brain is slightly larger than the average female brain, but the notion that the average man is smarter than the average woman is not supported.
Myth 1 conclusion: Part false and part true

Myth 2: Men and women think differently.
Myth 2 conclusion: False
Myth 3: Men have masculine brains; women have feminine brains.
Myth 3 conclusion: False

General Conclusion and Future Research
Exploring these few common myths surrounding gender reveal that boys and girls are far more similar than many in society are aware. While slight differences in physical and cognitive characteristics exist between the sexes, the impact of these differences upon learning and achievement is negligible.

15 responses to Gender Differences

  1. i agree……most of my really rewarding intellectual encounters have been with women…..i have tended to hang out with women most of the time……noe im surrounded by them…wife,two daughter,step daughter,grandaughter….feminine overload…. .i find them far more interesting than men…….

    • :) I was going to ask about wife 1 because i seem to remember her but i thought one did not ask such during honeymoons:)
      Glad you enjoy your female family:) and relationships.

  2. but having said that might not be totally fair on the men of the species as i have mainly come into contact with south african men…who on the whole i have a low regard for… and motor cars are about as far as their average intellectual capacity goes….this may also not be fair…but its my perception of my average contempory south african male…….

    • I knew a few nice white SA men that were not consumed by rugby or cars and got involved in community projects, arts and music and development. One guy did not even expect to get anything back.
      was thinking about him yesterday- he said to me that if a project, failed, closed or got taken over, then I should just start a new one:)

  3. and once again…above i was refering to white males… most rewarding intellectual male encounters have generally been with black men……although the majority of black men remain on a lower intellectual level that make many off them unable for me to communicate with on anything more than a superficial level…….please note that this is not meant as an insult ……i am a thourough through and through european and i dont expect real africans to be able to relate to my europeaness as i dont expect myself to be able to totally relate to their africaness……i am not makeing any value judgement here …just indicating that the conceptual capacities are worlds apart……….

  4. men have masculine brains,women have feminine brains?…..meaningless…..unless its saying that men think with their penis and women with their vaginas?……which i suppose to a certain degree is true…..

    • I knew a guy who would tell women to not think with their vaginas. – oh well he was European too- British.

  5. As long as women retain their femininity along with all else…
    Nothing sadder than an intelligent woman trying, unprovokedly, to “outman” a man. It’s like watching a beautiful memory fall apart…

  6. Hey Rumncoke- you are raising a whole volume of discussions, but for as far as we might be in concordonce assuming that we are understanding each other here, I do not like prissy socialized femininity but I also amaze myself every time when a woman takes attitude when a man is simply polite and well mannered as in observing basic safety and caring rules. You can carry my parcel any time since heavier ones makes me out of breath:)

  7. Once GreatGodPan, and I must remember his name again, but he used to facilitate discussions between governments- also with Zim- Shell got this guy to run us a week long workshop.
    Tom Wheeldon / Tom Wheeler- British…
    There we were from about 7am to 8-even 9pm in discussion etc. He was going to give Shell their money worth hey…

    Anyway he said that he took great pains to explain to all the European bosses, managers and whatnots that whereas they did not understand and could not conceptualize the realiies and ways of of thinking and operating of their black workers, that heir black workers were walking around in their European heads.
    It is a function of survival. European survival did not depend on knowing and understanding all the nuances on the black end of their relationships, but for the blacks it was critical for their survival to understand everything about the European /white end of their relationships.
    Profound hey:)

  8. My pleasure, anytime. :)

  9. Thanks man- after all I am not physically as big or as strong as you are:)

  10. If you were, then perhaps I’d let you carry my load.

  11. :) I some ways I probably am bigger and stronger and could:)

  12. No argument there. :)

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