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karthika M going down in history downing the Khoisan and women?

November 22, 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa

So here we are. I have not yet done pondering on this and other elements of the debate and discussion, but here we are…

This great leader for coloured nationalism draws on a what seems a rather trite post from a rather trite blogger to base fundamental views on.

karthika seems to have negated all the research and geological finds with her post.

By the by, Colin is not an ANCWL member nor of the ANC as far as I know. Nor has the ANCWL come out to defend the Khoisan or the Khoisan women or the First Nations-Khoisan descendents. They seem to have failed their own gender policies and to not quite believe in the equality of women and are unable, unwilling or unready to nominate a female president for the country.

Matthew Biggars


Women use indirect language in speech. But Men use direct language.
Women talk a lot without thinking. Men act a lot without thinking.

kirthika M – Google+ – Human Brain Analysis – Man vs. Woman……A MUST READ! 1.…

Human Brain Analysis – Man vs. Woman……A MUST READ! 1. MULTI-TASKING Women – Multiple process Womens brains designed to concentrate multiple task at a…

Matthew Biggars Colin Graham – Most talked about post on internet

Yesterday at 5:41am ·

(Does something being most talked about make it right or correct or authentic? Being most talked about, does it become adopted as fundamental truth?)

RAPE and FAITH – DCDF GROUP: 22 11 2012

Matthew Biggars The Speculative History that men and women are Created Equal seems to be the same as All San & Khoi women were Raped therefore Aboriginal Descendents are a Product of Rapist and we have to change our surnames.

Nobody seems to disagree that GOD created Men and Women Differently giving them different abilities to fulfill different roles in HIS garden the planet called Earth.

Now if the Speculative History that men and women were created Equal is incorrect, could it be that the Speculative History of a Khoisan First Nation of five (5) Tribes is also incorrect?

P.S. what are the views of all the women on this page, my older sisters were my protectors and they have never been wrong, my brothers advise always had us fighting and in trouble, I suppose it is the way GOD created us.


Wow,.. and having adopted the gospel of karthika, the khoisan-coloured state will be fundamentalist Christian and woe to the Muslims and all else that think that they are coloured too?

8 responses to karthika M going down in history downing the Khoisan and women?

  1. ha sounds interesting but unfortunatly i can open it to read it………yes men and woman have diffrent functions….i personally dont get the man vs woman concept as we are simbiotic ,diffrent sides of the same coin,each others best and complementary halves……just shows how damn confuzed the human species is…..a species at war with the most basic fundemantal aspects of itself…ludicrous.

    speculative history?……..that sounds like an absurd concept too….total contradiction…….

    and it is my view that just because the oldest fossil records were found in southern africa it does not prove that life started in africa….all it proves is that the oldest record have been found in africa…..the rest is speculative……….theory …………there may be undiscovered (probably is) fossils elsewhere………which of course would not prove that life started elsewhere either …it would prove that the oldest fossils were found elswhere and that all……..

  2. :) Sorry you could not open link but you saw it in the next post:)

    Ja well, you get my train of thought. I am partial to the African cradle of human kind theory but lets face it[ the oldest fossil finds have shifted from North to South or some such.

    I only keep cursory view on this- just enough to be aware, not knowledgeable:)

    We agree on the basic principles- one reason that I always liked you GGP- we can always reach an uncompromised common understanding:)

  3. yeah i like you too jeany….too many of these online discussions deteriorate into a tit for tat silly argument and end with everyone calling each other idiots or worse…….particularly the mid east,religion and racial debates…reminds me of my two young girls in a cat fight….totally pointless engaging in such chats as no knowledge or understanding is gained by either side……….

  4. Ha ha ha:) I have been targeted for cat fights by MEN … as the men vs women post indicates. It was originally posted for me.

    I want to post some more of that crazy stuff because I need to clear my head and see what outsiders think

    and also to reflect on people that set themselves up as coloured leaders.

    In the end it does affect us all.

  5. to hell with all leaders…..i refuse to lead or follow…..sovereign being be i…….although i walk alone in the valley of the shadow of death i shall fear no evil………..there me waxing lyrical on a friday morn…cant wait till home time…..

  6. Well, sometimes one leads and sometimes follow, albeit entirely independently… and sometimes neither lead nor follow with intention-

    ooh- people like us give other people headaches!

  7. indeed…having the ability to not become emotionally inviolved gives one the ability to change perspective at will……and play the devils advocate like an ace up yur sleeve……devils advocate is a useful tool in creating and maintaining thought provoking ideas……i think a lot of the time my whole purpose is purely to attempt to get people to think……i like ideas…..the ideas dont have to be correct……100 kak ideas are better no idea at all… least 1 of the 100 has to have some merit….

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha:) ooh ha ha ha:) You have me laughing out loud!

    With my last engagement with one of the guys I did get personal…. sort of dry, deliberate- tongue in cheek -personal. He could not keep to the topic hey; had to get into me:) They can be rude but they can’t handle provocative:)

    I knew that I would not engage him again after the end of our exchange so I thought that I would jab just a bit. Naughty?

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