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Some Truisms of the modern age

January 10, 2013 in Commentary

  1. That the God entity reads FB postings
  2. If the media say that they have the public’s best interests at heart, they do
  3. Any statements made by an authority body must be the truth i.e. Road Traffic Authority
  4. What happens on twitter is the ultimate truth
  5. Objectionable still-life photos are always judged as real without question
  6. e-mails sporting an official looking letter-head are real beyond a shadow of a doubt
  7. Generalized quotes and posters that appeal to the everyday life issues are true in all respects
  8. Being positive is the new black
  9. Reality Shows are the real thing, untouched by the wiles of the camera or a good story
  10. Soap Operas depict real life
  11. For every religious argument there is an opposite and equal atheistic vehemence
  12. Everyone else is deemed to be an idiot
  13. The placement of an emoticon or emoticons within or at the end of an suspicious posting makes it all better J
  14. Karma will work its Retribution at the beck and call of a Facebook and Twitter posting
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