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Dopes are Us!

November 14, 2012 in Commentary

I heard today from Anti-doping SA (SAIDS) that top of the list for doping offenses is Athletics. Athletics of all sports; are they not the doyen, the revered, the upstanding ones of the sporting codes!?

What got me thinking is how those charged with engendering public opinions are very quiet on this issue. Now cycling on the other hand, a sport that does not feature in the top 5 doping abusers in South Africa, has been vilified and much maligned due to the actions of some high profile individualistic personalities.

The opinions that have been expressed by the public made for interesting reading. A lot of the expressed opinions were very much emotive in content with many respondents using their version of morality to back up their viewpoints. This of course was used by the media to great effect as can be witnessed by the plethora of yellow-page reportage that inundated the written pages and viewing screens around the world.

Yes, the doping infraction by some cyclist is shameful but why the extreme brouhaha about cycling when there is other sporting codes with a higher infraction rate than cycling? Surely the so-called impartial media should be reporting on these infractions as well?

This scenario is similar to the much publicized and marketed superlative of America being the world’s largest economy: yes it is.., but it is also the world’s largest debtor. Actually the later outperforms the former.

There is much moral indignation being spewed by Sporting commentators, Media houses, Governmental Watch Dogs, Anti-doping bodies, and the public at large. They all claim to have been cheated by the cheats. Really?

Is the above not a case of the coal calling the charcoal black given the amounts of money being spent on over-the-counter drugs?

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  1. W£ell dope testing footballers would be a waste of time – they could only improve (grin)

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