Wapking Music for Mobile Phones

November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

The are literally thousands of websites available for mobile phone music. There are very few however, that are user friendly.

The website is GUI (Graphical User Interface) based. In simpler terms you can easily click on any item from pictures to text and be instantly directed to what you have chosen. This makes for a quick and friendly interface.

There are five main choices for the users located at the top of the webpage.

1.Song Lyrics

2. Wallpapers

3. Videos


5.Sound Effects

When you first click on song lyrics you will notice a simple format. To find a song by lyrics you can type then in the search lyrics box and press search. Also, to the left is a browsing area where you can click on new or most downloaded music and even chose globally. Below that are a series of letters in circles that once pushed, lead you to the song or artist by the first letter. Underneath the search lyrics box, you will find clickable tabs to chose from wapking music by genre (i.e. Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, Blues, etc.). Finally, you can click on the artist name button to search as well. It is a very easy way to find music in that you can click on download as soon as you find it and have it instantly. There is also a free download button to see what is freely being offered in music.

Not only does this website offer music but they offer wallpapers. Again, you can click browse by new or most downloaded, but you can also browse by categories like facebbook, celebrities, 3D, fantasy and

hundreds more. Click download and you have your new wallpaper, or click the next buttons in the upper left for more pages to view on that particular subject. Most mobile websites don’t offer these additional resources.

Similiar in suit, videos are available to download. Sports, cartoon, international, and even TV serials are also available and have the same ease of use click icons available. Under each video you simply click download and it is yours.

Animations are also a unique aspect of Wapking. A person can download funny, love, nature or even religious animations to be used in e-mails or even e-cards. Still following the ease of use mentioned earlier by allowing guests to choose by categories on the left of the screen, and downloading by pressing the download icon underneath the choice.

Finally, this innovative website offers downloadable sound efeects. A person can choose to browse bygenres like animal sounds, cartoon film, musical sounds and an array of others, simply by moving the mouse to the left of the screen and choosing browse.

Wapking music is a way to find and listen to downloadable music. But as anyone can see, not only music is available at this site, but options for people who like the entertainment aspect of their mobile devices.

Wapking understands this by offering a quick and easy to use website designed to keep your mobile phone packed with options.

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