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May 31, 2011 in Uncategorized


My respected head of the International Criminal Court, Mr. Luis Moreno Ocampo, I must start by telling you that, I indeed, would like to continue calling you this well respected and dignifying name, but sadly circumstances and the appearance of your work is forcing me to look at you and call you the name you deserve, and without any disrespect, that is not the name I am going to call you from now on throughout my letter.

Mr. Ocampo, the head of of the Racist Colonial, Abusive, illegal and corrupt system, claims to be head of an international crime fighter organisation for the poor and oppressed nations.

Mr. Ocampo, my colleagues and I would like to inform you that we do understand, accept and respect the duty of an office like yours, but the fair one. And sadly your current office with the current duties tells us that you don’t even know the word justice, or persecuting the proper criminal if he/she is European particularly the elephant in the room, the ones who pay your salary and keep directing you.

Here is our discovery of the real meaning of your acronym ICC, it means: “International Criminal Collaboration” and we need the name to be changed and to get the proper meaning, and this can only be done by changing the way you work and how you approach your work.

Mr. Ocampo, commonsense tells us, and nearly everyone in the world that, when the soon good citizen or any dedicated law enforcement officer sees someone living with a lifestyle that appears to be beyond what should be of his/her normal capacity, you have the moral duty & responsibility to stop that person, search him and question him or her. Similarly if you see someone who lives below the normal life you have the same duty and responsibility to take a deep look and find out what is going on with his life, and why he is like that.

Sir, these two points are bearing the painful question on questions you never asked countries like France and England on where their wealth comes from and how they are getting it. Or if you ever asked yourself why Africans, whom their soil have or had so much known wealth, currently live in such poverty, agony and starvation. Mr. Ocampo, if these questions never pop up into your mind, and don`t plan to question such suspect people. You must ask yourself if you are fit to lead the ICC.

We hear you say, that you are looking for Mr. Al-bashir the current president of Sudan. Bin Laden was wanted by the US for crimes committed by third parties. These two men are wanted for crimes done by a third person who might be linked to them (the crime suspect) on various grounds. So if this is the case, and is how civilize laws work, and more importantly is how law enforcement officers work to bring justice to anyone who might be involved in any crime. Why Mr Ocampo cannot you apply the same system or logic and arrest well known warmongers, warlords and international criminals and Governments past & present in countries like the US, UK and France etc?

World War II criminals are still being persecuted today. War Criminals are hunted down from anywhere in the world and face justice for whatever they did over 66 years ago. Then why the worst crimes and most abhorrent crimes committed on the history of man on earth are not being investigated and criminals prosecuted? Is there a worst crime a human can commit other than enslaving another human for generations? Is there a worst crime other than inviding an entire continent which belonged to some people and now dividing it among outsiders? Since then it remained the perpetuated property to the dynasty of people known as colonials?

Why can’t you arrest George W. Bush and all of his government? Why can’t you do the same to Tony Blair? Instead, only to the weak Al-bashir and Colonel Kaddafi? Why are those two international criminals and their Governments still flying all over the world freely? Do you not know of the horrendous crimes these two persons did or have caused in various countries including Afghanistan and Iraq?

We saw how quick you came up with the case against Kaddafi; we saw how quick you came up with the case for the Kenyan’s so-called the Ocampo-five, and in that; we learned how you collaborate with colonial masters on their agendas. Here we are not fighting on behalf of anyone and asking you to drop any case, but we are humbly asking why do you close your eyes on the greatest crimes done in the last hundreds of years? Why are crimes against Africans by westerners appear to be a divine decision taken by God himself and you have to respect that?

Mr. Ocampo, your office is not just racist and filled with dirty work with a witch-hunt agenda; it’s a big joke and disgrace to the word justice. We as Africans are not writing to you to protect any criminal from anywhere.

We are writing to you to tell you that ICC justice and you are not fair and your personal credibility is questionable.

Mr. Ocampo, please remember that if an insider conspires or collaborates with any outsider to do any wrong to any corporation or Government, they both face investigation and punishment if they have been found guilty of a crime. So this should open the door for you to investigate any crime done in any country, particularly African.

Leaders aid and abet with foreign powers to exploit, des-enfranchise the wealth or natives of such countries must be held accountable. It`s imperative you investigate both the collaborator and exploiter and find out why Africans are still living in such extreme hardship, while wealth from their lands are enjoyed by others in other parts of the world.

We believe that international crimes and the plundering of Africa`s wealth, insurrection enablers and colonial crimes are what should be your focus. Justice must not only be said to be done, but be seen to be done.
Thank you

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Aid or proper policy; what is the appropriate solution for Africa?

February 2, 2011 in Uncategorized


 My dear Chairman of the African Union, African leaders and readers of this letter; I expected you to be aware that it’s our rights to call you and hold you accountable for everything is going on among us Africans, similarly, it’s our rights to present you our suggestions and views on policy/s which you write thinking its good or the only option you have.

Since this is not my first and for sure won’t be the last letter to you, I plead you, not look at the messenger as itch to you, rather, should whisper into your minds that, yes we people on the streets are not lucky or smarts enough to lead like you, but at least, we can ask you; where we being lead to.

My African leaders, this year (2010), over 17 African countries are finishing fifty years of what you call independents but I call it fifty years of really dependent. Fifty-years, of fully adopt western languages, names, cultures and rituals. These 17 nations have nothing to show beside wars, diseases, starvation and debts; head of all, very careless and corrupt leaders in the really means of the words.

As proudly African, I found it very embarrassing and hilarious, and not knowing whether I should laugh or cry, for Africans keep talking on the historic impunity of the Europeans particularly France and small Britain, but yet you still depend and rely on them on our daily operations, you normally wait for the west to tell you jump; and you ask how high.

You our leaders and our only hopes to be our saviours, you seems so Eunuch, and incapable of not only doing but even thinking of anything, besides waiting the approval of your policies by the rust dynasty you claim to be fighting against.

I guess what you should do is coming out like a free man, and format all spywares which are installed in your genes to render you hopeless and fruitless. You must come up with a shrewd plan for the one billion plus Africans currently living and the generations to come. My simple & humble suggestion is that: we Africans, needs to mull and write a new world order which is going to be the “blueprint” for the development and future for the Africans and the land of Africa.

Keep in mind that your straight forward duty should be, on preserving three very vulnerable things: the African man, the African land and the African minerals.

I must stress here that in my view, Africa and Africans are facing the most dangerous moment of their history which real threats their existent, therefore, Africans need super idea to have at least fifty percent chance of surviving. Due to The dictatorship America imposed on the world in the last hundred/s years, now America is being force to share the world with the EU, the new China and most probably BRIC(s).

Now all of these new and old Empires are fighting each other, and the blood to run their bodies to get strength, it must be the African minerals, that mean the DRC Congo minerals are not any longer the perpetual property for only the French-Belgium, and the South African minerals are not there for London only, but it mean, now you are going to face teams of hungry white-sharks or what I shall say white vampires.

So, I think you should be thinking on introducing to the world, a brand new pan-African world order, which will ban the trading of any African mineral to any western trader/s, and start working on the position of creating your own World Bank and IMF like institutions, on a very short moment but not only after our raw materials ran out. Use the Enormous amount of wealth under your fetes as the Deposits.

Without waiting for any authorisation from anyone in the west, you should guarantee African countries, and provide them money which must be internationally recognize, and you must value that money whether individual currencies or one African currency for all; both economically can be done. The world particularly Africa needs a total new system of economic structure; which mulled and executes by the Africans for the Africans.

If you don’t do this; but sit there and wait for your open enemy to keep paying your salaries, and let him be the only ones have the power to reject or approve your slave mentality plans & childish dreams, you let him keep sucking your natural resources and take it to Europe, and give you guns to kill each other on exchang, as to what is going on right now in Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Sudan etc, your enemy keeps giving you guns, and few paper money which the values stays in his reserve Banks, then goodbye Africa, your intellectualism is nothing but spywares, and you are nothing than just an Eunuch-bouncers.

Going through your so-called African Bank of development, which nowadays I see you boasting yourself a lot, on what you feel is achievements; I am sorry but it is a big joke & mess. No matter that Africa have over 70% of the minerals of the world, but that Bank does not cover even ten percent of the African Economy, and only God knows how many hundreds years it will have to take to be able to provide fifty percent of the African needs.

I remember few years ago, a British Bank “Barclays Group” had to buy share on the biggest Bank in the biggest Economic country in Africa, ABSA South Africa, and Barclays spent little over 5 billion dollar to buy 60% of that bank’s stake. And right now, while I am writing this letter, another tool of the colonial Empire “HSBC” is mulling to buy 70% of NEDBANK for 6 billion dollars. So, if this is the biggest Banks in the biggest Economic African country, then we can guess what is going on in the small and poor countries.

Going through all of the countless financially scams, were imposed on the Africans by the west via IMF & world Bank in the last fifty years, all was catastrophic failures which now are known as “Whiteman’s burdens”, and I am not going to be wrong if I say it was deliberately designed for failures, and crippling these countries into worse financially situations which will eventually render them hostages. Therefore, NEPAD which came from the G8, is nothing but the latest version and time will tell.

The current world economic system was not made for the Africans, therefore, no non western should expect to benefit from it in the real means. The current world economic system, was made by the west for the west, and for sure will remain like this the soon it never be challenge with some rational systems.

These institutions (UN,IMF and world Bank) was created by very shrewd politicians from the west, to rebuilt their then destroyed countries after WWII, their aims and only targets, were to make sure for the rebuilding and guarantee future for their countries and continuations their empires.

Africa right now is in worst situation than what France, Germany, Japan and all European Recovery Program (ERP) official beneficiary for the Marshall plan after WWII.

The current usage of the name “nationalizing” it means the same current system, only that the locals gets some more paper money, but the real Gold & Diamonds and decisions are kept in the hands of Europeans.

Therefore, I am not calling for nationalising Africa on the current sense but on the proper meaning.

I believe that; we should not be found on the meaningless and unintelligent argument that say, we should be invite or include in the European party, but we must focus on organizing our own party, mulled and executed by Africans for the Africans. It won’t be our Bretton Woods only but something beyond.

This African new world order which I am calling for, should not be looked as it is there to fight anyone called himself west or east, but must be looked as meaningful order from the Africans for the Africans.

And I think that you Mr Chairman of the AU, African leaders particularly South African Government, have or should have the authority; and what is remained is the unconditional love, Unyielding loyalty, to the dark skin nation and guts to go into action.

The Asians like China, Japan, Korea etc, etc have nothing intrinsic under their fetes, therefore, they have to depend on their minds and how much the west is going to invest in these countries, but Africa is something else.

I am very against the idea of our precious stones been change to a freak, weak and few paper-power called paper money.

And For you to remain on the current weakest link position you are in, it mean you being employed by the west which owns UN, IMF and World Bank and keep feeding you and treating you like a subcontractor. you being hired to be supervisor for the destruction of your country men & women, and for the plundering the natural resources under your fetes, and your duty require you to make sure that these minerals arrives safely into the west, shame on you if you sign that contract.

I am very concern that bureaucracy and competitions on who speak western languages well, and who dress the most expensive suits etc, is only your focus, as we witness that in most of the African parliaments.

Mr Chairman of the AU and African leaders, Please remember that you suppose be there because of our votes, remember that you should be representing us, remember that logical Europeans cannot be hold accountable and responsible for our starvations since we have you, remember that we are suffering in a unspeakable level and last remember that we have none else but you. Thank you