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Springbok radio

March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized


Now that is a name that many should remember. Families sitting around the radio listening to their favourite shows. Springbok Radio was the first commercial radio station in this country. It started broadcasting in 1950 and closed down in 1985.

 I didn’t have a very happy childhood but Springbok Radio was always my happy place that I could retreat to so this brings back a flood of the fond memories of my childhood. There was no TV, videos, etc. Radio was the only form home media entertainment. There were hundreds of programmes during that period. Far to many to list all. The Adventures of Jet Jungle was my absolute favourite but there were many more. The mind of Tracy Dark, Hitchcock half hour, Squad cars, Patrollie 33 Charlie, Rivier boot Tangeni, Strange but true and The world of Hammond Innes. Then there were the interactive shows like So maak mens with Esme Everaad, Hospitaal tyd, Forces favourites an Check your mate. The comedy shows like The men from the ministry, Taxi with Chuck Kowolski, Agent 0-008 and who could ever forget The Pip Friedman show and The kids of the USA. Last but not least were the music shows. The David Gresham show and The SA top twenty. I remember some country music show aswell. Some of the Presenters I remember are Clark McKay, David Gresham, Robin Alexander, John Burkes, Isabel Jones, Esme Everard, Colin Fish, Percy Sieff and Evelyn Martin. Most of them have since passed on.Life was much simpler in those days and people were more sociable. They don’t make them like that anymore.I hope that you have enjoyed this nostalgic stroll down memory lane with me. There are numerous websites on the web devoted to Springbok radio and some even have some archived material. Have a great Friday.      


17 responses to Springbok radio

  1. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. It formed a big part of my youth.
    You should check out this site:

  3. I remember Eric Eagen (sp) kids programme in the morning.

  4. That’s right.

  5. If I remember correctly he was also the very first voice heard on the station when they started.

  6. I have. I was surprised at how many sites there are for Springbok Radio.

  7. Brings back fond memories. My folks still have a double LP of Springbok Radio first 25 years.

  8. Yes those Springbok LPs were very popular.

  9. Squaddies hey!

  10. Yeah. Prowling the empty streets at night, in fast cars and on foot…

  11. wasn’t there also ‘The Finger of Fate’???

  12. Yes there was. I had forgotten about that one.

  13. Was sumthing I listend to when I first came out to SA

  14. I loved Springbok radio.
    You just brought back a flood of memories.

  15. Glad you shared the memories with me.

  16. Remember Denis Smith? He is alive and well and working at Daily Sun.

  17. So happy to hear that.

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