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On Friday night Hirsch’s Milnerton celebrated their year end function at Theo Marais Park in Milnerton. The theme was Vinyls and Polka Dots, and everyone came dressed in their best fifties attire. Mark Tonkin, store manager, welcomed everyone to the function and gave a word of thanks to all staff for their efforts during the year in making the branch a success. GAG Awards were handed out, including The Foodie Award – Awarded to the staff member who eats the most. This was a tie between Natasha and Megan (looking at them one would never think it). Other awards included Joker Award – Deon Nell, Loch Ness Award, Sexy and I know it, Fan- Tastic and Helping hand award.

We also gave acknowledgement to the more serious awards. Rayno Maharaj was awarded the Sales Person of the Year Award, Jean Simpson was given the award to the Most Improved sales person, and Megan van Nelson was awarded Employee of the Year, having risen to a big challenge placed before her during the year.


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