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The climate is changing!!!!

April 30, 2013 in climate change



My various investigations into the issue of climate change can best be summarized as follows:

  • There is no evidence in the recent temperature records of minimum temperatures going back to 1973 suggesting that the emission of more greenhouse gases causes any “global warming”. To ride, drive or fly is safe for the environment!
  •  A careful study of maximum temperatures of the recent temperature records reveals that Earth is most likely on an 88 year A-C wave, the so-called Gleissberg solar/weather cycle, with ca. 44 years of warming followed by 44 years of cooling. 
  • There is ample evidence showing that the amount of irradiation that comes through the atmosphere varies due to natural solar- and/or solar-planetary induced weather cycles.
  • All major data sets including my own indicate that average temperatures have started to go down from around the turn of the millennium, meaning that global cooling has started from that time. My own data sets confirm that, in general, it will be globally cooling until around 2040.
  • A natural consequence of global cooling is a small (?) shift of cloud formation and precipitation, more towards the equator, on average. Whilst maximum temperatures will still be dropping, average temperature around the equator remains more or less unchanged, largely due to more condensation energy coming free.
  • At the higher latitudes >[40] it will become progressively drier, from now onward, ultimately culminating  in a big drought period similar to the dust bowl drought 1932-1939. My various calculations all bring me to believe that this main drought period on the Great Plains will be from 2021-2028. It looks like we have only 7 “fat” years left…..

Dear friends and family in Christ,

 I am not sure where to begin my story. I feel a bit like the Joseph of the bible. He was able to correctly predict 7 years of abundance and 7 years of famine.  He probably observed the direction of the winds during droughts (Gen. 41:23&27) and may have had some access to the records of the flooding of the Nile (the Egyptians were good at keeping an eye on this).  Around the time when I heard for the first time of “Climategate”, the  e-mail controversy surrounding the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, I was led to conduct my own investigations as to the extent of the problem of  anthropogenic global warming (AGW) caused by the  emission of greenhouse gases (GHG). As a hobby…

 I first studied the mechanism by which AGW is supposed to work. I will spare you all the scientific details. However, if you are interested you can read some of my musings when you google: “the greenhouse effect and the principle of re-radiation”. I quickly figured that the proposed mechanism implies that more GHG would cause a delay in radiation being able to escape from earth, which then causes a delay in cooling, from earth to space, resulting in a warming effect.  It followed naturally, that if more carbon dioxide (CO2)  or more water (H2O) or more other GHG’s were to be blamed for extra warming we should see minimum temperatures (minima) rising faster, pushing up the average temperature (means) on earth.

I subsequently took a sample of 54 weather stations, analysed all daily data, and determined the ratio of the speed in the increase of the maximum temperature (maxima), means and minima. I have reported my results here:

You will find that if we take the speed of warming over the longest period (i.e. from 1973/1974) for which we have very reliable records, we find the results of the speed of warming, maxima : means: minima at 0.034 : 0.012 : 0.004 in degrees C/annum.  That is ca. 8:3:1. So it was maxima pushing up minima and means and not the other way around. Anyone can duplicate this experiment and check this trend in their own backyard or at the weather station nearest to you. In addition, I find the following trends in minimum temperature records over time: 0.004K/annum (from 1974), 0.007K/annum (from 1980), 0.004K/annum (from 1990) and -0.009K/annum (from 2000). Putting these values out against the time periods indicated, i.e. 40, 34, 24 and 14 years respectively, you get the acceleration/deceleration of warming. I was astonished to find an absolute perfect curve, a quadratic function,  with Rsquare=1. That means 100% correlation. If there were any man made warming at all, one would expect to see some chaos in that curve…..(i.e. less than 100% correlation)


 Having effectively found little or no real evidence of AGW in the temperature records, I did notice that anyone (like me) now querying the “certainty” of “climate change” being due mostly to AGW, are mocked or vilified in the media and the blogosphere. For the first time I am being censored and called “ a denier” or worse, a liar. However, it also appeared to me that most people do not even understand the very basics of the chemistry involved. Any (good) chemist knows that there are giga tons and giga tons of bi-carbonates dissolved in the oceans and that (any type of) warming would cause it to be released:

HCO3- + heat => CO2 (g) + OH-. 

This is the actual reason we are alive today. Cause and effect, get it? There is a causal relationship. More warming naturally causes more CO2. It is not the other way around, as Al Gore alleges in his movie. Without warmth and carbon dioxide there would be nothing, really. To make that what we dearly want, i.e. more crops, more trees, lawns and animals and people, nature uses water and carbon dioxide and warmth, mostly. The fact that humanity adds a bit of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is purely co-incidental, and appears to be beneficial, if you want to have a green world.

 Anyway, I did decide to take my quest a bit further by trying to predict the future of our temperature development on earth. Indeed, I did find that climate change is happening, because natural global warming is over. I found that from around the start of the new millennium, earth has started to cool globally. My own data set on maxima shows this very clearly. However, even without my own results (in case you do not trust them or me): the four major data sets measuring the average global air- and sea temperatures, also show that we have started cooling down for the past 11 years (this is the equivalent average time of one full solar cycle). Clearly you can see that the trend is negative from 2002:


 I have also done a best fit for the drop in global maximum temperatures. Again, setting the speed of warming/cooling out against time, you get acceleration, or, in this case, deceleration, in degrees C / t2. When looking at that plot for the first time, it was as if God Himself gave me a revelation. The curve exactly looks like the speed of a thrown object plotted against time. My results suggest that earth is most likely on an 87 or 88 year A-C wave, the so-called Gleissberg solar/weather cycle, with ca. 44 years of warming followed by 44 years of cooling (note both graphs drawn):

Indeed, I hope that this is the best fit for my data, because any of the other best fits that I could think of, would have us end up in much more global cooling. Other investigations confirmed the very existence of the Gleissberg solar/weather cycle, e.g.

Note that the results of my plot suggest that this global cooling already started in 1995  as far as energy-in is concerned and will last until ca. 2038. Also, from the look at my tables, it looks earth’s energy stores are depleted now and average  temperatures on earth will probably fall by as much as what the maximum temperatures  are falling now. I estimate this is about -0.3K in the next 8 years and a further -0.2 or -0.3K from 2020 until 2038. By that time we will be back to where we were in 1950,

…more or less…


Just like Joseph probably noted the variation in the flooding of the Nile within one solar cycle (which indeed can sometimes be longer than 12 years),   I decided to do the same thing for the 88 year Gleissberg solar/weather cycle…. There are good records of the flooding of the Nile, for example here:
to quote from the above paper:
“A Weather Cycle as observed in the Nile Flood cycle, Max rain followed by Min rain, appears discernible with maximums at 1750, 1860, 1950 and minimums at 1670, 1800, 1900 and a minimum at 1990 predicted. The range in meters between a plentiful flood and a drought flood seems minor in the numbers but real in consequence….” end quote. According to my table for maxima, I calculate the date where the sun decided to take a nap (that is just a figure of speech, in fact it is probably a “wake-up”), as being around 1995, and not 1990 as William Arnold predicted. This is looking at energy-in. I think earth reached its maximum output (means) a few years later, around 1998/1999.

Anyway, either way, (a few years error is fine!), look again at my best sine wave plot for my data, now see:

1900 minimum flooding – end of the warming
1950 maximum flooding – end of cooling
1995 minimum flooding – end of warming.
predicted 2035-2040 – maximum flooding – end of cooling.

There is a clear and pertinent correlation with the best fit sine wave that I proposed for the observed current drop in global maximum temperatures.


 I figured that there must be a small window at the top of the atmosphere (TOA) that gets opened and closed a bit, every so often. Chemists know that a lot of incoming radiation is deflected to space by the ozone and the peroxides and nitrous oxides lying at the TOA. These chemicals are manufactured from the UV coming from the sun. Luckily we do have measurements on ozone, from stations in both hemispheres. I looked at these results. Incredibly, I found that ozone started going down around 1951 and started going up again in 1995, both on the NH and the SH. Percentage wise the increase in ozone in the SH since 1995 is much more spectacular.

I had now  already found three exact confirmations for the dates of the turning points of my A-C wave for energy-in. The mechanism? We know that there is not much variation in the total solar irradiation (TSI) measured at the TOA. However, there is some variation within TSI, mainly to do with the more energetic particles coming from the sun. It appears (to me) that as the solar polar fields are weakening,

more of these particles are able to escape from the sun to form more ozone, peroxides and nitrogenous oxides at the TOA. In turn, these substances deflect more sunlight to space when there is more of it. So, ironically, when the sun is brighter, earth will get cooler. This is a defense system that earth has in place to protect us from harmful UV (C).

Most likely there is some gravitational- and/or electromagnetic force that gets switched every 44 year, affecting the sun’s output. How? That was the question.


I remember that as a child I was fascinated by the planets and stars, but after hearing the lessons, they always seem so distant and cold to me. I never thought that they could hold a key to our life here on earth.  Note that an a-c curve consists of 4 quadrants, for each full wave. In my best fit, I saw that each quadrant has a time span of about 22 years, on average.  In the paper that I quoted earlier from William Arnold, he suggests that it is mainly the position of the two planets Saturn and Uranus that can be directly linked to the 22 year Hale solar cycle. I looked at this again. At first the dates did not make sense.

Observe from my a-c curves:
1) change of sign: (from warming to cooling and vice versa) : 1904, 1950, 1995, 2039

2) maximum  speed of cooling or warming = turning points:  1927, 1972, 2016

Then I put the dates of the various positions of Uranus and Saturn next to it: 

1) we had/have Saturn synodical with Uranus (i.e. in line with each other): 1897, 1942, 1988, 2032

2) we had complete 180 degrees opposition between Saturn and Uranus: 1919, 1965, 2009,

 In all 7 of my own results & projections, there is an exact 7 or 8 years delay, before “the push/pull ” occurs, that appears to switch the dynamo inside the sun, changing the sign or direction of warming….!!!!   Conceivably the gravitational pull of these two planets has some special lob sided character, causing the actual switch. Perhaps Uranus’ apparent side ward motion  (inclination of equator by 98 degrees) works like a push-pull trigger. Either way, there is a clear correlation. Other synodical cycles of planets appear to have some interference as well either shortening or extending the normal cycle times a little bit. So it appears William Arnold’s report was right after all….(“On the Special Theory of Order”, 1985). 


 My A-C wave for the drop in maximum temperatures obviously does not reflect exactly at the same time what happens to temperatures on earth. Earth has an intricate way of storing energy in the oceans. There is also earth’s own volcanic action, lunar interaction (mixing of warm and cooler waters), the turning of Earth’s inner iron core, electromagnetic force changes, etc. It seems to me that a delay of about 5 years either way is quite normal. That would place the half cycle time as observed from earth at around 50 years, on average. 50 years of warming followed by 50 years of cooling. It seems to me the ancients knew this. Remember 7 x 7 years + 1 Jubilee year?


 As the temperature differential between the poles and equator grows larger due to the cooling from the top, very likely something will also change on earth. Predictably, there would be a small (?) shift of cloud formation and precipitation, more towards the equator, on average. At the equator insolation is 684 W/m2 whereas on average it is 342 W/m2. So, if there are more clouds in and around the equator, this will amplify the cooling effect due to less direct natural insolation of earth (clouds deflect a lot of radiation). Furthermore, in a cooling world there is more likely less moisture in the air, but even assuming equal amounts of water vapour available in the air, a lesser amount of clouds and precipitation will be available for spreading to higher latitudes. So, a natural consequence of global cooling is that at the higher latitudes it will become cooler and/or drier. 

As the people in Alaska have noted,

the cold weather in 2012 was so bad there that they did not get much of any harvests. My own results show that it has been cooling significantly in Alaska, at a rate of -0.55K per decade since 1998 (Average of ten weather stations).

That is almost one whole degree C since 1998. And it seems NOBODY is telling the poor farmers there that it is not going to get any better. NASA also admits now that antarctic ice is increasing significantly.


It looks like all the media and the whole world still believe that somehow global warming will soon be back on track again. Clearly, as shown, this is just wishful thinking. All current results show that global cooling will continue. As pointed out earlier, those that think that we can put more carbon dioxide in the air to stop the cooling are just not being realistic. There really is no hard evidence supporting the notion that (more) CO2 is causing any (more) warming of the planet, whatsoever. On same issue, there are those that argue that it is better to be safe than sorry; but, really, as things are looking now, they are now also beginning to stand in the way of progress. Those still pointing to melting arctic ice and NH glaciers, as “proof” that it is (still) warming, and not cooling, should remember that there is a lag from energy-in and energy-out. Counting back 88 years i.e. 2013-88= we are in 1925.

Now look at some eye witness reports of the ice back then?

Sounds familiar? Back then, in 1922, they had seen that the arctic ice melt was due to the warmer Gulf Stream waters. However, by 1950 all that same ‘lost” ice had frozen back. I therefore predict that all lost arctic ice will also come back, from 2020-2035 as also happened from 1935-1950. Antarctic ice is already increasing.

 To those actively involved in trying to suppress the temperature results as they are available on-line from official sources, I say: Let fools stay fools if they want to be. Fiddling with the data they can, to save their jobs, but people still having to shove snow in late spring, will soon begin to doubt the data…Check the worry in my eyes when they censor me. Under normal circumstances I would have let things rest there and just be happy to know the truth for myself. Indeed, I let things lie a bit. However, chances are that humanity will fall in the pit of global cooling and later me blaming myself for not having done enough to try to safeguard food production for 7 billion people and counting.

It really was very cold in 1940’s….The Dust Bowl drought 1932-1939 was one of the worst environmental disasters of the Twentieth Century anywhere in the world. Three million people left their farms on the Great Plains during the drought and half a million migrated to other states, almost all to the West.

I find that as we are moving back, up, from the deep end of the 88 year sine wave, there will be standstill in the change of the speed of cooling, neither accelerating nor decelerating, on the bottom of the wave; therefore naturally, there will also be  a lull in pressure difference at that > [40 latitude], where the Dust Bowl drought took place, meaning: less weather (read: rain). However, one would apparently note this from an earlier change in direction of wind, as was the case in Joseph’s time. According to my calculations, this will start around 2020 or 2021…..i.e. 1927=2016 (projected, by myself and the planets…)> add 5 years and we are in 2021.

Danger from global cooling is documented and provable. It looks we have only ca. 7 “fat” years left…… 


  •  We urgently need to develop and encourage more agriculture at lower latitudes, like in Africa and/or South America. This is where we can expect to find warmth and more rain during a global cooling period.
  • We need to warn the farmers living at the higher latitudes (>40) who already suffered poor crops due to the droughts that things are not going to get better there for the next few decades. It will only get worse as time goes by.
  • We also have to provide more protection against more precipitation at certain places of lower latitudes (FLOODS!), <[30] latitude, especially around the equator.

There are now many results from skeptical scientists that support my position and results, e.g.

(Ian Plimer, gives a very nice summary that everybody can understand)

Best wishes


PO Box 912887


0127, South Africa

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Uit de jeugd van Jan en Chris

December 15, 2014 in climate change

Chris Pool schreef:

Lieve allemaal,
Uit een oude doos een verhaal, een uittreksel,  van een vriend van Jan over Jan Pool en Chris Pool wat in dit Nieuw Amsterdams maandblad staat in September 2014.
De Aole Tweiling.

Nieuw Amsterdam bestaat uit 2 plaatsen want daar hoort vanouds Veenoord bij. Daarin hebben we ook eerst 4 jaar gewoond. Deze twee samen zijn „ De Oude Tweelingen”, vandaar de titel van dit maandblad.
Het kerkje is de Hervormde kerk van Nieuw Amsterdam. Ik herinner me een mevrouw Mathuisen die er heen ging voor de stilte.


Klik op de link boven om het hele verhaal te zien.

Henry Pool schreef

Een heel mooi verhaal,  bv. dat met die geit – wat je daar allemaal voor moest doen……

U  (Chris) zat wel vroeg al op die brommer maar het is toch wel gevaarlijk, op zo’n motorfiets. Niemand die je goed ziet (als het donker of mistig is) en weinig bescherming tegen een harde slag.

Wat koud was het he, in de veertiger jaren. Volgens myn berekeningen  komt dat dus allemaal weer terug, elke 88 jaar, dus dat is 1941 + 88 = 2029.

Of we dan nog leven? Weet ik ook niet. Maar zo’n tyd van hyperinflatie vanwege ernstige voedsel tekorten is natuurlijk wel een ideale tyd voor de anti-Christ om haar als leider van de wereld voor te stellen, met allerhande “wonderen” om de mensen weer te eten te geven, zoals bijvoorbeeld,  om andere mensen (volgelingen van Jezus) ervan te beroven….

Hartelike groeten






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henryp’s pool tables on global cooling

November 9, 2014 in climate change

henryspooltableNEWc     (click to follow link)

referring to my results reported in my tables above:


I took a random sample of weather stations that had daily data. I looked at daily maximum –  and minimum temperatures and the mean temperature  for the day. In this respect random means any place on earth, with a weather station with complete or almost complete daily data, subject to the given sampling procedure decided upon and given in 2) below.


I made sure the sample was globally representative (most data sets aren’t!!!) ……
that means
a) The amount of weather stations taken from the NH must be equal to the amount weather stations taken from the SH

b) The sample must balance by latitude (as close to zero as possible)

c)The sample must also balance 70/30 in or at sea/ inland

d) the longitude does not matter, as in the end we are looking at the change in average yearly temperatures which includes the effect of seasonal shifts and irradiation + earth rotates once every 24 hours.  So balancing on longitude is not required.

e) all continents included (unfortunately I could not get reliable daily data going back 38 years from Antarctica,so there always is this question mark about that, knowing that you never can get a “perfect” sample

f) I made a special provision for months with missing data, not to put in a long term average, as usual in stats,  but to rather take the average of that particular month’s preceding year and year after. This is because we are studying the changing weather patterns over time.

As an example here you can see the annual average temperatures for New York JFK:

You can copy and paste the results of the first 4 columns  in excel.

Note that in this particular case you will have to go into the months of the years 2002 and 2005 to see in which months data are missing and from there apply the correction as indicated by me in f) + determine the average temperature for 2002 and 2005 from all twelve months of the year.


I did a linear regression and determined at all stations the average change in temp. per annum from the average temperature recorded, over the period indicated (least square fits, i.e. the figure reported in the tables is the value before the x of each linear fit).


the end results on the bottom of the first table (on maximum temperatures),
clearly showed a drop in the speed of warming that started around 40 years ago, and continued to drop every other period I looked//…


I did a non-linear fit, on those 4 results for the drop in the speed of global maximum temps,
ended up with y=0.039ln(x) – 01112, with r2=0.9964
At that stage I knew that I had hooked a fish:
I was sure temperatures were falling.


Now, I simply cannot be clearer about this. The only bias might have been that I selected stations with complete or near complete daily data. But even that in itself would not affect randomness in my understanding of probability theory.


Either way, you could also compare my results (in the means table) with that of Dr. Spencers, or even that reported by others and you will find same or similar results for the change in the global mean temperature.


The proposed mechanism for AGW  implies that more GHG would cause a delay in radiation being able to escape from earth, which then causes a delay in cooling, from earth to space, resulting in a warming effect.  It followed naturally, that if more carbon dioxide (CO2)  or more water (H2O) or more other GHG’s were to be blamed for extra warming we should see minimum temperatures (minima) rising faster, pushing up the average temperature (means) on earth.  I found / you will find that if we take the speed of warming over the longest period (i.e. from 1973/1974) for which we have very reliable records, we find the results of the speed of warming, maxima : means: minima at 0.034 : 0.012 : 0.004 in degrees C/annum.  That is ca. 8:3:1. So it was maxima pushing up minima and means and not the other way around. Anyone can duplicate this experiment and check this trend in their own backyard or at the weather station nearest to you. 

more specifically: I find the following trends in minimum temperature records over time: 0.004K/annum (from 1974), 0.007K/annum (from 1980), 0.004K/annum (from 1990) and -0.009K/annum (from 2000). Putting these values out against the time periods indicated, i.e. 40, 34, 24 and 14 years respectively, you get the acceleration/deceleration of warming. I was astonished to find an absolute perfect curve, a quadratic function,  with Rsquare=1. That means 100% correlation. That means that at any point in the past 40 years I can tell you exactly what the speed of warming was, as far as minimum temperatures are concerned. If there were any man made warming at all, one would expect to see some chaos in that curve…..(i.e. somewhat less than 100% correlation). Note that the theory of AGW implies rising minimum temperatures, pushing up the mean average temperature.


See graph at just below the minima table!  henryspooltableNEWc (click to follow link)


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My own true Christmas story

December 10, 2013 in Gospel4you

Christmas is Immanuel, Christ in us

Keeping a swimming pool sparkling blue and clean is not as easy as some think. Many people often will curse their pools after failing to keep up with the work that is associated with it. I was thinking about that the other day when I added some chlorine to sanitize. I watched the clouds of chlorine form in the water attacking the green algae that had started to grow on the top edges of the walls of the pool…. I knew that after some time I would be able to brush the walls and easily remove the irritating green cellular material. The forward creeping motion of the cloudiness caused by the chlorine inside the pool water made me think of how the Spirit of God – that is the Spirit of Jesus – cleans us of sin that had made us dirty. Essentially, I thought: ‘this is what Christmas really is about: God is with us’. His Spirit in us cleans us. That gives us a better view. His Spirit inspires us. Christ in us always reminds us to be like Christ, doing miracles, like He did……

I noted that most of the algae actually came from outside, e.g. from the rain and the sun.

PERHAPS I should tell you, if you didn’t know, that before I became involved in the Hour of Power ministry, I was a scientist. Mind you, no big degrees or anything like that, just a few (college) diplomas. However, I liked solving difficult problems. Probably my most important work has been developing and evaluating methods of soldering Printed Circuits Boards without having to clean them with a Freon solvent afterwards.

Reflecting back (whilst still busy with the pool looking at the chlorine doing its job), I now remembered what had inspired me to do an investigation into the so-called man made global warming issue. I had felt somewhat guilty about driving my old big truck that consumes a bit more petrol. I love my truck because it gives me the opportunity of allowing my dogs to go with me, wherever I go, most of the time. My dogs love jumping in that truck and taking a drive with me. So, it had been this “guilty” feeling of putting a bit more carbon dioxide in the air by driving that truck. At some stage God’s Spirit in me, my own conscience if you like, pointed me to the simple fact that I really must get a clearer picture on that particular “sin”. I had to find out the truth.I did not have a laboratory or any measuring instruments, so I did not know how I was going to do it. I only had some spare time in the weekend and in the evenings. Somehow, I knew from experience that God would provide. In hindsight, I am truly amazed at how I was led to find all the answers I needed to know. It really is just a miracle. Christ in ushad made me do it. Here you can read about it:

My conclusion: To ride, drive or fly is safe for the environment!

(However, note that the climate is changing somewhat, a little bit, due to natural circumstances)

PERHAPS I should tell you, if you didn’t know, that whilst still a practicing scientist, I did prison ministry in my spare time, corresponding with- and visiting offenders. Here is a pamphlet that I distributed in the prisons.

Back at the pool, my mind was now taking a journey down memory lane, reminiscing, recalling the times when I still visited prisoners. I remembered a few cases that really stood out. There was Itumeleng in the Klerksdorp prison. After corresponding for a while we had visited him and we were able to pray with him and assure him that God had forgiven him. On our journey home we passed through 2 rainbows, which was a most extraordinary occurrence. About 6 months or so later we received the message that Itumeleng had passed away due to his HIV Aids illness. In those days, there were no medicines for this. Although this was sad news, I knew that it had been exactly in God’s plan for us to visit him and to give him the faith he needed to find. Christ in us had made me do it.

One day I had heaped up some letters with invitations from prisoners in front of me. Those who know something about visiting prisoners know that you must always have an invitation, because the number of visits a prisoner is allowed is limited. Waiting times in some prisons can be horrendous. Also, one has to take the distance of driving into account. So, I was trying to pick up something “easy”. One letter I had put aside at the back as it was just too improbable for me. The offender (I cannot recall his name now ) had described how the devil repeatedly visited him at nights and “attacked” him. Me being the somewhat down-to-earth person due to my scientific background, I was not really ready for this type of thing. As I stood up I heard Christ in us say to me: “no, you must go and see this man who says he is possessed by the devil”.

When I saw him, it struck me as odd that his head was somewhat out of proportion compared to his body, which appeared too thin and far too slim. I feared for the worst. I went through the bible study with him and he appeared neither evil or crazy. In those days, I found some offenders were in fact schizophrenic so I knew something about that too. I was thrilled to hear that he had made a positive decision to accept Christ in his life. I remember that he described to me how at night something inside of him started moving around in his body. At this stage, nothing clicked with me on that issue. What he described sounded to me like something out of an alien movie where human beings were being used as eggs. Yet, he seemed totally serious. In the end we prayed together, I remember we also prayed for his condition and said our goodbyes. But I was still restless about it. I knew I had missed something. That same night I happened to tune into a program from National Geographic of which a portion was attributed to giving information about tapeworm. I was stunned. The symptoms described to me were exactly the same as I had heard earlier that day…..and it all made sense to me now. Apparently the tapeworm starts moving around when it is not being fed anymore. That same night, very late, I wrote a letter to him, telling him to go and see the prison doctor to check for tapeworm. Two weeks later I received a letter back from him, saying: “thanks so much for helping me to get rid of that horrible tapeworm”. True story.  Christ in ushad made me do it.

There were more success stories I remembered now from that time. But true enough, there had also been some disillusionment. Sometimes our disappointment in people can make that we just give up everything in despair, i.e. in my case, just far too many prisoners and far too few volunteers willing to offer to spend some time with them.

PERHAPS I should tell you the reason why I had become involved in prison ministry, in the first place. My mind raced back now to the days when there was a war going on here, both from within and from outside (South Africa). Young men who simply refused military conscription were summarily convicted of treason and imprisoned. Particularly to encourage these men I had begun visiting them, to at least give them some support and consolation. I remember writing countless letters to the media exposing the injustice but was met with little sympathy. Unfortunately, the SA media themselves were not free to report on this. I knew Christ in us  wanted me to do everything I could to get these men released. I remember attending a few meetings of the End Conscription Campaign which were always held at a secret venue & time to protect those of us, like me, who wanted to discuss ways to get these prisoners freed.

In the end, out of sheer desperation, – this must have been some time in 1989 –  I decided to write to the president himself  (President De Klerk). I asked him to release these prisoners as they were not criminals. I pointed out that their only “crime” had been to love “their enemies” which is exactly what Christ asked all of us (Christians) to do. In a separate addendum I proceeded to give him numerous quotes from both the Old and New Testament, from the Thorah and from the Acts of the apostles, concerning this. I remember posting the letter with little hope in my heart of ever getting an answer back. At least I have done everything I possibly could have done, I thought. When the reply letter with the presidential mark came, I was stunned. He let me know that he had taken note of my request and had forwarded it to the minister of Justice, a Mr. Kotze, if I remember correctly. It was perhaps about 6 months or so later that president de Klerk announced the un-banning of the ANC and the unconditional release of Nelson Mandela. Not long after that all prisoners who had refused to do military service were also released. Talking to your enemies is what Christ in us had taught us to do……

As I started brushing the walls of the pool, I thought: truly, anything Christ in us tells us to do, always looks so difficult to begin with – sometimes even impossible or hopeless- until it is done. And afterwards, looking back, it is always such a pleasure to see that you have reached your goal, to have played a part in getting the miracle done.

But….. it is work. Sometimes even a lot of work. Don’t expect to see many miracles without it.

When I looked at my pool the next day, I saw it was sparkling blue again.

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March 1, 2013 in Gospel4you

If God exists, why cannot we see Him? This is a question that is often heard and I think it is as relevant today as it was at anytime in the past. Without running into clichés, nor making any quotations from the bible, I have been trying to formulate an answer to this particular trying question.

First, we have to acknowledge that God is the Creator of all things. In a way, to compare, He is like the Artist, and we, and everything that lives, are the works of His hands. So the question posed is really very much similar as to asking an earthly artist, like, let us say, Picasso, why we cannot see him personally in his artwork. Indeed, we cannot actually see him in any of his works. However, we do “recognise” his paintings as (works of) “Picasso”.  And so it is here. We are His work and we can see God in all that He made around us; For example, for fish, God is like the sea and its contents, but the fish themselves are also made of water and the components from the sea. They are of God and in God. Likewise, we are all from God and in God…

Second, using the same analogy of a human artist, the best a painter-artist can do, to show him, would be to paint himself, and show to the world on canvas what he looks like. This is how we know today what Rembrandt looked like. Funny you should ask. This is exactly what God did. He did come to earth as one of us and lived a life showing us what our Creator is like. Indeed, His love for us can be compared with the love of an earthly parent for his child. Despite our mistakes, His love for us is unconditional. Unreasonably so, it seems. Should we have lived during His time here on earth, I am sure many of us would have been exactly like one of His disciples:  e.g. not being prepared to do any of the dirty jobs (wash feet), dropping your friend when they were at their worst time in need on earth (Simon Peter & others), and not having any faith whatsoever when it really mattered (Thomas & others). In the end, He was condemned to die by crucifixion, suffering the worst kind of pain anyone of us could possibly endure….

Lastly, incredibly so, it seems, seeing as that we are talking about “pictures” and “seeing God”, it appears He did decide to leave us with an actual image of Himself. Somehow, He reckoned that we needed to have this. Here you can examine Him.

Here is a recent video that was shown on the History channel.

If you have the time, I recommend you watch the whole hour movie as it will give you the background for a knowledgeable discussion, if you want to take part in commenting. Otherwise, you skip to the end and see what scientists say the face of Jesus really looked like.

The Shroud of Turin is a centuries old linen cloth that bears the image of a crucified man. Is it really the cloth that wrapped His crucified body, or is it simply a medieval forgery, a hoax perpetrated by some clever artist? Modern science has completed hundreds of thousands of hours of detailed study and intense research on the Shroud. It is, in fact, the single most studied artifact in human history, and we know more about it today than we ever have before. And yet, the controversy still rages on. People from all walks of life have devoted their time and efforts to researching, investigating, experimenting on – and writing about – the Shroud of Turin.  To summarize: the cloth bears the photographic image as a NEGATIVE, in THREE  dimensions, of a CRUCIFIED man, clearly, very much beaten on his back, with head wounds (remember the thorn crown?), and other wounds specific only to Roman crucifixion (remember the wound in His side?). Blood- and DNA analysis showed that this must have been from a REAL life person.

As far as I can remember back to 1978, Dr. Max Frei, before his passing on, recognized some pollen on the Shroud that are specific to plants that grow exclusively in Palestine e.g. see also here:

Many forensic experts, who analysed the Shroud’s (positive) pictures (back and front), concluded that this must have been the person named as Jesus of Nazareth in the bible, after (all) the applications of the Roman punishments and crucifixion exactly as described concerning Him, including the very number of lashings on His back and the wounds on His head and in His side. For example, (and this is just ONE example), there are no thumbs visible on the Shroud. The way Romans crucified criminals, was by hammering big nails through the wrists, near to the hands, onto the wooden cross. Consequently, because of this, the thumbs would fall numb, behind the other fingers. These types of forensic details have led most of the experts that looked at all the scientific evidence coming from the Shroud’s investigations of having subsequently become believers.

Yet, contrary to all expectations, carbon dating in 1988 by various laboratories showed the cloth is from the 13th or 14th century… exactly around the same time when it was displayed for the first time in Europe. Despite this, many researchers seem to disagree with the measurements, e.g. see here

To quote from the conclusion from the above (very lengthy!) report,

“Linen-production technology indicates that the Shroud of Turin is probably older than indicated by the date obtained in 1988. There seems to be ample evidence that an anomalous area was sampled for the radiocarbon analysis; therefore, the reported age is almost certainly invalid for the date the cloth was produced. The image was definitely not painted. The observed characteristics of the image rule out any mechanism for colour formation that involves high temperatures or energetic, penetrating radiation…..” etc

We know from the account in the Gospel of John that there is talk of some 75 or 100 pounds of spices being used, a mixture of myrrh and aloes, to embalm the corpse. That sounds like an extraordinary large amount. Together with the humidity in the tomb, to me, everything seemed set for some as yet unknown chemical or physical reaction. I wonder if anyone ever did some testing with those two chemicals?

Personally, after evaluating a lot of the evidence, it is my honest opinion that the Shroud is genuine and that it does bear the image of Jesus Christ. I think it is impossible that the image could have been a painted forgery, much less a medieval one. If it really were a fake, it would have required a real crucifixion to have taken place, orchestrated in exactly the way as Jesus died, with all its particular sordid details, including, among other things, the use of Roman whips, a thorn crown, etc. All of this would then have to be recorded in some specifically ingenious way, just so as to get all the specific forensic details correct and to achieve a photographic negative image with the particular 3 dimensional properties exactly as depicted on the Shroud of Turin. This is just statistically impossible. We have to accept the fact that God wanted the world to bear witness of the fact that He did die on the cross. The details of the excruciating pain He must have endured are astonishing.

Anyway, or either way, in fact, we do know that a burial cloth from Jesus did exist in or around 0 AD. The Scriptures tell us the cloth was there, in the empty tomb, neatly folded up.

I think there is a message in that too.

But even if the Shroud of Turin were dated exactly back to around 33 AD, where would that leave us?

In fact, that places all of us at exactly the same point in history as where the disciples were when they arrived at the empty tomb. There was only one disciple who saw the empty tomb with the burial cloth neatly folded up, who immediately “believed”. He just knew.  The rest of them remained skeptical, probably like you and me would have been, thinking that somebody must have stolen the body. Only when they had seen His appearance did their doubt fade … Doubt seems to be a good beginning….

God’s love (energy) is so big you cannot get over it and you cannot get around of it. You have to come in at the Door. Jesus is the Door. He is standing with His arms open wide, there, just like a real Father, worried about where you were.  Faith is the key that you need. 

Perhaps I have interested you to do your own research to see what your heavenly Father is like.



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Geloof (Rapport 12.08.2012)

August 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Wat n aaklige gedagte. Daar is geen God en geen hiernamaals. Alles is net toeval. Miskien is dit nou die tyd waarvan Jesus gese het: As Ek terug kom (= dis nou wanneer die wereld sy einde gekry het), sal Ek nog geloof vind op die aarde? (Lukas 18:8). Tog moet die mense wat agnosties of atheisties is, ook aan iets glo. Hulle moet dan glo dat uit absoluut niks en deur absoluut geen invloed van buitenaf, onder buitengewone omstandighede deur n ongelooflike groot saamloop van toevallighede, n intellectuele en intelligente persoon ontstaan het, een wat soos hy/syself kan dink en besluite kan neem. Hulle moet dan eientlik n wonderlike groot geloof he, om dit te alles te glo….Nee wat, dan teken ek tog maar liewer vir my kaartjie na die hemel deur in Hom te glo en ek doen my best om te doen wat Hy van ons verlang (Mattheus 25:31-46). Snaaks, hoe dat as jy een keer daardie kaartjie geteken het, dit jou lewe (bly) verander….
warm groete,
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male versus female

June 29, 2012 in climate change

Male and Female



Please note that I have nothing against Angus Buchanon! I admire him
for what he is doing. I loved the movie “Faith like Potatoes”. In fact, after that movie, God gave me a new fresh dream that is now fast becoming a reality.
But when I was asked by someone to come along to his Mighty Men’s conference, I refused…  I simply do not or cannot go anywhere if my wife is not also invited.


I am, in fact, quite puzzled as to why there are still people who
believe in keeping male and female apart at religious meetings and what the
reason or motivation for that is. I am going from the principle that  nothing sinister is intended (like apartheid
was), but that perhaps it is just simply ignorance. However, this type of ignorance
can lead to wrong policies, wrongful stereotypical behaviors or even simply
wrongdoing. Like the recent ads I saw from PnP and Sunlight on Women’s day
(placing women in the kitchen………) This subject really is important as some
churches are still fighting about women being leaders in their churches……Therefore,
let me draw your attention to the following words of  Jesus:

3 Some Pharisees came to him
to test him. They asked, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for
any and every reason?”
4 “Haven’t you
read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male
and female,’
5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave
his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one
6 So they are no longer two,
but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”
7 “Why then,” they
asked, “did Moses command that a man give his wife a certificate of
divorce and send her away?”
8 Jesus replied, “Moses
permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was
not this way from the beginning.
9 I tell you that anyone who
divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman
commits adultery.”
10 The disciples said to him, “If this is
the situation between a husband and wife, it is better not to marry.”
11 Jesus replied, “Not
everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given.  Matt 19:3-11 (NIV)

In the days that Jesus spoke these words divorce was a
major social injustice, resulting in many a woman ending up in the gutter, becoming
either a beggar or a prostitute. For the husband it was easy.
He could give her a letter of divorce and put her on the street. But there were
no laws protecting the woman. And there was little hope for such a woman of
ever finding a job. Her family would not always want her back, as she was
considered just an additional burden. Women were not allowed in educational
institutions so there was no way that she could have learned a trade or
anything like that. A woman, like a slave, was merely one of a man’s
possessions. Suffer the poor woman that could not bear her husband a child…..

What Jesus said here was quite revolutionary for that
particular time. Proving Moses wrong was considered almost equal to blasphemy
and one can imagine that Jesus’ exposure of this injustice was met with little
enthusiasm from the predominantly male-orientated society in which He found
Himself. Small wonder that Jesus had many female friends. He was the only man
who would defend the woman caught in adultery against her male-accusers (John
8:3-11). During this incident Jesus wrote something on the ground. He then
said: “He that is without sin, let him throw the first stone.” It is often
thought that Jesus wrote down the sins or some of the sins of the accusers. For
fear of exposure they did not start throwing the stones, as they had most
certainly intended to do. Each of them then turned away, tails between the legs
so to speak.

 Jesus makes no mistake when He exposes the
root cause of the problem on hand: “It was not this way from the beginning”
(vs. 8), the “beginning” meaning Paradise off
course. Very wisely He chooses to quote Gen 2:24 (vs. 5) to illustrate the
argument. One flesh made up of two (equal) parts. That was indeed how it was in
the Garden of Eden. It was only after man had sinned that we see the balance of
equality being disturbed by a curse of God, positioning the man to “rule” over
the woman. (See Gen 3:16). When referring to this passage, many of the
subsequent writers of the Bible have thought that this meant that the husband
must be the boss of his family and that a man must always be the head of a
church. For some strange reason
people thought that this particular curse could not be broken. A typical
example of this can be found in 1 Tim 2:11-14 where Paul argues that a woman
may not teach or have authority in the church because it was Eve who was
deceived, not Adam. A silly argument really….

 But Jesus clearly wants marriage restored to how it
was in the beginning, that is: before the fall of man! (vs. 8). He knew
exactly what had happened as a result of sin. (Gen 3:16-19). But He also knew
that He Himself would become sin for us so that we could be free of all curses
that had resulted from sin (e.g. Gal 3:13, Deut 21:23). This we may claim,
every time. That is His promise to us – that is why we believe in Him. We are
free from the curse of sin! We do not have to accept anything that happened as
a result of sin; not even death. (John 10:28).

So, in effect, Jesus was indeed the first man
who stood up for the rights of women. No wonder that the women of those days
liked to listen to Him. And that He was at home with women. They remained loyal
to Him, even after His death, and this is most probably the reason why they got
to see Him first after His resurrection. But mankind still took more than
nineteen centuries to lay claim to the equality of male and female. It was only
fairly recently that most churches have adopted the principle of equality for
the sexes. Why did it take us so long? It’s a long story. Looking back now, one
could argue that most of the confusion was caused by the otherwise very honest
– and very truthful apostle Paul. 

I think we must forgive him this oversight. One must not forget that there is a big cultural difference between the people then
and modern man. Also, traditions are not easily broken and Paul was strongly influenced by the Jewish traditions. Even he must have understood the principle of equality – because he did lay the very foundation for the argument—

There is neither Jew nor Greek,
slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus …(Gal.

My wife and I are one in Christ.  I am glad about that! I do not have to be the
boss! Jesus is the Head of our house. Spiritually, there is no difference
between male and female. So now it is like it was in Paradise.
Likewise, because we are one in Christ and because he is Head of the Church, there
should be no restrictions on women becoming leaders in our churches.



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April 23, 2012 in climate change

Global cooling has started.

For those of you who think that earth is still warming: you are wrong. From a sample of 45 weather stations taken randomly from all over the world, I find that a turning point was reached around 1995. Note that the sample of weather stations is well balanced by latitude and 70/30 sea – inland. The plot for the acceleration / deceleration of warming/cooling (in degrees K/ t² ) appears to be natural looking, symmetrical, like the curve of a thrown object.


The (black) figures you are looking at in the tables below (allow some time to load up), represent the average change in degrees Celsius (or Kelvin) per annum, from the average temperatures measured during the period indicated. These are the slopes of the least square fit equations or “ linear trendlines” for the periods indicated, as calculated, i.e. the value before the x.

The average temperature data from the stations were obtained from I tried to avoid stations with many missing data. Nevertheless, it is very difficult finding weather stations that have no missing data at all. If a month’s data was found missing or if I found that the average for a month was based on less than 15 days of that month’s data, I looked at the average temperatures of that month of the preceding- and following year, averaged these, and in this way estimated the temperatures of that particular month’s missing data.


We note from my 3 tables below that Maxima, Means and Minima have all turned negative (from warming to cooling) between 12 and 22 years ago. The change in signal is best observed in that of the Maxima where we can see a gradual decline of the maximum temperatures from +0.036 degrees C per annum (over the last 38 years) to -0.016 (when taken over the last 12 years).

If we plot the global measurements for the change in Maxima, Means and Minima against the relevant time periods, it can be shown that the best fit for each of the curves is given by a polynominal of the 2nd order (parabolic fit).

Namely, for maxima it is

y= -0.00006 X2+ 0.00480X -0.06393

r²= 0.997


I have added a few more stations, (including Washington DC) which ramped up my r²= 0.998

The speed of warming/cooling for maxima now is 0.036 from 1974 (38 yrs), 0.029 from 1980 (32 yrs), 0.014 from 1990 (22 years) and -0.016 from 2000 (12 years).

For means, it is

y= -0.0001 X2 +0.0064X – 0.0778
r²= 0.959

For minima, it is

y= -0.00008 X2 + 0.00408X – 0.04178
r²= 0.985

Using the maxima plot, we note that at 0 (zero) when there was a turning point, i.e. no warming or cooling, we find x=17 years. From this sample of weather stations I can therefore estimate with reasonable accuracy that earth received its maximum energy input from the sun via the atmosphere during 2012-17=1995.

(if we are tempted to look at the root of same binominal on the other side, i.e. when global warming started, we find 68, suggesting that the global warming cycle started officially somewhere in 2012-68=1944. UPDATE: I realised this  result is speculative, as I do not have any real measurements from 1944-1973 but we are using an approximation from a probable plot. However, I did realize since some time ago that the plot I was looking at is really  like an a-c wave. I have subsequently been able to determine that the best sine wave for this plot would be one with a wavelength of 88 years. That would mean that the begnining of warming started somewhere around 1995-44=1951. That means we are now on a cooling curve unil ca. 1995+44=2039.

It can also be shown that the nature of the graph for means is one that lags a bit on the graph for maxima: earth has a store where it keeps its energy and a lot of that energy only comes out a bit later. Although the plot for means with rsquare 0.959 is still impressive, showing there is a definite relationship, I would not use it to determine the roots to give me the actual time when earth reached its maximum energy output (i.e. when it was the “warmest”). However, I would generally agree with the available datasets like RSS, UAH, Hadcrut3 and Hadsst2 that that must have been a few years after 1995.


Like I asked myself, you are going to ask why no one but me has figured that global cooling has already started. Your first point could be that my sample is too small. My argument against this would be that I already got similar results (for the longest period) with a sample less than half the size. See:

I also note that people like Roy Spencer and others got similar results than I report in my tables here. For example, RS reports a warming of 0.14 degree K per decade for the past 33 years. This is almost exactly the same result as reported in my table for Means here: 0.013 degree K/annum over the past 32 years.

The reason why I think scientists have not picked up on this is because they did not follow the same statistical principles that I applied when looking at all the data.

They might also have missed it because they kept looking at absolute data. Remember that we are looking at extremely small change. The problem when you measure temperature is: ERROR. How do you know your “thermometer” (recorder) reads right? You have to calibrate it. At regular intervals. In the method I used, I looked at the differences between the measurements which as such is a lot less dependent on calibration.

People would do well to take note of my results, as the drop in global temperature as shown in my table for Means (=average daily temperatures) of 12 x 0.019 = 0.2 degrees C over the past 12 years has been steeper than what I would have expected from the observed drop in maxima. The observed cooling trend could still accelerate further. It also appears from the results in my tables that earth’s energy store is big, but it looks depleted due to the maxima having been dropping for quite some time now. Earth’s temperature is also dropping now. Periods of cooling in the past have usually been associated with crop failures and subsequent periods of poverty and starvation. Hoping that these results will simply go away is like an ostriche putting its head in the sand. By checking the results at your local weather station you will be able to pick up on the particular trend in your own area and make the right decision on whether to sow or not to sow….Buying some extra warm cloths seems like a good idea to me.

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FRACKING for gas is OK,ok?

March 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

I refer
to the report: “Fracking runs into flak” (BT pg 13), Sunday Times, March 25



Well, we
all know that a few rich people (including some of Dutch royalty), who have
their 2nd or 3rd  holiday
home in the Karoo, would be opposed to fracking there. No doubt they are
funding the WWF or directing funds towards them and others to front or speak
for them to try and rubbish the Econometrix report. However, such criticism by
the WWF and the Treasure Karoo Action Group does not provide us with any energy
nor does it give us any (of much needed) extra jobs.

have been proposals by the WWF and others to use “renewables” like wind. However,
I found several reports from those using wind, saying that wind power is very
unreliable. (Denmark, Holland). Using solar geysers on our roofs is commendable
to save electricity but do note that average minimum temperatures in Gauteng during
June have dropped by more than 1 degree C over the past 10 years; be aware of buying
a system that is freeze proof. (Unaware of this problem 12 years ago I bought
the wrong system, of course).

In the
case of using solar power for generating electricity:  in the USA they found that this cannot provide
electricity economically unless heavily subsidised. Spain has recently decided
to withdraw their subsidies…

using coal, you still sit with the heavy metals (some of which are radioactive),
sulphurous gases and carbon monoxide. These are poisons that have to be removed
from the exhaust. This is expensive!

Note that
Japan is now officially admitting that nuclear energy is not safe. Apparently they
have so many claims for clean-up costs that they have decided to halt all plans
for new nuclear plants. Germany has stopped using nuclear energy altogether.
Holland has also shelved all plans for new plants. These people are not stupid….
The world is currently still sitting with two enormous problems in Chernobyl
and Fukushima. Obviously, nobody of those still singing the praises of nuclear
energy is prepared to volunteer to clean up the mess that we still have there.
The 300 people that were involved in the encapsulation of Chernobyl, have all
since died. And that job actually needs to be re-done, but the government in
the Ukraine does not have the money for it. Can you believe that? How much can
it cost if a whole country cannot pay for it?  

I therefore would like to add my
voice to that of Greenpeace and others in South Africa who are opposed to
nuclear energy!!!

where possible, hydropower is probably the cheapest, cleanest and most reliable
option for generating electricity. We should investigate if there are not more
possibilities in southern Africa to pursue this option (Kongo).

until we find or get more hydro-energy, the fracking of gas for making
electricity is definitely 2nd best and has the added advantage of creating many,
many new jobs. The price of building a power plant running on gas is only a
fraction of that of a nuclear power plant and only half that of a coal fired
plant. For those still believing that more carbon dioxide causes climate change:
note that the carbon footprint coming from power plants fired by gas is only
half that of those running on coal.