To New Beginnings!!! Happy 2013!

December 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi Bloggers,

I recently threw an all-white “divorce” party to celebrate my new single self. I remember when I first suggested the theme-party. I had initially planned it for 10 of my closest friends, and 2 of them were quiet opposed to the idea. I perfectly understood as the 1st time I heard of the concept was on some American talk-show. I remember thinking: “Who would be so stupid and heartless enough to enjoy such a party? At the time I was still very much married and never thought it could happen to me (divorce, I mean!). I pre-judged the power of what a “divorce” party can do for one! It’s all about restoration! You see the idea behind it is to celebrate life rather than do what most women do, which is wallow in self-pity and go straight into depression mode. We often blame ourselves while man just simply move on. I promised myself that as soon as the divorce was finalised, that’s exactly what I was going to do. Forgive myself and attempt to move forward rather than focus on my past mistakes and choices. Celebrate the fact that I have survived divorce! Celebrate the fact that I was “brave” enough to walk away from a messed up union! Celebrate what society views as “failure” (if you happen to be a woman). Celebrate all that I have learned from the union and the process of going through a divorce. Yes, I have cried, blamed myself, blamed GOD even (yet I never consulted with Him when I made my choices – yet I was blaming Him?)!

My all-white divorce party was a success! 5 of my closest friends came instead of the 10. and I was happy with that. There was one that couldn’t make it as his wife didn’t support the idea of celebrating “divorce” and trust me I fully understand. Had she known what I have been through to get to this space that I am in and also the price I had to pay in that union, she would also understand my reasons for celebrating the divorce! It’s got nothing to do with my ex-husband or making fun of marriage but everything to do with the fact that I after everything I have been through, I am still standing! Standing tall in fact! Stronger than ever, through Christ that strengthens me!

As we approach the New Year, I’d like to thank God for bringing amazing new friends and old ones that have helped me through my hard times. I’d like to thank this blog platform for allowing me the space to write what I feel. It has been extremely therapeutic! As I go through the next phase of my life may I pray for peace and happiness and for good things to follow me.

Love and respect to all my blog followers.

Love always,







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