Jerome Trenton Dates “The Heiress”…

December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Like I said in the previous post, Walter Mitty had nothing on Jerome…this man had an imagination more vivid than I can possibly describe (and believe me, I have an arsenal of adjectives in my vocabulary)…

After our break-up, I received a long (7-page A4, both sides) handwritten letter from him telling me how sorry he was for everything, how he let a diamond slip through his fingers, how he was going to make a success of his deals…but most of all how extremely ashamed he felt about his behaviour the day at Elisha’s place of work.  I chose to ignore it, because I knew in my heart that walking back down that specific road was a bad idea.

About 6 months later my boss at the time went down to Cape Town for business and asked me for Jerome’s address as there were a few issues that needed straightening out – apparently Jerome turned a white shade of pale when he saw my boss, stammering out a number of obvious lies and feeble excuses as to why he hadn’t been in touch to continue their business dealings.  Jerome tried to pin the blame on me, stating that it would be awkward having to deal with me in my capacity as his ex-girlfriend.  Needless to say I found this scoff-worthy.  He also told my boss that he’d moved on and was dating a young woman (young being the operative word, as this one too was almost 10 years his junior), who was living in a very upmarket area of Cape Town, an heiress of some sort, with 6 cars (including an Aston Martin that she had imported for him as a birthday gift), and her own 7 bed-room mansion.  Yes people, I rolled my eyes at the story too.  Little did I know, there was more to come – even more ridiculous than what I’d just heard.

A few months after my boss’s visit, I headed down that end of the world to party up a storm with one of my closest friends, Jay, and he being him and me being me, we decided to stir some trouble…I had been in contact with friends of Jerome’s and was told that I should make a turn by them, as well as pop in to Jerome’s parents.  Jerome’s mom was not at all happy to see me, particularly on the arm of another man, especially after I’d broken her precious little boy’s heart.  Whatever lady!  I told her about Jerome’s outburst at Elisha’s office and in our home, and about the letter and she would hear nothing of it.  Needless to say, Jay and I left, heading off to Jerome’s friends.  They were happy to see me.  We got chatting about what had happened in the time since the break-up when I was told that Jerome hadn’t waited long to move on – he had begun dating “the heiress” about a fortnight after I’d called it quits, although nobody had ever seen her in the almost nine months that had passed.

Turns out that “the heiress” had taken ill and was dying – of a brain tumour…and that Jerome had to spend every moment of his day and night with her in case she needed to be airlifted to Johannesburgfor an operation.  “Cape Town has some of the finest doctors in the world, so why would they need to airlift her to Johannsburg?” was my question.  I nearly choked on my Coke when I heard the reply, “Apparently a bump to her head could be fatal, so driving over possible speed bumps is a deadly risk.”  How stupid did Jerome think everyone was?  Just because no-one called him on the lies, it surely didn’t mean that we believed them.  Did he really think this transparent attempt to manipulate me into taking him back was going to succeed?

I told my boss upon my return and he told me to call Jerome, telling him we’d like “the heiress’s” address, so that we could send flowers.  Again much stammering and spluttering followed.  I was told to simply send the flowers to his parents’ house and he would see that she got them.  My boss wasn’t taking the bait.  To this day I don’t know if “the heiress” ever existed.  My instincts tell me she didn’t.

Not too long after this incident, I heard from one of his friends, telling me that Jerome was going to be tying the knot.  “Let me guess, ‘the heiress’ made a miraculous recovery and they are going to be living happily ever after in her mansion?”

“No GRST,” he said, “on the contrary…he’s marrying our neighbour across the road’s daughter – just turned 17 and well, there’s a baby on the way, and what with him being a staunch Catholic and all, he is expected to ‘do the right thing’.”  I was speechless – which my friends will tell you, is something that doesn’t happen often.

Years down the line, he contacted me on Facebook – he’s still married (although I never did ask his friend what the neighbour’s daughter’s name was, so I can’t be sure if it is still to her), with three children, living in the UK.  Looks like he’s still working for a boss though – obviously he is still waiting for the next big deal to come through so he can retire…

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