Granny’s body is revolting

July 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello All.

The picture might be a repeat.
My brain is fuzzy.

English is a great language.
As in revolution.
Or disgusting.
Both are pretty apt when describing me today.

My brain appears to have lost control of my bodily functions.
Well, some of them.
My nose is running a marathon.
And winning.
My eyes are crying without any warning.
And I am not even sad.
People are giving me concerned/curious looks.
Depending on how much they like/dislike me.
My tummy has forgotten to get hungry.
This is VERY unusual.
I am sneezing.
This means I have to keep going to the loo.
Old age is NOT for sissies.

Otherwise…I am doing great.

Now I have to run around to try and find a computer chess game.
It is my step-dad’s birthday next week.
They can’t find one in Port Elizabeth.
Hope I have better luck here.

Have a great day all.

23 responses to Granny’s body is revolting

  1. I’m so glad that “otherwise, you’re doing great”!!! LOL
    Hope you can get rid of this lurgy soon!

  2. Sorry you’re still ailing, sounds like you should be wrapped up in bed.

  3. Hope you feel better soon…

  4. Wow, what a title, granny! What do you mean by ‘old age’?!! Get well soon.

  5. Good piece! But doesn’t look as bad as you want to make it…I mean, old age. Will catch up with you in time though (:

  6. Poor Grannie. (Sorry about the brandy – Klipdrif is better anyhoo :-)

  7. Erm I think all that cold is affecting your brain for sure!! You not old!

  8. Shame! *sympathetic look* (maybe I will get to win at scrabble :))

  9. Your chances have definitely improved Sue!!!

  10. Erm MissChris…I am NOT young!!!

  11. Hi foot loose…what a pity I don’t drink spirits!!!

  12. Thanks for the visit Ike…oh wow…you mean it is going to get worse?????

  13. thanks AD…getting there.

  14. Thanks love…it is either get better or my nose drops off!

  15. It is not going to happen Optout…have been off to much with the eye ops and the lungs in January.

  16. Yes Witchy…the dreaded lurgy…wonder if I caught it from Tom?

  17. You are NOT thaaaaaaaat old!!!

  18. Its one truth we all know – old age and death…unless you are indestructible (:

  19. If you play scrabble, then you should join one of the numerous clubs in Jhb!

  20. Small problem Ike…I live in Cape Town!

  21. You forgot taxes Ike.

  22. News: A lot of people don’t pay it!

  23. I wish i knew how they get away with it…I don’t want to pay taxes either!

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