Bodhtree & Salesforce are bringing new level of innovation for Cement companies

July 30, 2014 in Cloud services

India is the second largest producer of cement in the world; globally renowned cement companies operate in India through local group of companies. A heavy investment by large cement manufacturers in expansion or inviting FDI in Indian companies shows it is among the best cement markets in Asia. Doubling its manufacturing capacity by 2025 and scaling new heights with an investment of close to US $ 50.1 Billion.

With such a huge market, it places enormous pressure on sales reps by their respective companies to tap their share of pie. Today sales engines at Cement companies are looking at adopting technology innovation to accelerate their sales and improve dealer network.

Bodhtree, a Salesforce partner in India is helping cement companies to adapt Cloud CRM to achieve best of Sales automation and improve dealer network. Some of the tactical business challenges faced by cement companies are poor visibility into customer and business performance, collaboration between departments, no proper reporting and analytics, poor dealer network, no mobile and offline support to sales reps on the field etc. The dynamics of trade and no-trade barriers are bound to change over the time. Companies are aligning technical teams as a separate entity to generate business. They require a robust sales automation to track and monitor the entire sales cycle. Unlike the other micro verticals, dealer network and retailers play a crucial role in cement business.


Bodhtree helped a large cement company in India which has 40,000 customer touch points daily. With Salesforce CRM cement companies are bound to engage with new customers in a whole new way. Bodhtree’s Solution is helping companies to adopt Cloud CRM and empower sales reps, Managers and Dealers to improve sales with great transparency. Each size of the company has their own set of business problems. Recently we have unplugged some of the biggest challenges for a largest cement company in South India. Our solution has reengineered their sales and aligned them to their sales vision. Sales reps are fully empowered with mobile devices; they can access the dealer information on the fly, they can view order info, credit limit, and competitor analysis on their mobile devices. While dealers are fully connected with the sales reps there is a complete visibility into the dealer network, sales cycle, trade and non-trade channels etc. This is a greater testimony as how age old cement companies are turning to Cloud CRM to save cost, improve sales and expand their market share. Truly, Bodhtree and CRM are bringing new level of innovation for Cement companies in India.

The customer Analytics & segmentation are the key drivers today to retain online customers on B2C portals

July 23, 2014 in Big Data, Business Analytics

The changing landscape of BI is truly attributed to new generation analytics to understand customer behavior and segment them based on defined parameters. The role of OLAP and OLTP in a large scale enterprise where customer data & transactions are incessant to emergence of new generation analytics to customer behavior has changed the entire landscape of BI ecosystem.

Bodhtree has provided various Analytical solutions to global customers for more than a decade. We have expanded our Analytical solutions to new domains and meeting the demands of our customers to enable them so that they understand their customers and increase customer lifetime value. Today it’s all about creating differentiators and out- of- the box thinking. We would like to share our experience in implementing a simple yet an innovative Analytical solution to a leading conglomerate for their renowned international cricket portal. The objective is to provide accurate data to the visitors using robust technology.

Business Challenges                                               

The portal has a million visitors every day, they had experienced drop in traffic. The conventional approach by using analytical tools had failed either to know the customer behavior or increase traffic. The big question is ‘how to trigger interest and engage visitors’ for a longer period of time on the portal.



The Analytical team at Bodhtree have understood the business challenges and provided a solution that displayed live updates and stats (Nuggets). We understood the web traffic and what information the visitors are looking at the portal and accordingly provided a web-service to insert all the nuggets before the match starts and also during the match in- progress. Web-service interacts with JSON and MySQL to generate a nugget. We predominately used ‘R’ language.



With our solution, real time updates and stats are possible. This is demarcated by match and player. A Player performance analysis and historical trending is available for visitors. The traffic has significantly increased after incorporating the new features. Now the company is in a position to forecast the future traffic, segment and understand the visitor’s behavior.

World’s Largest PC Company increased customer lifetime value with Tableau

July 15, 2014 in Big Data, Business Analytics

Today, business analytics have transformed to track, understand and monitor customer behavior. The challenge is to procure most granular details across the regions in the form of dashboards to interpret and understand customer lifetime value. Designing effective dashboards is a challenge of design, usability and efficient insights. Today organizations are looking at increasing customer lifetime value and at the same time invest wisely.

In the recent times, Our BI experts had helped a no.1 Global PC company, to increase their customer lifetime value by leveraging Tableau.

Business Challenges

The business challenges faced by the company were increasing customer lifetime value, formulate customer experience strategy & sell more content: impact multi-platform ownership, content consumption mix and frequency. Invest wisely in customer acquisitions & retention, channels, products & content engagement. They do have a mature BI landscape but data was trapped, not trusted, not intuitive to interact and data is hidden. They needed to understand as how they can benefit from Big Data enablement within their organization.

Solution & Benefits

Bodhtree’s BI experts had leveraged the functionality of Tableau dashboards that offered a descriptive and statistical metrics and helped in creation of segmentation model to predict customer behavior. As a part of our solutions we created Hadoop infrastructure internally and configured the Tableau infrastructure in a secured manner. We prepared the data using HIVE and created Meta models to reports on the sales data. Further we have come up with eight dashboards showing both the leading and lagging performance indicators across the regions and time periods.

Thanks to the functionality of Tableau dashboards that offered a descriptive and statistical metrics and helped in creation of segmentation model to predict customer behavior. As a part of our solution we created Hadoop infrastructure internally at the client’s end along with the R-Lang infrastructure. We also have evaluated, installed and configured the Tableau infrastructure in secured manner. Additionally prepared the data using HIVE and created Meta models to reports on the sales data. Further we created 8 dashboards showing both the leading and lagging indicators across regions and time periods.

Our solution not only compliments their business model, but also empowers their team to generate business performance reports from real time transactional data using Tableau. Data Infrastructure enables the business users to perform their own analysis and find insights in the data. Predictive models are deployed in a fashion where the business users are able to quickly see the trends and projections.

At the end of this pilot our customer was delighted to visualize his business performance in the form of metrics and KPI’s (customer lifetime value, ARPU, drop rate, retention rate, tie ratio) and has decided to work with us to formulate a Big Data strategy to increase customer lifetime value and customer experience strategy.

If you would like to know more about our BI services or share your experience, write to us at


July 7, 2014 in Business Analytics

Divide and conquer: That’s the simple truth of Hadoop. At its core, Hadoop is a distributed file system and distributed MapReduce processing framework that both stores and processes data by dividing workloads across three, five, or thousands of servers. Forrester defines a big data Hadoop solution as:

A distributed data platform that includes, extends, and augments Apache Hadoop (Common, HDFS, YARN, MapReduce) as a core component of the solution, supports Hadoop-related projects, and adds differentiated features that make it attractive to enterprises.

Hadoop is unstoppable as its open source roots grow wildly and deeply into enterprise data management architectures. Its refreshingly unique approach to data management is transforming how companies store, process, analyze, and share data of any size and structure. Forrester believes that Hadoop is a must-have data platform for large enterprises, forming the cornerstone of any flexible future data management platform.1 if you have lots of structured, unstructured, and/or binary data, there is a sweet spot for Hadoop in your organization.

Hadoop Is a solution to the problem Of Big Data

In a recent Forrester survey, technology executives and decision-makers ranked data-related projects at the top of their list for importance and investment.2 Why? Companies seek deeper insights from the massive amount of structured, unstructured, semistructured, and binary data at their disposal in order to dramatically improve business outcomes. Hadoop can help here by:

Capturing and storing all data for all business functions. Most firms estimate that they are only analyzing 12% of the data that they already have, leaving 88% of it on the cutting-room floor.3 Repressive data silos and a lack of analytics capabilities are key reasons for this.

Supporting advanced analytics capabilities. Traditional business intelligence (BI) tools can benefit from big data, but firms also want to use advanced visualization tools and predictive analytics to explore data in new ways and discover new patterns.

Sharing customer data quickly and generously with all those who need it. Organizations can use big data to dramatically improve virtually every function of the business, including product research, design, and development; advertising and marketing management; sales; and the customer experience

Continuously accommodating greater data volumes and new data sources. Your internal   applications as well as public sources like social media, mobile platforms, and data services are generating an onslaught of new data.

Best Practices for Securing Hadoop

June 30, 2014 in Big Data

Historically, Apache Hadoop has provided limited security capabilities, and most Hadoop implementations to date have been deployed with little thought given to security. To protect sensitive data being stored and analyzed in Hadoop, security architects should use a structured approach to security as recommended in one of Gartner’s recent research report.                                                           

Take a Life Cycle Approach to Securing Data in Hadoop

Data has a life cycle within an organization. It is typically created within enterprise systems, and during its life cycle, it may go into and out of Hadoop and other big data repositories, as well as into backup and archival systems. Viewed in this way, the Hadoop protection strategy cannot be limited to the protection of only the data within Hadoop discussed thus far.

A best practice is to take a data life-cycle-centric approach to the security within Hadoop that considers these issues:

  • How and when is data loaded into Hadoop? Which users, groups and systems have rights to do this? If the data loads are programmatic, what controls (such as certificate-based authentication) protect programmatic access? What steps are taken to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the data being loaded?
  • If sensitive data is loaded, has it been anonymized where necessary?
  • Are end-user or automated extracts from Hadoop prevented? Or, if allowed, how is the extracted data protected? At a minimum, these activities should be logged using DAP solutions described in this research.
  • Is data backed up from Hadoop? Is so, are these backups encrypted? Who has access to the backups?
  • Is data archived from Hadoop? If so, how are these archives protected?

Learn more about what’s new with Big Data and visit the Bodhtree’s Resource Center for more info.

How a leading real estate firm transformed its customer experience strategy with Salesforce’s service cloud

June 17, 2014 in Cloud services

Henry Ford once said, “a business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about -profits. They will be embarrassingly large”. It may sound a little simplistic but there is certainly a truth behind this observation.

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business or organization.

This reminds us about our recent Salesforce implementation for a leading real estate firm. The company had outgrown their customer service support system and needed a solution that would take their call tracking to a next level. They wanted to streamline their sales and marketing processes, optimize ticket management and enhance the efficiency of their customer support team to provide excellent customer experience.

Customer service team was assigned with customer queries and other issues related to payment status and status of particular project documents. The sales team would track number of inquiries and sales conversions in order to measure their performance whereas the customer service team required real time reports to monitor the number of calls attended by the agents, number of issues resolved and the issue resolution time.

Having in-depth experience in deploying customized Salesforce Service Cloud, Bodhtree’s service cloud experts understand the critical success factors in enhancing revenue generation with a customer experience strategy. We helped several customers in deploying Service Cloud, which allowed them to provide revolutionary customer service from anywhere, anytime and on any device. In fact, Service Cloud enables you to embed one-touch service directly into products. Your customer service agents can be fully empowered by Service Cloud.

Some of the benefits they enjoyed

1. Healthy Competition & Real time visibility – Multiple queues can be viewed at once, so there is a healthy competition between agents to resolve their cases faster

2. Increased Collaboration – With Chatter, agents can quickly escalate cases to experts to provide accurate solutions and close them faster

3. Knowledge & custom dashboards – Quickly search your knowledge base for relevant answers. Or make it easy for customers to do it themselves. View customized reports to increase performance efficiency

Yes, it’s a new world out there, and we expect to see many more organizations dramatically reshaping their sales, marketing and customer support functions like this real estate firm did.

Why’ Reporting Alone Isn’t a Strong Enough Business Intelligence Strategy

June 9, 2014 in Big Data, Business Analytics

Not having a single version of the truth for business intelligence data used for reporting—such as data about customers, products, channel partners, suppliers, and employees—slows analysis, delays action, and impedes your ability to improve business performance.

Application leaders in midmarket organizations using an IT-centric reporting approach to BI can slow the discovery of insights that impact an organization’s ability to remain competitive. Data-discovery tools make it easier for business users to understand “why” business events happen.

Key Challenges

•Decisions based only on descriptive reports don’t explain why a business event happens.

•Midmarket reports make more information available to users, but limit the types of analysis users can do and insights they can derive from the data.

•Midmarket organizations think that smaller business intelligence (BI) budgets prevent them from performing more-advanced analytics.

•Budgeting pressures, coupled with historical precedence, make the IT-centric approach to BI seem like a good way to cut costs, but, ultimately, can lead to lost technology investments


•Move beyond just using descriptive reporting to asking why business events happen by advancing BI maturity.

•Turn discoveries about why business events happen into actions that impact business processes.

•Combine data-discovery style BI tools with other analytic technologies to stave off competitors by answering more advanced questions like what will and what should happen.

•Calculate ROI on data-discovery-style BI tools using a cost-benefit analysis.

Source: Gartner

Expanding our Healthcare and Life Sciences services

May 30, 2014 in Healthcare and life sciences

The Indian healthcare industry is expected to touch US$ 250 billion by 2020. The year over year (YOY ) double digit growth can be attributed to rising population, increasing lifestyle related health issues, cheaper treatment costs, thrust in medical tourism, improving health insurance, government initiatives in rural, semi-urban areas and focus on public private partnership models.

The key industries like healthcare providers, pharmaceutical, bio-informatics, contract research etc. in HLS segment is propelling growth chart to new heights. To overcome sudden spate of business challenges, companies are prioritising latest technology adoption to address demanding patient care, innovation in R&D and new generation drugs.

At Bodhtree, our expanded healthcare and life sciences services like business and technology consulting, analytics and information management, product engineering and mobility solutions are addressing the markets both in India and USA.

Today innovation in HLS is all about adopting change. Internet, social media and mobile devices are showing new path to bring efficiency, while real time models and gadgets providing more options to users. Bodhtree’s HLS experts can define the most modern approach and replace ageing and redundant systems with clinical applications, custom tele health portals, DM portals and clinical and business analytics services for healthcare. Tele-health and remote patient monitoring has changed the way hospitals function today.  A new set of challenges for pharmaceutical enterprises in drug discovery and research is compelling them to deploy technology solutions that keep them ahead in the race. Our pharma services compliment API, formulations, bulk drugs and branded generics companies to accelerate clinical trials,drug development & innovation.

In a nutshell, the sector continues to look up, it is not free of challenges, increasing patient expectations and ever-changing technology, act as a critical barrier in delivering healthcare and life sciences services in a sustainable manner. CRM: Service Cloud is revolutionary to improve customer experience strategy

May 16, 2014 in Cloud services

The services industry has undergone a sea change in its operational efficiency and response time in meeting customer service SLA’s. Apart from generating revenues enhancing customer experience and retention is paramount in the present day context.

Today we are in the midst of a customer revolution. Your customers are using increasingly social and mobile apps and they expect their customer service to transform meeting those needs. Having in-depth experience in deploying customized Salesforce Service Cloud, Bodhtree’s service cloud experts understand the critical success factors in enhancing revenue generation with a customer experience strategy. We helped several customers in Service Cloud deployment which allowed them to revolutionary customer service from anywhere, anytime, on any device. In fact Service Cloud enables you to embed one-touch service directly into products. It’s the full power and functionality of Service Cloud wherever you are.

Join our webinar  on Thursday, 15th May 2014 from 2:00PM to 3:00PM IST with Paul Baptist, Principal Sales Engineer, to understand the key implications for your business. Learn how your organization can generate revenue and better respond to changing consumer behavior, needs and expectations through the development of an enterprise-wide customer experience strategy. CRM: Marketing Cloud is the next big thing!!

May 7, 2014 in Cloud services

In a recent research study conducted by NASSCOM, 50% of the CMOs indicated that they would spend more than 11% of the marketing budget on technology initiatives.

According to NASSCOM, the role of a CMO was historically only focused on advertising and brand building. However, changing customer behavior has made his role much more diverse. Marketing, in its new avatar, focuses on developing customer relationships and encouraging inter-personal or reference-based promotion. Hence, customer information management, segmentation, digital and analytics have emerged as the key focus areas for marketers. Technology helps them identify prospective customers and build relationships with them. At another level, technology is increasingly creating the fear of being left behind in the marketers’ mind.

Several of our customers are also echoing the same sentiments.

After several large scale Sales Cloud implementations along with, now we are experiencing whiff of Marketing Cloud. The sales and marketing automation is gradually moving towards newer platforms, redefining and reengineering automation with measurable ROI. We have helped several customers with our Sales cloud implementations. In most of the cases it is all about sales cycle visibility or improving sales by bringing efficiency in customer relationship management etc. On the other hand ,”The CMO’s office” is becoming more dynamic and compelled to bring in new marketing means to connect, measure and mine customers from social platforms, ROI based campaigns, SEO etc. Organizations are compelled to speed up with the latest marketing methods. In the present day cloud revolution, Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is the next big thing on the Cloud. It is imperative to separate sales and marketing, they are twin engines of an aircraft. Marketing Cloud, built on the Salesforce1 platform, allows marketers to combine traditional digital channels like email, mobile, social and the web. The impetus on organizations today is to connect with right set of customers using the right set of tools to gather customer insights. Publish highly targeted content. Build, run and optimize ads on Facebook and twitter. Our experience in understanding and deploying Marketing Cloud for our customers will grow bigger and bigger with an increasing demands from CMO’s office.