Healthcare buzz word today: Patient Engagement

December 8, 2014 in Healthcare and life sciences

Today’s healthcare industry is going through massive change. Healthcare providers are continuously assessing how they can enhance patient care and grow revenue, while also improving cost, risk management, and outcomes.

Consumers, who are now paying more of the healthcare tab, are demanding transparency, convenience, and value. The considerations models of yesterday are inadequate to satisfy growing industry and consumer expectations.

Numerous clinicians, policymakers and health economists agree that improving healthcare quality while controlling costs and risk requires greater patient engagement. Enhanced patient engagement can bring about (1) better disease prevention, by giving patients the tools to self-monitor and change behavior ;(2) greater treatment success, based on increased compliance with lifestyle changes and therapy; and (3) better clinical decision making, as a result of more information sharing between the patient and clinician.

However, connecting with patients outside of the office visit, and providing ongoing access and transparency to care and support resources, is challenging, particularly when it requires coordination between patients, physicians, clinical staff and third party resources. To meet consumer demands, healthcare providers require better approaches to associate with patients and convey quality include data in a savvy, simple to get to and straightforward way and in a manner that keeps up consistency and congruity all through the whole treatment process.

It reminds me the online stage that we produced for a Telehealth start up in Singapore that join patients with health awareness suppliers. As a startup they didn’t like to hold up under substantial overhead expenses, oversee extensive advancement groups and operational costs henceforth they joined forces with us to create their item. This helped them assemble their item at a small amount of an expense furthermore quickened their time to market.

The healthcare platform other features include virtual consultations by voice, video and text, peer-to-peer messaging, appointment scheduling and personal health diaries. It interfaces numerous provider groups, including general specialists, masters, healing centers and nursing homes, furthermore empowers secure and productive data offering between providers about their patients. The service is also available on iOS and Android platforms. It cuts out the unnecessary layers and provides patients the freedom to take control of their health in a secure and intuitive way.

Patients can keep a record of their data and share them with doctors. The data is then visualized so that it is easy to digest. It collects data from wearable devices. And lastly, users can communicate and consult their doctor’s right from the app. On the other hand doctors can easily monitor and view their patient data anytime.

Source: Healthcare Informatics & Patient Engagement

Pharma Companies adopting social media

December 1, 2014 in Healthcare and life sciences

Social networking and the pharmaceutical business have a complex relationship that has pulled in a considerable lot of investment of late.. From one perspective there are pharma’s well-known authoritative shackles and on the other, the undisputed yet to this point unexplored good circumstances that online networking can convey to the business.

Pharma organizations worldwide have officially begun to contact healthcare quality chain members like doctors, patients and payers through online networking channels like Facebook, Twitter, online groups, entrances, even gamification. Gathering bits of knowledge from huge information created by social networking has additionally turned into a paramount center region for the innovation firms that these pharma titans accomplice with.

A paramount part of the pharma-social networking relationship is innovative work (R&d). Online networking is quick turning into a fundamental piece of clinical research and assuming a basic part in patient recruitment and maintenance, and in addition lessening time-to-market. Social Media is playing a vital part in impacting doctor groups through connections with key supposition pioneers. This will continue to be a core area of focus for pharma as they create a better understanding of how this immediate cooperation can help in raising the benefit of clinical exploration.

In trying to manage the risks for a pharmaceutical company associated with a social media channel, these are the main points to bear in mind:

  • Have in place a good social media policy, on which all employees receive regular training (although see below as to why this still may not be enough)
  • Think very carefully about whether to allow user generated content on any site or social media channel for which you are, and will be deemed by the relevant regulatory to be, responsible
  • If you do wish to allow user generated content, consider pre-moderation and have clear terms of use and rules about the sort of information that can and cannot be posted, and which allow you to take down material that breaches the terms
  • Take account of all the guidance available, such as the ABPI’s guidance notes on the management of adverse events and product complaints from digital media

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Source: Role of social media in Pharma Industry

Bodhtree’s Midas tool solving integration challenges for Salesforce CRM users.

November 13, 2014 in Cloud services

Bodhtree’s Midas tool solving integration challenges for Salesforce CRM users.

In the not so distant future more organizations joined the salesforce analytics and integration ecosystem. The most recent entrant is a well-known technology provider joining the Analytics bandwagon. For ventures constant access to business-basic information is exceptionally tremendous, different difficulties throughout today’s organizations. Information must be coordinated crosswise over both cloud and on reason applications, and keep up high information quality that is effortlessly open.

The developing coordination difficulties are focused on information quality, and incorporating new applications with Salesforce cloud CRM. Bodhtree’s proprietary integration tool, Midas is produced after years of involvement in information synchronization and coordination between different applications. Our Midas ETLE instrument has joined the Salesforce integration ecosystem to enable our customers to solve integration challenges between Cloud CRM and on premise ERP’s such as SAP and Oracle ERP’s.

In large scale CRM implementations where customer’s enterprise application is an ERP, in such scenarios the demand is to leverage low cost and robust tools, apps to keep the implementation cost within the budget. Apart from the cost factors, it is equally important for enterprises to maintain the data quality, avoid data losses and remove redundancies in both ERP and Salesforce CRM data. Our Midas tool helped customers of every size in bi-directional data and seamless application integration that works best in most critical integration scenarios. Midas has the ability to connect to numerous data sources, process large volumes of data, support for real-time or on-demand integration and data security in fraction of the cost of customer’s budget. The value drivers for today’s burgeoning integration applications are to provide measurable ROI and value. By stating that, it is compelling for enterprises to choose the right tools keeping the data security as a top most priority. Gartner recognizes Bodhtree as a specialist Salesforce CRM integrator in its CRM vendor guide, 2014.

Source: Bodhtree’s Midas Tool Solving Salesforce CRM Implementation

Bodhtree Salesforce CRM Implementation for Leading Pharmaceuticals Companies

November 13, 2014 in Cloud services

Expanded deals benefit with

A main worldwide pharmaceutical organization was looking to quicken its development, enhance cross-divisional coordinated effort and drive expanded gainfulness with the goal that it could augment its lead in advancement. Nonetheless, the organization was confronting difficulties in existing ERP framework that don’t help lead to circumstance administration, bringing about low quality of information gathered amid deals calls and absence of client knowledge.

Bodhtree actualized a snappy, lock stock and done lead to circumstance stream in Salesforce CRM Cloud stage. Accordingly, the deals figure, planning and following sales cycle by each one stage, kind of business and distinctive business line helped the customer lessen expenses, get to be more productive and adaptable, and is presently ready to react to its clients better.

The customer creates, makes and markets pharmaceutical medications over the globe. Its items and administrations address the counteractive action, finding and treatment of infections, improving the prosperity and the personal satisfaction of clients. It is the main organization on the planet with a complete item arrangement of inward breath analgesics drugs. It offers a large number of administrations that cover the whole medication cycle, from advancement and business assembling to off-patent supplies of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Apis) and definitions.

Business Challenge

The organization was having existing ERP frameworks which don’t help lead to circumstance administration. They required streamlined methodology to misbehave on essential business capacities. They needed transparent perspective of offers cycle sectioned by every specialty unit. Case in point, there was ordinarily a huge crevice between the time the deals targets were recognized and when the deals calls could be made. Furthermore because of absence of endorsement administration process for circumstance conclusion they were confronting difficulties to run deals motor flawlessly.

How we made a difference

The customer picked Salesforce as the stage to enhance lead to circumstance framework in the present business situation. Bodhtree tweaked work process tenets and approval guidelines to streamline opportunity advancement and guarantee legitimate open door conclusion. This new ability gives more prominent perceivability from prospect through to submitted leads. Bodhtree’s answer disposed of manual frameworks, blunders, time and exertions rousing deals reps to offer past quotes and adjusting them to the organization’s vital objectives.

On the off chance that you might want to know all the more about our Salesforce usage or impart your experience, keep in touch with us at

Source : Bodhtree Salesforce CRM Implementation

Pharmaceutical companies are embracing new generation websites to increase global outreach!!

September 23, 2014 in Healthcare and life sciences

Brand building is the bloodline in today’s competitive world of pharmaceutical marketing. After conventional brand building of new drugs, today Pharmaceutical enterprises are following the trends of building their brands online for greater outreach. In the initial years brand building was all about creating brand awareness to stay ahead of competitive brands and brand extension.

In this digital age companies are reaching out to their prospective customers through various digital platforms. The online branding is ‘in’ and Indian pharma industry is set to soar high in this new digital revolution. Enterprises are focusing on leveraging latest web technologies to increase their web presence and make greater outreach to their target audience spread across globally. Today in API, branded generics or bulk drugs business there is a spurt in online enquires or prospects from developed markets that are reaching out to Indian companies for contract research, bulk drug procurements or buying new molecules.

To be a part of this revolution pharmaceutical enterprise are adopting new generation websites with an innovative branding & brand positioning. Content marketing, blogs, social media strategy are the new tools of online marketing to reach out to new partners, prospects, customers from different continents etc.

Using latest web technologies, Bodhtree had helped several well-known global pharmaceutical companies to adopt new generation websites to augment their global outreach for increased business enquiries. Our website evangelists have come up with world class websites based on the business & product portfolio, business lines, differentiators etc.

Information in the Cloud allowed leading manufacturing company to easily eliminate data redundancies

September 16, 2014 in Cloud services

Today’s organizations face twin challenge of transitioning from legacy to flexible platforms which can exactly meet the business requirements of competitive advantage, and robust change management processes to drive adoption of new platforms.

Leading the way for the Manufacturing industry

The decision to implement Salesforce was taken after an extensive evaluation process for one of the largest building material manufacturing company a part of US$1.6 billion conglomerate that has a history of enduring relationships with renowned global companies. With over 20,000 employees, 24 manufacturing facilities and numerous patents and awards, the Group’s businesses operate in five continents. Prior to the implementation, they were facing challenges in maintaining Customer information/ Sales data in legacy systems and spreadsheets. With increased dependency on SAP systems it was becoming difficult for them to fetch data for running schemes and generating invoices. Difficulty in generating reports and metrics is another big challenge for them to assess the overall productivity.

With Salesforce most of their challenges were resolved as it streamlined their entire order processing system by generating forecast and actuals based on order details entered in Salesforce system. Also it enabled timely payment status updates including the details of outstanding and completed payments

Integration = account intelligence

With Bodhtree’s proprietary ETLE tool bi-directional integration was done between Salesforce and ERP systems that enabled real time updates of orders in both the systems. With this integration user dependency on SAP systems was reduced.

Reduced issue resolution time

We have setup automated alerts for the complaint log to the respective departments to further reduce issue resolution time.

Measure business performance

Reports & Dashboards enabled them to measure business performance at every level in the organization.

Guaranteed governance

In security, along with the fact that Salesforce employs a world-leading multi-layered approach to data security. Our client benefitted from the ability to share information between teams and individuals on a selective basis. This is being utilized extensively with cross-team collaboration efforts.

In addition they benefitted with the consolidation of information on a single platform to maintain confidentiality of data across divisions. Further, by removing individual data silos throughout the organization and centralized data in Salesforce, they achieved an incredible accuracy of its master data.

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Why pharmaceutical companies choose Salesforce CRM?

September 8, 2014 in Cloud services

Sales teams are the spine of any pharmaceutical business. And communication channels of these businesses need a system that can act as the main communication channel for pharma companies. The major challenges faced by the companies are tighter regulatory constraints, pressure to find more efficient communication channels, restricted physician access. There are many reasons why a pharmaceutical company needs to depend on a more responsive and customizable CRM like Salesforce. Salesforce CRM can help Pharmaceutical companies in:

  • Tackling loss of product demarcation
  • Customizing communication channels
  • Targeting new types of customers
  • Enhancing access to physicians
  • Cost cutting based on customer significance
  • Overcoming regulatory constraints
  • Niche marketing
  • Retaining a collaborated team

Salesforce CRM tools provide key insights into the effectiveness of messaging, materials, sales tactics, and insights to medical reps on doctor prescribing behavior. It’s all about having the right data, performance management, and communication tools working for you as an enabler to meet the set goal and exceed targets in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical CRM solution ensure that your organization stays ahead with Campaign Management, Lead management, Sales management, Sales forecast, and visibility of sales pipeline.

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Make sure your nonprofit organization is getting the most from

September 2, 2014 in Cloud services

All of us who have worked with nonprofits before would agree to the fact that the right CRM administrator can really enhance user adoption and transform constituent relationship management for your nonprofit.

Here are some top qualities of a CRM administrator:

  • Loves data and numbers: someone who has a flair for databases and metrics
  • Problem solver: a self-learner who can search blogs, user forums, helps guides, etc. to resolve users’ technical issues and increase adoption
  • Flexible: willing to grow as the organization changes and your CRM needs expand
  • Technology savvy: has a flair for technology and can quickly adopt new tools to help resolve issues or extend functionality
  • Good communicator and trainer: understand users’ requirements and train them to increase adoption
  • Proactive: quickly identify projects and opportunities for growth and enable users rather than just responding to crises
  • Passionate about working with nonprofits

Bodhtree understands that relationships mean everything to nonprofits. We provide Salesforce admin and product support services to optimize your interactions with volunteers, manage donors, deliver better programs and services, facilitate personalized outreach and raise more funds.

Community is one of our core values and as part of our philanthropic initiatives we are offering twenty hours of free administration services* to all nonprofit organizations who use

Sign up for a free virtual assessment today and qualify for this offer. Offer valid till September 30, 2014.

* Scope of services

Analytics to Predict Customer Behavior

August 27, 2014 in Big Data, Business Analytics

For 60 years, marketers have been building products that anticipate the needs of consumers. The difference now is that we have the data and tools to understand these needs in various contexts. Customers have been segmented by groups for more than 10 years, but Big Data allows us to classify individual customer needs and act in real time.

In order to get all the information, you should focus on big data rather than your customers. When it comes to understanding and predicting consumer behavior, your big data analytics reports will have better answers than your customers. That’s for sure.

Predicting customer behavior can make your life less stressful by seeing trends ahead of time that you can prepare for, can make customers feel attended to by having customized options or recommendations, and is most likely something you can implement to start out with using your existing data even if you’re not doing it yet.

Google Now’s Google Cards are a great example of how data is already being used to understand customers’ needs before they search. Google Cards works on Android phones to search existing user content, in addition to other data patterns including geographic location, to anticipate what the user will need.

Most companies already have what they need, but they’re either not capturing it or aren’t using it in the correct way. Businesses have access to customer behavior data as well as social and transactional data. This gives them the tools to understand their customers on a much deeper level.

It reminds me a complete Big Data ecosystem that we have implementation for a large toy and game manufacturer enabling them with improved understanding of customer preferences and buying habits. Read more…

Now, who said a good business couldn’t get better?

Success mantras for new-age CMO

August 20, 2014 in Business Analytics

The Future of marketing with respect to digitization and the complexity of analytics that are required to make sense of the data are already dominating our lives. A number of examples come to mind when I think of how the art of classic marketing is changing with time and transforming itself to leverage technologies and drive a clear business benefit as well as customer engagement.

My Favorite example is one of the early engagements that Starbucks launched online called “My Starbucks Idea”. It was a continuous engagement for co creation where customers and prospects propose ideas for new products, packaging, marketing etc. These are rated by others and best ones are awarded as well as the company uses them to transform business.

Changing customer behavior has made CMO’s role much more diverse. Marketing, in its new avatar, focuses on developing customer relationships and encouraging inter-personal or reference based promotion. Hence, customer information management, segmentation, digital and analytics have emerged as the key focus areas for marketers. Technology helps them identify prospective customers and build relationships with them. At another level, technology is increasingly creating the fear of being left behind in the marketers’ mind.

Nasscom defined six successful mantras for new age CMO

  1. Develop a technology mindset – Don’t get sucked into the technology- vs-creativity vortex. It’s now technology + creativity. Technology is a powerful enabler of larger business benefits. A new-age marketer is tech-friendly.
  2. Leverage your own CIO - Marketers today have a deep understanding of technology’s role in marketing, but lack the skills to access it. Engage in healthy and regular interactions with your CIO and his technology network with an open, positive mindset.
  3. Really understand your consumers’ technology needs – Today, there are a plethora of new-age technologies to choose from. Precise insights into your consumers’ need should guide which ones you choose.
  4. Take baby steps before the sprint- Invest in technology by all means, but with a bit of caution. Start with small, yet focused initiatives before investing in larger marketing systems.
  5. Can they walk the talk? Most agencies have a tendency to promise and project much more than what they can actually deliver. Take these claims with a pinch of salt and keep an eye out for the new breed of agencies that have a deep understanding of how technology & creativity merge.
  6. Be a keen observer of the technology landscape- Innovative technologies like mobile, analytics and personalization are fuelling the development of new-age applications and devices. Identify industry-specific frameworks and applications that can be calibrated to enable easy and efficient deployment.