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mad time plus a story post

November 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

I didn’t promise too much in the last post when I said I’ll be absent…  anyone following me at knows all the stuff I get up to.

Sometimes it feels as though my life is not my own anymore.

At any rate I find to my surprise that there are still views on this blog, so I’ll try to post at least occasionally.  What have I been up to – that’s material for the blog above.

In my last posting of a Solar Wind excerpt, Col advised me that I could easily post an action scene.  I think I’ll select one from “The Assassin”. (Solar Wind 2.)

The Unicate is a tough nut to crack.  During Federi’s mission he discovers that they are targeting the wrong people…


Night had fallen. Federi snuck from one ruined building to the next. Sidewalks and road pavement only survived as patches here and there. What was left of Nemiscau, the town, looked rather forlorn in the dark. This was more than ancient bomb devastation. There were various houses that weren’t in any way broken, just deserted. He wondered.

Federi dug his little radioactive counter out of his pocket. It came from the Hun. One of the interesting titbits he hadn’t turned over to Captain that time before Hamilton.

Yes, there were still remnants of radioactivity here, even after sixty-odd years. Federi avoided those buildings out of which the signals came more strongly. Almost as though… He was sorely tempted to investigate. But he’d need protective clothing. Hell, his Federi-instincts were pulling him irresistibly towards those hot houses.

No. Not yet. First, deal with the target. He found the house she lived in – an inconspicuous log-cabin style building like most of the older ones. With a damaged roof. He double-checked the address. Yes. This one was actually living inside a ruin.

This was a different setup from Miami! The Assassin in him was suddenly wide-awake. He rounded the house through the overgrown garden. No love had gone into these plants in decades. There might even be snakes… yes, he thought, that sounded about right! Or crocodiles. He approached the back door, then paused.

All the windows were open in the hot summer night. Those that still had glass. How could anyone live in such a place? But he definitely sensed a presence. A vicious one. Sharp, like Anya Miller. He frowned. The target was aware of him!

But then, why didn’t she do anything? He studied the windows. Left open – like an invitation! A trap!

Oh hell! And he was already in that trap! He hadn’t set foot in her house yet, but she could see him. Why didn’t she shoot? He melted into the greenery. Something hissed by his foot. Then blinding pain shot through him. Vanishing lizard, he thought as his leg collapsed out under him. As he went down, he grappled for the creature, but it had disappeared. Ha! That proved it!

There was a lovely lady slinking towards him from the house. She was carrying a garden lamp, revealing her complete beauty, making her a clear target; and a gun. Not afraid of him in the least. But fully clued in. Her name was Dahlia, he recalled. No surname had been on file. The Admiral had added her to the list, Captain had informed them, on a hunch. She wasn’t too high-ranking, but the Admiral suspected she was more involved than was visible.

Get up,” she smiled, “get into the house!”

Federi struggled upright, but his left leg was missing. He glanced down. It was still there, but he couldn’t feel it at all.

Did my little pets bite you? Inconvenient,” said the lady. “Precious Federi, did you really think you could assassinate the Unicate?”

No,” gasped the Tzigan.

Do you miss your family?”

Federi levelled a silent stare at her. What was her intent, needling him? Was she hoping to rile him into shooting at her? When she so clearly had the upper hand? Why didn’t she simply terminate him?

You’re wondering why I don’t just shoot you down?” Dahlia smiled. “But has nobody told you that cats love playing with their prey?”

Federi grunted. Whatever, if it gave her such pleasure! It bought him – seconds only, he realized. His otherwise agile mind was numb with a grey fear. So this was it. Shawn would not be avenged. Captain’s plan hung on a thread now – the thread that Jon and Ailyss had hit enough really important targets in Europe that the Peace Talks were viable. He started shaking his head. No way. The plan had failed; shipwrecked on an old gypsy curse…

Amazing,” marvelled Dahlia. “I’m facing the Bane, in person! The great Legend! My, my! And how great are you now? You’re not even very tall, as Romanians go! I should take you to Headquarters and show you off to everyone there,” she mulled. “But – no, then someone else will get the pleasure of killing you. And they may even decide to torture you and you may get the chance to escape. I’ll tell you what I’ll do.” She smiled. “I’ll feed you to my little pets. I wonder if they will like the taste of your meat… but they’ll still be hungry after you, I can tell.” She crumpled to the ground.

Federi froze, and turned very slowly. He wasn’t prepared for any of this.

(@copy Lyz Russo, 2011)







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