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Gypsies and their horses

August 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

The gypsy caravan in the last post got a lot of attention :-).  Seems as though I’m not the only one in love with “all things gyp”. 

LOL, these two seem to be “Tinkers”, the Irish gypsies that are all over UK.  The continental Roma don’t acknowledge these as “real” gypsies due to different genetic roots, and yet:  Their lifestyles are very similar; their languages are fusing; the two different gypsy “races” are intermingling.  (Don’t you love the eye-twisting designs and colours on that cart?)

 I wanted to show you the beautiful horses they breed.  Gypsies are ace horse breeders and traders; it’s one of their traditional trades.  (More modern ones are car trader, salesman, office worker, … )


The first four images are from

and the last three, from,or.&fp=fa35e8493da3e010&biw=1024&bih=655

Gypsy music:


…leaving on that note …



I like this post and am too lazy to construct another one tonight so I’ll just add it in here:

ONE WEEK to go to Arkenaten’s LAUNCH!


“Almost Dead in Suburbia”

Find directions and a map HERE.

Be there or (b)(b)!

Er, wait – wrong book.  Let me do this again:

There you go. ;-)

10 responses to Gypsies and their horses

  1. haha – she must have had a fright! When you say, “strangely dressed”, does this refer to the traditional long skirt etc?

  2. The horses are gorgeous. When I was last in England there was a strangely-dressed lady who would ride by daily on one just like that and I would engage her in conversation. She seemed surprised at first, but soon unwound. Only later did I find that she was from a Romany camp nearby and not accustomed to people being chatty.

  3. They are beautiful:)

  4. Well I look at those trees and green meadows and can’t help envying them their laid-back lifestyle. But what do they do in winter?

  5. Those Vanner horses look like fluffy toys, don’t they?

  6. I used to find gypsies fascinating, as a child. They used to come and park their caravans on a local wasteland for the summer, and then go from door to door selling their wares. At the time,I envied the children, barefoot and not having to go to school. It seemed to me like they lived in paradise. ;)

  7. Good morning kalinka:)… you do like the Gypsy folk, don’t you!

  8. Yes, I definitely see parallels.

  9. OK I guess not many would be office workers. When they call something an “ofisa” it generally refers to the place in which the psychic gazes into her crystal ball and predicts pretty futures for cash. ;-) But car salesman, bricklayer, temp worker… and I’ve met musicians, film actors…

  10. Yes – they’re about as popular as our squatters. And probably for much the same reasons – poverty is not pretty anywhere on Earth. I’m just amazed as to how much culture there is, despite the poverty.

    The thing about the two little girls drowning, and none of the bathers bothering to see why there were two corpses on the beach? I think it freaked the whole world out. Brought a limelight to the gypsies, and started quite a bit of activism and certain countries reacting with evictions and so on.

    What puzzles me is this. Evicted to where? Gypsies have been in Europe for nearly 1000 years. In which way are they not European citizens but a Kenian who moves to Germany can get the citizenship within 8 years?

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