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More about the electric power problem

21. February 2013 in Uncategorized

(answering to Jeannies comment on a previous post)

In principle wind power is a good thing. Maybe in 100 years they have so many “wind mills” that the air stands still and the wind is running out. What I hate is that the big power suppliers are making money from the good will of the “green people”. I just read in the paper that we have now 50% more energy costs than in 2007! People are now (forced?) trying to change to energy saving lamps. I just bought 1 (!) LED-bulb for testing. They say these bulbs save 80% energy. But the bulbs cost about 10€ , while a conventional one was less than 1€.

Normally I would say nuclear power is THE ONE to think of. We don’t know more effective energy sources yet. But the few points of vulnerability can have enormous effects when accidents or terrorist attacks occur. Germany (at least the government) decided to shut down nuclear power plants and to put up more wind mills after the accident in Japan. But now electricity must come from other sources and must travel other/new ways. New cable lines must be built and more propeller towers are to be placed at the sea shores where they can be more effective. But so far there are not enough transmission lines from the sea to the mountains to bring the green energy there. That will cost the tax payer.

One more funny thing is that the energy enterprises have price guarantees from the government. That means the enterprises will get there minimum money for the electricity. Now as the electricity becomes cheaper on the energy stock exchanges the enterprises can not cash in high amounts. So the state will jump in to fill up to the guaranteed values. Who is the state? The simple folks! (the so called “customers”)

That means when energy is cheap we pay more “green tax” because we have to pay the increasing differnce between market price and guaranteed profit!

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  1. It is those points of nuclear power vulnerability that scares me!
    Naw! I think that I will still settle for a coal powered station not too far away.
    Same thing here with the bulbs, Phasing out the old globes for power saving ones. Been told that powerful led lights will be on the market this year still.
    Very expensive to install any of the green stuff for hot water etc.
    Our government got some of these things a bit back to front!

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