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Don’t App – just Browse…!

7. December 2012 in Street Views, Uncategorized

I want your feedback once again:
Looking for a web page that provides live TV channels to keep me updated while traveling I got this one:

Media News Online

Well, many channels limit their content to be available only in certain countries or at specific times. That means they do not stream all content that might be available on tv.

Could you guys have a look at that page and comment about the channels which you can receive and which not?

There are no movie or sports channels as they do not stream that stuff for legal reasons. But news and local entertainment can be helpful while on holiday where you do not understand the local language. But before traveling it would be nice to know if the listed channels work abroad and the web site  might be worth bookmarking.

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  1. Perhaps the tags I use too hey:)
    Robots- I get little spam though.

  2. Hey Du, I did book one of those promote your blog cells. How does it work? Do you think that is the reason I had a few international readers? The counter registered 300 readers quite quickly when I started to use it.

    • du said on 1. March 2013

      I’m not sure about the pixel ad promotions! That will probably not drag so much attention! Maybe you were listed somewhere or your blog was mentioned in an online newspaper or so. There are some robots as well body most accesses seem to be real readers. Unfortunately I can not analyse the sites people have clicked to get to your blog.

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