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16. November 2012 in Uncategorized


CD shelf at Saturn...not everybody is having fun: Every year in autumn season the “evergreen” performed by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley is in the media stores.

Actually I was looking for a new single release by the Rolling Stones as they have there new media box “GRRR!” out. But there seems to be no single release of the two or three new songs. It is all old stuff which I already have in several versions.

But I came along some other discovery: 

“LAST CHRISTMAS” is one of the records that seem to sell every year. Other standard Christmas songs like “Merry Christmas – everybody having fun” by Slade cannot be found on records but are on radio and Pop TV air play during the season.

Personally I do like Wham! and George Michael since I was young (I’m not young anymore…) and I think the Last Christmas record is ok to be in the shops regularly. Bad luck for the Wham-guys: I don’t think they still get money for the CDs being sold these days as they aren’t under contract with that record company anymore. 

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