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Pretty Sicily

21. June 2014 in Life in Europe


Just had another week abroad. This time the destination was the Italian island of Sicily. The city to stay at was Catania. That is 2 and a half hours by plane. And over an additional hour by bus to get to the hotel there.

Catania is a very historic city. Not only back yards but of course old cathedrals and ancient excavation sites.

The weather was lovely. Not too hot – just about 27°C. So it was nice walking along the streets. On a sunny day we decided to go swimming at the beach. Main transportation is the bus. But information on time tables or line maps is hard to find. So you must try to communicate with the bus drivers to find out which bus departs at what time. The visit on the mediterranean banks ended in a bus stop hut seeking shelter from a sudden thunderstorm…

But after all I can indeed recommend Italy – just go there and see for yourselves…!

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Atlantic Tour

7. May 2014 in Uncategorized

Now it is spring time here and I took one week off. Traveled to my favorite destination: Ireland.

It`s a bit bad luck as I have picked typical Irish weather these days. But still there are some beautiful views over the countryside to the beaches. Just try to imagine there`s a ray of sunshine – it would be a dream…

You guys may be used to the impressions of the Southern Atlantic. This is a picture from Donegal at the north end.

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Bayern München Boss goes to prison

15. March 2014 in Life in Europe

The (Ex-) Manager and president of German football club Bayern München was charged for  tax evasion. He was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison for failing to pay over 27 million Euros tax in the past 7 years. Uli Hoeneß has accepted the judical decision and will not apply for revision.

There is much discussion among the folks. Some saying “stealing such an amount of money must be vigorously punished”. Bavarian people say: “Poor guy has done so many good things in his life – he does not deserve being jailed”…

(of course he (still!) possesses some pocket money to donate for charity…)

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The cool guys are back

9. March 2014 in Life in Europe

I just came along the pond this morning and I found this year’s spawn in the water. As far as I remember I went there on Friday to check, as I am expecting the spawn in early March. So the frogs must have been there yesterday or this morning to place their eggs.
In the afternoon today I went there again to see if any more eggs are to be seen. But there were still only two spots. On the other hand I saw the parents. They were lazing in the sun. Four older frogs and one probably younger guy.

I ran to get the camera and sneaked back to the water. While the frogs were not taking much notice of me the gold fish were quickly hiding. So I got a few good shots of the frogs. They seem to stand guard for their spawn, but I guess they had just returned to that sunny spot to take a sun bath.

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What is this now here?

2. March 2014 in Uncategorized

Every now and then everything is being mixed up at 24.com.
Or is it only me losing the avatar image?

I tried to comment on a blog post, but I all got was a “Cannot read captcha” error.

My dash board has turned black. I guess these are the fnal moments of blogs.24.com ! :-(