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Bayern München Boss goes to prison

15. March 2014 in Life in Europe

The (Ex-) Manager and president of German football club Bayern München was charged for  tax evasion. He was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison for failing to pay over 27 million Euros tax in the past 7 years. Uli Hoeneß has accepted the judical decision and will not apply for revision.

There is much discussion among the folks. Some saying “stealing such an amount of money must be vigorously punished”. Bavarian people say: “Poor guy has done so many good things in his life – he does not deserve being jailed”…

(of course he (still!) possesses some pocket money to donate for charity…)

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The cool guys are back

9. March 2014 in Life in Europe

I just came along the pond this morning and I found this year’s spawn in the water. As far as I remember I went there on Friday to check, as I am expecting the spawn in early March. So the frogs must have been there yesterday or this morning to place their eggs.
In the afternoon today I went there again to see if any more eggs are to be seen. But there were still only two spots. On the other hand I saw the parents. They were lazing in the sun. Four older frogs and one probably younger guy.

I ran to get the camera and sneaked back to the water. While the frogs were not taking much notice of me the gold fish were quickly hiding. So I got a few good shots of the frogs. They seem to stand guard for their spawn, but I guess they had just returned to that sunny spot to take a sun bath.

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What is this now here?

2. March 2014 in Uncategorized

Every now and then everything is being mixed up at 24.com.
Or is it only me losing the avatar image?

I tried to comment on a blog post, but I all got was a “Cannot read captcha” error.

My dash board has turned black. I guess these are the fnal moments of blogs.24.com ! :-(

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Quiz: What is a “SWEATHOSE” ?

2. February 2014 in Life in Europe

Schweiß Schlauch I went to the Supermarket for some weekend food shopping. Examining the scavenge table I found a nice object:
A plastic bag package with some piece of clothing inside. It is titled “SWEATHOSE”.
Now since German discounters ALDI and LIDL are spread all over Europe they distribute their common products abroad as well. I wonder if they have different packaging in England or Ireland for example!
Germans do not care about their language anymore. It is infiltrated by mostly English words. But the mixed up vocabulary often loses its original meaning. People speak of “shopping”, “realisieren”, “Coffee to go”, not to forget the everlasting rediculous “Handy”.More and more often you find words mixed from a part of a German word and another part of English.

So the package you see does not contain a HOSE filled with SWEAT. The “sweat” is taken from the sweat in sweater which is a warm pullovers – and the hose is the German part: The German “Hose” means pants or trousers. In the end that explanation goes well with the picture in the plastic bag.

I often think about setting up a collection of terrible German language examples. I have taken a few pictures in public places already. (There is not only one sanitary business having the sign saying “Bad Shop” on the front door…) But very often I just don’t have a camera at hand when I see mad constructions like the one above…

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Big banging about to begin

30. December 2013 in Life in Europe

I went shopping to get some food for the New Years celebration tomorrow. The guests are expecting some fish rolls. (Maybe I post an image later to give you an idea). But I did only find over crowded parking lots at the supermarket so I drove off to the next ALDI store. I got my car parked there but I did not find any fish in the shop. I can hardly imagine it could be sold out… But I will have to go there again tomorrow.

What I saw was the desk with the fireworks on offer. People buy the cracker batteries more often as you only have to light them once and the fire works then run automatically. This year these batteries have names of major world cities. Not only Berlin or Toronto are on offer. There is also Bangkok and even CAPE TOWN (Kapstadt) as you can see in the image.

Please compare the prices at ALDI web site. How much money are you going to spend on fire crackers?

(I don’t buy any – I’d rather invest in booze)