How Nedbank uses underhand tactics to drive their point home.

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Because the events described are in all probability going to form part of litigation, some vagueness will be used to avoid compromising the matter. The event which gave rise to this was an agreement between Nedbank and another prominent bank in 2009 that resulted in Nedbank assuming the role of credit provider, as well as debt generator on my account.

When I discovered the collusion and demanded the mandate that Nedbank must have had from me, in order to transact on my account, my requests and demands went unanswered for 10 months, despite between 15 to 20 written requests and numerous fruitless telephone calls to various departments within the organization.

Towards the end of this period, I received a summons (incomplete and incorrectly addressed) for the amount in dispute. I immediately forwarded said summons to my legal representative, and due to the highly contentious nature of the dispute, filed a motion to defend. Unknown to me at that point, was that Nedbank had already written the spurious “debt” off, but the reason for the summons was that they had in turn “sold” the debt to a bottom feeding collection agency.  Nedbank had also at the same time, very kindly listed me with Trans-Union ITC for “bad debt written off” in July of 2012.

Bear in mind, that there exists no reply to the requests for documentation repeatedly submitted to Nedbank, in fact, no correspondence whatsoever was ever received in reply. Neither form Nedbank, nor from their fellow colluders at a Major Bank, although the Major Bank knew full well of their part in the scam. I have e-mails on record to prove they were active participants in that. Bear in mind as well, that when Nedbank sold the debt on to the collection agency, they were no longer the owners of the original debt, and had no claim any longer as they had “written it off” but still saw fit to sell it on as part of probably a whole trache of other “written off debt”. No doubt the last acrimonious telephone conversation I had with a faceless manager at their credit card center was too much for them to handle and they decided that a blacklisting would put in me in my place.

Nedbank’s first proper reaction to all of my communication, came after I started posting about this issue on Twitter, it appears from their reaction that public scrutiny on a social media platform is something they wish to avoid. What I would have wanted was for them to have engaged with me ten months ago when this issue became pressing, and they started by sending me threatening SMS messages instead of replying to correspondence, which was not only delivered and opened, it was read and ignored. All credit to the people in charge of Nedbank’s Social media platforms for being able to respond in the time that they did, regrettably they were not able to reverse the ITC listing immediately, and toward the latter part of the day their input decreased dramatically, although I went to the extent of arranging drop-box facilities to allow them to review the extensive documents I have on the matter, as Nedbank’s mailboxes still have a 2Mb mail message limit when most mail systems today cater for 10 Mb. Banking hours after all are the subject of a certain degree of sanctity, it appears.

Despite the efforts to get documentation to them, and numerous unanswered telephone calls to ensure they had received the information, that matter remained unresolved on Friday and I remained, at least to the best of my knowledge, blacklisted for a “written off” allegedly bad debt.  In reality I remained a victim of an institution too arrogant to admit it was wrong.

So Nedbank, decided that the best way to cover up their errors was to act in a vindictive manner, by utilizing their access to Trans-Union ITC and blacklisting me. I am in the process of acquiring vendor accreditation with Trans-Union ITC to enable me to also blacklist individuals, the question is, will I use spurious reasons to do so?

Extreme Environment – Ivo Vegter – Review

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The balance so lacking in many media reports today can be attributed to many things. In Extreme Environment  Ivo Vegter carefully and with precision lays bare the hyperbole addicted, rumour dependent practices that have for the last 15 years fed the environmental hysteria mill.

It’s easy to see from his writing why the mainstream media have shunned his book. His occasionally almost clinical observations must have many of the subjects of the observations writhing in discomfort. The book was completely different to the expectations which I had of Ivo Vegter formed by occasional interaction on Twitter and by reading his columns in the Daily Maverick. To me he had come across as somewhat argumentative,   occasionally snotty, for want of a better word and perhaps even a little difficult by design.

His elegant writing style, and fact laden analysis of the many misconceptions surrounding fracking in the first Three chapters, shattered my preconceptions of him. I found myself drawn into his technical presentations of the fracking process and could not put the book down as he carefully detailed and exposed the degree of dishonesty prevalent in the emotionally charged campaign against fracking. How millions of people had been purposely misled by wealthy lobbies and how millions more people stand to suffer hardship as a result of that. Initially I was skeptical about some of the facts, but some time spent using a special Google technique developed during my studies, to cross check facts convinced me that Ivo Vegeter had done considerable, thorough research and it would take far more than my casual probing of the facts to even think of contradicting them.

My understanding of fracking is increased considerably. More importantly my understanding of the hyperbole so loved by the newspaper selling media industry has increased exponentially. My perspective of several global issues has also shifted somewhat, I’m still a tree hugging, animal protecting, human rights activist, but Extreme Environment has tempered my outlook. Not everything is as emotive as the media makes it out to be, even if Nobel Prizes are handed out for it.  Ivo Vegter is not afraid of controversy; he seems to thrive on it. His weapon of choice is verifiable truth, carefully researched facts and balanced presentation.

If you’re looking for a balanced perspective on environmental issues, this book is for you. If you’re a banner waving ill-informed environmental radical, then this book is about you.

The Democratic Alliance as a Majority Political Party in South Africa

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The Return of Apartheid.

This is the scenario most proposed by the current ANC hegemony in regard to a possible DA victory over them in the polls. The most disturbing aspect of this opinion is that so many South Africans actually believe this drivel. This is pure propaganda and scare tactics by a corrupt regime, willing to do anything including murdering striking miners to stay in power. They react to a possible DA majority in the future by utilizing the same old racist segregation tactics they have used for the last 18 years, simply because they’ve worked so well on a widely unsophisticated electorate before. Even well-educated professional people have expressed this same opinion to me. To all of the DA apartheid doomsayers, trendy white apologists, black racist haters and even the remaining Woolworths shoppers, there are some vital points that need to be taken into account in a functional democracy, which should the DA win the next election, South Africans will in all probability experience for the first time in 18 years.

Apartheid was an abomination inflicted by on a majority by a militant minority intent on remaining in power. Its demise was brought about by a majority no longer willing to be racially discriminated against.

Apartheid today is an abomination inflicted on a majority by a corrupt ruling elite intent in remaining in power for as long as possible, with a purpose to strip all wealth from the country and divert it to their own pockets.  Its demise will be brought about by a discontented electorate tired of watching the favored elite get fabulously rich and flaunt their wealth in the face of the 40% functionally unemployed people in South Africa, who by now have realized that all their vote did was to ratify the decision of the approximately 2800 corrupt delegates at Polokwane who voted for the current president. The people have for their vote received very little in return, living conditions are at an all-time low, the widely documented deterioration in basic services does not have to be enumerated here, it’s a an accepted fact.

So, what exactly in my opinion would a DA (or any other political party that is prepared to serve the people) mean to the majority of the people of South Africa? Dealing first of all with the return of apartheid; is there logic is assuming that the electorate which is some 80% black, would render a majority to a party, which by demographics is likewise racially structured, so that a return to the previous apartheid regime can be effected?  I don’t think so either, because no electorate would stand for that, and there would be an immediate bloody uprising against such a fallacious policy. So clearly the scaremongering and outright lies are easily exposed by applying a little common sense.

What will it mean for South Africa?

The brand South Africa is depending on whom you believe, or not, at an all-time low. Never before as a people have South Africans been embarrassed and humiliated by the leadership of the country as they are at the moment. Without rehashing recent political events, and the ongoing as well as publically visible battle for succession within the ANC, mass corruption within government and the blatant looting of the public coffers by what has clearly become an out control administration. This fact or scenario is clearly visible to the rest of the world. No amount of devious calculated spin doctoring by an increasingly desperate regime can hide the facts from the rest of the world anymore.

Under a democratically elected government, that does not embrace corruption and wanton self-enrichment as some sort of State Religion, the people of South Africa no doubt could expect a radical improvement to the value of the brand South Africa. With that would doubtlessly come renewed foreign interest, selfish as it may be perhaps, but bringing with it also new investment, to replace the investment lost by the current ANC government’s policy of crony capitalism, tender corruption and racist business models. Which have seen Foreign Direct Investment dry to a trickle comprised only of rigged tenders and corrupt principals willing to pay the massive bribes needed to do business in the current environment. Quite frankly I believe we have enough jets, submarines, corvettes and failed toll road systems. I also believe we need projects that stimulate basic employment of the largely uneducated, unskilled workforce.

Economic Benefits

Estimations vary on the amount of GDP lost to mostly government corruption, from 25% of GDP up to 30% of GDP depending which reports you believe. The bleed in government spending could be effectively used to provide many things such a free schooling for all at world class level. Free healthcare for all at world class level, are these exaggerations? I don’t know, because the numbers are staggeringly large, I’m proposing an alternate use for the funds which are looted now by the current administration. I have no way of knowing if with cessation of looting, could come a national free rail network. I can only hypothesise on the possibilities. What I can state with certainty is that none of the hypothetical improvements can occur under the current corrupt regime. Their addiction to looting and squandering funds appears to be for moment incurable. It must also be pointed out that if the improvements mentioned possible were to come about, unemployment would without doubt be radically reduced in the short to medium term.

Capital projects require extensive labour, which in return provides employment. More importantly it increases the economic cycle and injects money into the first tier economy immediately. The ripple effect is felt throughout the economy both local and neighboring. A radical improvement in the general as opposed to specific population could be reasonably expected to follow as a result of that.

What will it mean for the current regime?

Not very good news I’m afraid, the current regime has built a reputation of a rampant kleptocracy, some have labeled it an ineptocracy, semantics aside, a legitimately run government would not be good news for the current regime. Ironically, in building additional correctional facilities to house those found guilty of corruption and criminal conduct could provide an additional temporary burst of employment in the civil engineering industry.  The government tax revenue generated by these operations could well be put to good use elsewhere at a later stage. That aside, a properly functioning society has to, of necessity deal with all criminal elements in a fair and just manner, if in the course of doing that, the previous victims of the criminal elements are afforded the opportunity to enter into gainful employment, all the better. A successful country, like a successful business, should have accountability as one of its cornerstones; the current regime should accept that its past behavior will, at some point be assessed and if found lacking, appropriate steps be taken against offenders using evidentiary principles in law.

What can the Majority Expect from their Party?

It’s a very open ended question, isn’t it? The temptation to insert rainbows and unicorn symbols does seem strong. Reality or realistic hypothesis for the purposes of this has to prevail, we have as people paid for and watched the current regime concoct their own rainbows and unicorns, and have not seen the benefit to the majority of the people.

In economic terms an economy that is not bleeding money through corruption, can heal itself rather quickly. That raises several interesting possibilities, the least of which is a leveling out of the secondary and invisible taxes the current regime is so adept at inflicting on the taxpayer base. The next important aspect of a rapidly healing economy and a tax body that is not a slave to the corrupt foibles of a morally bereft government, would be increased efficiency not only in the collection, but in the utilization of public funds, which would no doubt lead to a medium term reduction in taxes which would further stimulate the economy.  Clearly the wages of corruption are stagnation and higher taxes. A realistic positive jump in the living standards of all South Africans could be expected, further confirming the correct choice of government in the minds of the voters, instead of the current race-scare economic disaster model employed, increasingly less effective by the kleptocracy.

What will the people get out of it?

Again a difficult point, but besides the obviously advantageous economic rewards, the benefits to be had on a societal level are considerable. The long term damage done to national psyche by sustained abusive administrations is best left to sociologists and the like to quantify if that is at all possible. But a start can be made on telling people that their colour or race is just that, nothing else, and that it in no way influences their standing in the community, or their chances of success in society, be the catalyst that starts and sustains real Ubuntu, instead of the current racist view of that held by the ANC government, who failed miserably to learn from the past and have spent the last 18 years repeating it.

Setting South Africans free may be far easier than sawing through some chains, or prison bars, it may well be as simple as telling them that they are all worthy of the same rights and freedoms as people and that they don’t have to be a particular colour to get them, or support a specific kleptocrat to ensure their uninterrupted enjoyment.  The temptation at this point to insert a relevant quote from people I admire the most is strong. But I will not quote Steve Biko or Martin Luther King Jnr or Abraham Lincoln for that matter. I will instead say this to every South African: Your potential as people and as nation is far greater than anyone wants to allow you to believe.

If you believe that you are prisoner, or will become a prisoner because someone with devious motivation for telling you, told you these things, then you will remain a prisoner of your own irrational fears.

Woolworths Never ending Saga.

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Woolworths Bullshit Saga.

So many words written about a stupid employee employed by a stupid company, who mistakenly thought she/he could save a lot of time by re-enacting job reservation in the name of the new apartheid.  The amount of mealy mouthed, sanctimonious, responsibility evading commentaries that have been made about this topic, would make a whore with the most advanced gag-reflex control, projectile vomit across a soccer pitch.

There are no shortage people who fondly believe themselves to be luminaries, such as Jacques Rousseau, and a whole gamut in between, to comedian (?)  John Vlismis who have all weighed in, on this, beating their little self-righteous chests, and bleating plaintively about the need to address the “injustices of the past” by wait for it, continuing to discriminate against people on the basis of race.  The most recent diatribe, and the reason for this substantially shorter piece on the subject, is none other than the MD of TBWA Hunt Lascaris, an advertising agency (really?) either pitching for, or recently lost the Woolworths business.

The chorus which they all sing is nauseatingly familiar, it is not about addressing the injustices of the past, as they announce with such alacrity, it is beyond any doubt to prop up their decaying positions in the current rotten corporate and tertiary education hegemony, dominated as it is by unconcealed racists who dole out tenures and positions to those who best lick racist boots. This is the cacophonic chorus of in the interests of redress to keep the minority oppressed at the pleasure of the minority. A minority which to their chagrin and great personal revulsion, they unfortunately find themselves ,members of, if only they could change their own melanin levels and join in, in the unbridled condemnation of the pariahs, they so fervently wish they did not resemble in colouring and hair consistency, where applicable.

This outpouring of verbal diarrhea in support of a practice which debases humans and reduces them to mere skin coloured objects of various shades to be pushed around an environment ruled by colour, is beyond reasonable human comprehension and is redolent of the actions of collaborators of Nazi Germany leading up to and during World War Two, who for a few favours, and be allowed to live a little longer would sell out their fellow humans.  History is littered with the bones of collaborators, who died at the hands of the oppressors while waiting to be favoured for their betrayal.  These are the Judas goats of history, the cowards of no moral convictions, and the abusers of human rights by omission and silence.

Not one person has stood up from their scrupulously guarded liberal bolt holes and said that human rights abuse cannot be tolerated, nor can human rights be selectively applied to one elite group of humans who happen to be more favoured than others on the basis of their skin colour. Not one person has taken a stand to say that, the injustices of the past can best be addressed by not perpetuating them into the future. Because as it stands we are as a people becoming more and more polarized  and enraged by those who would manipulate race for their own advantage, instead of  constructively uplifting people because not of their colour, but because of their humanity. The lack of cognitive processes in these sycophants, who are too eager to please the race Nazis of the day, makes them beneath contempt.

If the worth of humans could not be measured by skin colour before 1994, leading up to the removal of the racist government of the day, what the hell makes it acceptable now, 18 years after democracy?






My 67 minutes of reflection

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What it means for me to be South African for 67 minutes out of one day of every year, or every day for that matter.

After 18 years of commemorative chest beating by the ruling party, I still see that over 20 million people live below the R10 per day breadline. But the ruling elite live in the most opulent luxury our taxes can buy.

Millions of youth have no jobs, partly because the economy is not growing and partly because their education does not qualify them to do anything, other than be unemployed in despair of ever finding jobs. Ministers and mayors and other functionaries of the ruling party think nothing of voting themselves 34% annual increases though.

Thousands of youths have been denied an education for several years due to Education Department mismanagement and corruption, including inter alia the failure to provide textbooks and teachers with suitable qualifications. The ruling elite live off education tenders and send their children to private schools at taxpayers’ expense.

There are more people killed by HIV annually than in the imperialist war in Iran and Afghanistan which are active war zones. The hospitals which could help the fight against HIV are for the most part dilapidated and neglected, understaffed and ill-equipped. The fight against HIV is relegated to a minor irritation as long as the elite can spend tax money on test kits that don’t work. Incidentally the Elite State Employees Medical Aid is the best in the world. They would not be seen dead in a State Hospital.

A woman is raped in South Africa every 27 seconds. This is the rape capital of the world; despite civil society efforts to reduce these horrific acts, the police are not inclined to direct their efforts to this. Social workers and NGO’s relate incidents where the police join in gang rapes instead of stopping them, in many cases they partner with the pimps and human traffickers for profit. The elite have platoons of bodyguards, 16 000 thugs in uniform to protect the 3000 or so kleptocrats who voted themselves these privileges.

The South African economy is dying a slow death, while companies hoard large cash reserves, estimated between R500 Billion to R1.2 Trillion reluctant to invest in the economy, due to the inherent instability of the current government, for want of a better less flattering word. Foreign companies and investors are not interested in investing in South Africa anymore. A combination of racist employment policies and extreme government corruption has effectively driven away most Foreign Direct Investment. The corrupt political elite continue to try to gouge more revenue out of a shrinking economic pool.

Any economic growth is stymied by a phalanx of racist laws designed to discriminate against 8% of the population, which in turn has led to a reduction of vital skills in South Africa, as people of undesirable races, chose to take their skills abroad. Corruption is the order of the day, in State as well as private companies with as much as 25% of GDP lost to corruption. This represents enough to provide every South African with free education to tertiary level, free health care for life, longer than the current 42 years average life expectancy, and free public transport in all areas.

Every South African should spend the next 67 minutes thinking on how best to correct the wrongs which our legacy has bestowed upon us all.

E-Tolling: a government vehicle for corruption.

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If anyone was in any doubt about the machinations of government, around the e-tolling criminal theft, the news of the last few days should convince even the most hardened supporter of this government attempt at highway robbery of its true intentions. The overburdened taxpaying public has been lied to at every step of the process by SANRAL and by proxy, the government. Consider the following sequence of events as reported in the media:

  • The cost of the project was R 21 000 000 000 according to early reports widely quoted in the press and not at any point denied by government or SANRAL
  • Government support and bailout including the use of Government Employee Pension Funds amounted to R 21 000 000 000 after the furore erupted over grossly inflated toll fees.
  • The CEO of SANRAL resigns during this attempted grand theft of taxpayer money, tucked away in the reports of his resignation are some alarming points.
  • It would appear that the figure of R 21 000 000 000 as the total cost of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project, is not accurate. In fact it appears to be yet another fabrication, engineered by SANRAL and government to fleece the country out of Billions of Rand, with badly built roads which are already falling apart.
  • Suddenly, with very little notice the Cabinet weighs in the issue, and announces that they, not SANRAL, take note, will take the matter to the constitutional court on appeal. The interdict granted against SANRAL is being appealed by the Cabinet?
  • It is further revealed almost in passing that the total cost of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project is in fact closer to R 90 000 000 000 than to R 21 000 000 000, the Cabinets interference is suddenly put into focus.

What can be learnt from all the reports? Quite simply that SANRAL and government have colluded to defraud the South African public and taxpayers, on a scale which eclipses the arms deal. The public purse is being looted by the government for their own personal enrichment.

SANRAL’s failure to disclose tender documents and contract details as ordered is clear admission of the scale and extent of the corruption. The wilful obfuscation of the actual project cost until a court ordered a review of the entire process should convince anyone that the process was not only flawed, it was in all probability criminally motivated. It would also appear that the entire Cabinet of the government of Jacob Zuma is implicitly implicated in the larceny.

Recent events around the display of the controversial artwork “The Spear” are an elaborate smoke screen to divert attention away from far more serious issues, that the government knows will be aired in public and further reduce the credibility of South Africa globally, effectively stalling the economy and leading to financial collapse. Every South African should be aware of the government’s part in the financial demise of South Africa before 2014.

The Myth of Democracy in South Africa.

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Democracy in South Africa is played like a Ponzi scheme; the people at the bottom of the pyramid are the millions of suckers who believe the system can work for them, and despite 18 years of being victims of this confidence trick, continue to believe the lies that are told them by the ruling party. These masses continue to labour under increasingly difficult conditions, always believing that some of the lies they have so capriciously embraced will come to be and that their miserable existence will be noticed and improved by the ones they have voted for. Theirs is the cruelest of illusions, because they have no hope of ever sharing in the wealth of the nation, trapped by social grants, crime and drug addiction. These poor people do not possess the intellectual capacity denied them by inferior education to know they’re being exploited and used as vote cows to keep the corrupt regime in power for one more term.


The next level up are the taxpayers who unwittingly pay for everything, including the excesses and largesse’s of the ruling party, among these are many intellectuals, who derive their status from the artificial strata created by the ruling party, to keep the tax money flowing in, and under the control of the under-class, created by the racist legislation enacted by design to bind thousands of taxpayers to the ruling party, giving them the illusion of power based on race. Just like the Afrikaners before them, they believe implicitly in a racist system, all too glad to reap the rewards of racism while the going is good. Paying scant attention to the reality of the corrupt system they support with such ardent fervor. The reality of the system is it rewards not achievement, nor enterprise but race, colour of skin, accident of pigmentation.


Nor does it punish transgression or lack of performance, but in many cases it rewards lack of performance with advancement and promotion, especially in the ‘Civil Service’ where corrupt activities are seen a prerequisite to acceptance by one’s peers. This is really the intellectual mass, where so much vociferous social media commentary emanates from, Two million not so civil servants, encouraged to show public support to prop up and show public support for a declining Kleptocracy, seemingly intent on bankrupting the country as soon as possible. One might be mistaken into thinking that some real power was resident in this group, but it appears beyond voting for the kleptocrats in the vain hope of keeping their jobs, this group, mired as it is in racist dogma, and does little more than consume 41% of government budget spent on salaries. It is also where many of the gross inefficiencies and incompetence of government are resident. They are kept happy with jobs and generally inflated salaries to ensure their loyalty. Again the parallels between the old Afrikaner regime and current regime can be drawn with alarming rapidity. Keeping control of the civil service in this way ensures that a large voting block is maintained.


Taxpayers however, are not all government employees, and within them are the people that are forming the nucleus of the resistance to the kleptocracy, young well educated un-indoctrinated professionals, who are not part of the grand kleptocracy, either by choice or by lack of opportunities who rail at the established kleptocracy and actively campaign against it. They join opposition political parties, and they make their voices increasingly heard on social networks and in the public arena. For the moment they are the minority, but with every passing year, more and more are joining their numbers. Interestingly they seem to be a group not conscious of race bias and determined to rise above the fear politics of their peers.


It’s above the middle class that the true corrupt nature of the sham that is Democracy in South Africa is really exposed. The class occupied by the direct relatives and beneficiaries of the delegates that were promised fats and magnificent riches in return for their votes at the party conference which brought the current kleptocrat to power. These are the Two Thousand Eight Hundred delegates and the entourages around them that have benefitted from virtually every public project since the coronation of the current kleptocrat. Some of these are recently featured in press exposés as criminal beneficiaries of government awarded tenders and others have successfully evaded prosecution for criminal charges ranging from rape to murder, to drug smuggling and human trafficking. Many of these loyal cadres are members of communist organisations, content with trampling the masses to reap their just rewards for oppressing the many, so that the few may live in luxury, paid for by the taxpayers. These are the real foot soldiers of the kleptocracy, making massive profits from defrauding taxpayers and in many instances covering up the activities of organized crime, for yet more profit. These are the people who actually voted in the election of a South African Government, the masses rubber stamped their choices in a sham election, which effectively makes South Africa a one party state with dictatorial tendencies.


From the ranks of the criminal cabal have risen the industrialists who through legalized extortion and racist legislation have taken control of corporations and see themselves as the ruling elite. In their opinion the own the government of the day, and by their continued presence on the executives of the ruling party, they jockey for presidential position, by discrediting each other and embroiling themselves in repeated plots and conspiracies each more ridiculous than the last. All of this under the scrutiny of a sitting president that has no idea of what a professional government should be, who has in turn surrounded himself with a large group of hangers on, who see him and their kowtowing to him as their extended meal ticket for the next 5 years. An individual so devoid of integrity that he is the butt of myriad jokes about his lack of sexual urge control, his total lack of regard for safe sex, and his seemingly endless appetite for women. He has been mercilessly lampooned as an unintelligent philandering buffoon, incapable of sustaining any kind of sustained intellectual discourse. The most alarming aspect of his tenure has however been the wholesale degeneration of the entire government apparatchik towards massive corruption.


Much of the corruption is only now surfacing in the media, who despite many threats against media freedom, have managed to unearth evidence of widespread corruption and outright theft of taxpayer funds by key members of the kleptocracy. Much of the disclosures relate to criminal activities that have resulted in numerous murders of not advocates and prosecutors but also whistle blowers and witnesses. Entire divisions of the Police Service have been compromised by bogus claims made purely to cripple investigations into corrupt individuals. Most of the murders committed in the obfuscation of criminal activities have been labeled suicide, hijackings or robberies “gone wrong” in the media. To the core of law enforcement and investigative officers that still care about the maintenance of good order and justice, these are the kleptocracy’s death squads doing their work. The members of the death squads are drawn from government agencies and given unwarranted promotions and enlisted to eliminate political opponents. The death squads don’t hesitate to kill spouses or anyone else in that gets in the way, in order to carry out their orders.

Just as disturbing is the mass abuse of power to eavesdrop on and monitor the communications of millions of people by unauthorized personnel with the various internal warring factions within the kleptocracy, as part of the various factions’ attempts to take over the government from the others. Complicit in these illegal attempts are the large corporates who either turn a blind eye, or actively support and facilitate the process, helping to destroy the lives of those who raise the social consciousness of the masses.


Is this what democracy is about? Is this what South Africans demand from their government?


If the only voice the people have is their vote, why do they choose to remain silent for so long? It is getting to the point where the kleptocracy will rig the next election to stay in power one more term, to harvest whatever is left of the economy before we become another African failed state, to join the other failed states because of government corruption and thuggery.

The rule of racism

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The people whose conscience would not let them let a racist outburst go unchallenged, irrespective of whom or what the colour of the racist, are the people that truly care about South African society. This is far cry from the people having blatantly opportunistic reactions, from the fashionably sympathetic to the overtly racist from all races.

There is apathy towards attacking the real issues which have driven general racism in South Africa. We stand at the at the nexus of a failed social engineering experiment, where one race has through a majority and legislation, done everything they could to relegate all other races to status of “Untermensch” while elevating themselves to “Ubermensch”. I use the terms purposefully due to their highly emotive connotations, and also because of the consequences that arose as a result of those heinous assumptions being made by other regimes in the past.

No human being can be superior purely because of the colouring of their outer layer of skin. No human being can be superior because of their political affiliation. Most political entities are by nature divisive and partisan, and in the South African context, they are also racist, bigoted, homophobic and very frequently misogynistic.

Any human being that assigns any degree of importance to race politics, be it by overt or covert support, or by enthusiastically following racist agendas, is not worthy of the interaction with other humans, because they don’t see them as humans. They see them as cardboard cut-outs to be used as target practice whenever the opportunity arises. Into this category fall most of the “media personalities” plying their trade and dropping their poison on all South Africans, because it sells copies.

Shame on you.

Racism is an attack on fundamental human rights.

Race hatred on Twitter.

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Jessica Leandra and Tshidi Thamana despite their massive gaffes on Twitter, and the cataclysmic overreactions resulting from it, probably did South Africa a considerable service. It highlighted by the responses and reactions to their insensitive racist tweets, how far removed from the Constitution of South Africa many people really are. It in no way excuses their comments or the consequences that will follow from them, not only for them, but also from some of their most vocal supporters, who will also have to face the consequences of their actions in support of racism.


It sadly brought to the fore three types of people two of which South Africa quite honestly may well be better off without.

Reactionary Racists of all colours intent on promoting their brand of naked hatred are the most obvious, with death threats and expressions of naked racism as some of the screen grabs demonstrate. [Not published here due to highly racist content and inflammatory hate speech] Tragic and sad as many of these people may be, they are easily dealt with due to their high visibility and easy traceability. Black or white, racism seems to follow the same lines. It’s an outpouring of naked hatred, brought about by racist social engineering, whether perpetrated or perpetuated by the old National Party or the ANC, the outward manifestation is remarkably similar.


By far the most disturbing category of reactions is the selective black and white racists, who hide behind the constitution and human rights to selectively condemn according to their own agendas the racist outbursts of others. Into this even more highly disturbing category fall many so called local luminaries, who harp on about the constitution and human rights while selectively condemning tweeters of different races, all the while adding their own bias to the condemnation. Some of them going to the extent, of selective reporting of offenders to the Human Rights Commission of South Africa. Sadly most of the defenders of racism in this category have public platforms which they use to continuously and covertly pursue these objectives. At times the motivation for their not so transparent support of government sponsored and endorsed racism appears to be nothing more than an attempt to curry favour with their editors who are also indebted to the government of the day, and with pending media legislation so looming, want to do everything possible at the cost of the people of South Africa to maintain their comfortable positions as long as possible. Opinionistas and other assorted pseudo-intellectual media entities abound in this category; too many too mention on one blog posting, use the description supplied to identify the culprits.

Be alarmed however that so many of these so called influential commentators only go into hyper drive, when the racism is white on black, which in anyone’s definition of racism, makes them racists as well as hypocrites. It also indicates a deep level of inferiority and persecution complex on their part, with a smattering of race guilt thrown in for good measure. The quality most lacking in this group is honesty, the honesty to treat racism as a universal problem in South Africa, and to seek universal solutions, that would benefit all the people, not just their narrow personal agendas. People falling into this category are lower than the overt racists, and are beneath contempt.


The last but most encouraging group are however a mix of people of different races and upbringings who slowly but surely, despite any past racist upbringing or parentage or education, are voicing their opposition and disgust to all forms of racism. These are the people willing to stand with people of other races and openly condemn all racism no matter what the origin. It is also evident that many of the people standing together on social platforms against racism, may at some time in their past have been separated by racism. They have achieved more than any racist could ever wish for, instead of prejudice they have humanity. The very humanity that tells them that racism is an attack on their fellow humans and denigrates the humanity of others by reducing vibrant people to skin tones.


We can all learn from these quiet voices of reason.







Tender fraud and the mechanics of BEE in a failed state

April 26, 2012 in Uncategorized


Corruption has become SUCH AN OVERUSED WORD South Africa that no one really appreciates what it means to them as taxpaying private citizens. Generalizing how the ANC has corrupted South African life, political and business is meaningless without explaining how it has happened. After ten years and millions of words written about the Arms Deal, if every South African has not by now discerned how devious and corrupt the ANC government of the day was in that, I’m certainly not going to spend any more time on that subject. I am however going to explain how other major projects and some lesser known SCAMS work in the South African context.


Taxpayer Role

At the core of every Tender manipulation and fraud is the illegal and fraudulent expenditure of taxpayer funds. It’s very important to understand that the machinery that has evolved around corruption is driven by public funds only. Where there are outside companies involved as suppliers, the profits they make from supplying the government in fraudulent tender processes are all provided from public money, yours and my taxes. In all of the examples mentioned in this piece, don’t lose sight of the fact that the only source of funding for all the scams is taxes. Bear in mind as well, that there are only about Five Million registered taxpayers in South Africa, among 48 million people. Tax revenue amounts to about R750 Billion per year, this was the figure for 2011 as disclosed by SARS, although their role has also become questionable, more on this later.


The role of BEE

Legislation has been abused by the ruling party to ensure continued support for their corrupt structures at various levels of business but specifically aimed at government awarded contracts and tenders. As with most ANC policies one has to look past the patent and carefully postulate the latent possibilities packaged in the various pieces of legislation that have been enacted in the 18 years of democratic rule. I will not argue the intrinsic racism contained in these laws, it should be self-explanatory, and anyone having any doubts should familiarize themselves with the 1947 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Pay particular attention to the fact that the ANC is not mentioned in the document at all.

Back to BEE and its stated objective of addressing the injustices of the past and creating wealth for previously disadvantaged persons, stripping away the euphemisms its racist pure and simple.

BEE’s most important function however is not the publicly stated one; its principal function is to assure that all government contracts are crony beneficial. The public face of BEE is to discourage other business from trying to enter into business with the government without the proper credentials. BEE accreditation does not guarantee government contracts as many companies have found out after complex share transactions to meet compliance requirements. A detailed examination of BEE transactions may well be the topic for a well-funded and lengthy investigation. Many Billions have been lost in these transactions, due to shifting financial conditions impacting on heavily debt leveraged transactions.

BEE has been used as part of a mechanism to effectively run government awarded tenders in what can be described as a closed shop environment. It is important to understand where BEE fits into the overall corruption landscape, this can best be illustrated by some recent events, both from the news and some lesser known but very high value deals.


Capital Projects

Capital projects are the happy hunting ground for government driven corruption, due to their large scope for obfuscation of costs. This is where BEE comes into its own, as one leg of the triangle used to defraud taxpayers of Billions of Rand. Simply put, preferred BEE companies are the conduits through which capital projects are used to siphon off billions from public funds, your and my taxes, of course. The process not only appears transparent on the surface, it bears up under scrutiny to a point. The Gautrain comes to mind, as a typical case, because it is such a great example and it can be traced in the public domain, for the most part.



Step One

A proposal to build a high speed rail link between Johannesburg and Pretoria is mooted at an estimated cost of R3.5 Billion. Cost seems a bit high, but it based on the prevailing cost of infrastructure to the South African Railways at the time of costing. The project is deemed to be viable, but SAR is not deemed to be the ideal contractor for the job, for various reasons. Enter the company Bombardier with an estimate for R10.5 Billion for a complete system. Three times the initial cost estimate seems unreasonable and would raise serious questions in correctly run business. Not so in South Africa when it comes to Capital Projects funded by the taxpayer.

Step 2

Enter the BEE player in this peccadillo, the Mbombela Consortium, comprising of well-heeled politically connected ANC elite. The project is initiated without further ado, except for one subtle detail, hidden in the contract are escalation clauses put there by Mbombela to facilitate the fleecing of the taxpayers money into their pockets. These clauses are used to inflate the project price to R30 Billion, no one asks any questions, because all of the documents are public, correct? To put it in perspective, if a builder quoted A million to build you a house and then after completion tried to get you to pay 10 million for the same house, what would your reaction be?

Step 3  

The hidden step and what happens in all publicly funded capital projects is quite simple. The contractor who does the work is employed by the front BEE Company and the price he gets for the project in most cases does not vary, on the surface all the variation orders are real, with one exception, they are in fact fictitious. They are merely a means to inflate the cost of the project, and a substantial portion of the inflated costs are paid to the front company directors by various means, which is why foreign contractors are so popular in South Africa for large capital projects, once the money has left South Africa no South African Authority can trace its movements. Payments can then be made in Europe, to nominated accounts and hidden in the income statements and balance sheets of the companies concerned.


Think of every Capital project undertaken since 2002, look at initial estimates, then look at tender winning companies and then look at final project costs, this is the surest way to track the corrupt entities involved in these projects.

One of the most interesting projects to come to my attention in recent years was the as yet unconfirmed report of a R300 million police station that started out life as a R3 million police station in KZN, I’m told that several high profile generals were behind that and more than one person has died in accidents that might have been commissioned to maintain their silence. The rumor goes that the family of the deceased has all gone to ground outside of South Africa, with our police service, who can blame them?


Eskom projects

As a parastatal company Eskom should be the epitome of transparency and due to its high strategic value as a power supplier it should be among the best managed assets of the South African people. In reality it yet another BEE cash cow, plagued by corruption too entrenched at every level to ever be totally corruption free. The concealment of vital project costs and regular escalations in price is brought to the taxpayer for additional funding. A prime example of this is the twin black holes of Medupe and Lephalale power stations, the subject of cost escalations in the order of 3.5 times original estimates. Again no alarm is raised by the government, only additional taxes and an escalation of the cost on energy in the order of 150% over a period of two years or so. Another most interesting scam to come out of Eskom is the Consultant Scam, this works very simply, outside companies are contracted by Eskom to provide consulting services on tender. Only BEE companies need apply, and the scam is simple, Eskom provides volumes of data to preferred suppliers [cronies] who quote at R2500 per hour for analysis. They employ junior consultants and promise to pay them R200 per hour for their services to sit and convert the data to excel pivot charts. Nothing more, the pivot chart files are delivered to Eskom electronically to release payment. Payment is then shared with the person in Eskom doling out the orders, invariably the junior consultant is fired after three to five weeks for some infraction and salary denied on that basis. There is a company in Randburg with an extensive property portfolio paid for in cash generated through such a scheme which has been running for some 5 years.

The obvious link between the ANC front company Hitachi Africa, has been ignored for the purposes this piece, it is public knowledge, no more needs to be said about it.




Company Registration Manipulations


CIPRO or the Company and Intellectual Property Registration Office was a mess, it was fraught with endemic corruption, intrinsically involved with rigged tenders, and run by foreign nationals by remote control. This is what the public was told to justify the total overhaul of the company registration and the safeguarding of intellectual property. So the CIPC was born, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission was meant to combat both internal fraud and corporate crime. Bear in mind that there was no mass dismissal of employees at CIPC, only the name changed. Mind you a few other things changed as well. The service delivery to the public stopped dead, with up to 28 month delays expected on processing of ordinary applications. How can South Africa hope to attract business investment under these conditions?

A few days spent in the city of Pretoria can provide some interesting information if you spend them observing people at the CIPC precincts, you quickly realize that most of the CIPC business is done outside the CIPC by foreign nationals who have connections inside.

Cost to register a new company via one of these agents is R10 000, the process takes about 8 days at the most, the application is processed inside and appears on the data base, this can include registration for VAT, PAYE, SDL, and UIF if required.

As far as company registrations go, there is nothing which money at the point of transaction cannot buy, some of the more spectacular company hijackings have shown in recent times. It appears that the term business as usual not only applies here at the CIPC but in other organs of state as well.


South African Revenue Service

Using the CIPC agents as intermediaries it’s possible to effect VAT registration in under 8 days, with no inspections no questions asked. Initial reaction from me was that the documents were copy and paste specials that would not bear up under scrutiny, and I scoffed at the possibility that SARS was complicit in such activities. Until I was told that copies of tax clearance certificates were obtained from other SARS branches for companies registered in this manner. Therefore the corruption is complete to the point of the SARS database being compromised by individual within SARS, working in cahoots with CIPC and third party agents effectively preventing any legal means to stem corruption and VAT fraud. The network of insidious commercial criminals seems to extend to every facet and level of South African Life, without exception. The thread joining them seems to be government driven and sponsored, because it is unconceivable that few isolated individuals would be able to construct a network of such proportions. The entire culture of the ANC in this landscape supports extreme corruption, seemingly out of control and driven by an almost apparent sense of urgency, as if the money is soon to run out and everyone has to steal as much as possible before it does. Bear in mind on the topic of SARS, who used to head that organisation, and what his position is now, Pravin Gordhan has much to answer for. His current position should be seen as an indication of the levels he is prepared to descend to in order to remain in favour.


E-Tolls, SANRAL and the drama around it


Current public outcry about the orchestrated theft from motorists in Gauteng who have no alternative but to use the routes selected for criminal theft by the government and SANRAL, fit into all of the scenarios I have described. The interesting twist in this debacle is the commitment by the PIC [Public Investment Corporation] a misnomer for a government front company who is supposed to manage government funds and pensions, to acquire an 85% stake in SANRAL using employee pension funds. The interest lies in the fact that government had no hesitation in gambling the pension funds of some Two million government employees on a venture they could not back out from with severe international implications. Bear in mind that this was done in full sight of the public and the world at large providing absolute confirmation of their involvement in a clearly flawed and corrupt venture.

Surely this emphatic declaration of the government’s involvement in so many equally or more flawed projects sends a very clear message to the voter population and to the world at large that they longer have the inclination or the wherewithal to continue as a government?


The removal of the common denominator via the ballot box is the only recourse that seems to be open to South Africans.