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Yuletide thoughts of a sort

11/12/2012 in Uncategorized

(These season’s greetings are courtesy of that excellent band Mecury Rev)

And To All
inner star astronauts and winter solitude savorers,
warm weather worshippers and faraway neighbors,
burlesque banshees eating turkish delight
and moon splashed mermaids this coming full moon night

To All
mistletoe haunting spell weaving witches

vinyl rocking warlocks scratching their itches
blood lusting Rev loving Hammer horror film lingerie queens
and the candle-eyed minx-like 21rst century changelings

To All
universal monadists and dream yoga buddhists
sirens on the shore saving gluten-free holiday foodists
glitter wolves and wisemen who’ve lent us their ears
and lotus flower lasses who’ve stood with us through the years

We wish you

what it is you wish for
for what else is there to wish for
at such a strange balancing point in our lives
here in the now of this wonderful time of year
but health, harmony and happiness
on the inside and outside of one another…

And so to all
Happy HolyDaze
And a silent Solstice dear
And to a lifetime ahead
of outer space starry nights
and inner space starry cheer.

The Very Best From Us
To You And To All In Your Sphere

See You On The Other Side,
Jonathan and Grasshopper

2 responses to Yuletide thoughts of a sort

  1. Luvverly.

  2. Dinx said on 31/01/2013

    Happy 2013 Czardas. Long time – just popped in to see how you are. Hope all is well in the Count’s Land. Hugs

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