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Unexpected pleasures.

07/12/2012 in Uncategorized

Unexpected pleasures.

1. A book.
I bought a book recently from the Thursday market at the hockey fields. I paid R5 for it but had to bargain the seller up somewhat to secure that price as she only wanted R2. That lowly price combined with the fact that it was a Victorian detective story left me with no great expectations for the novel. How wrong I was; it was a delight, with surprisingly un-stereotyped characters, lively dialogue and lots of humour. The first description of the lead character as he awakes from a drunken stupor is a marvelous bit of comic writing. (The book is The Fiend in Human Form and the author is John MacLachlin Gray, a Canadian)

2. A song
I was listening to a compilation jazz CD that I had listened to dozens of times before when I was surprised by  a great version of April in Paris by the Sauter-Finigan band. Surprised because I had never noticed the song before and because I had never heard of the Sauter-Finigan band. Perhaps elves had snuck in and inserted the song after I had listened to it a few dozen times.

3. Blogging.
A virtual friend had a blog and suggested i read it. Dutifully I did. then I wanted to comment, so I had to sign up and then a while later I started posting copy-and-pastes but then Niels shat me out for that and I started blogging “proper”. I never expected to enjoy it but then moonbats like Sven, Kolobe, KevD, A.N.Other, TruVanPunt Pop Idol and Geannan joined the fray and what fun it was. The migration has dampened the fun almost completely, but who knows perhaps a new moonbat will begin blogging and the fun will start up again.

Unexpected pleasure bring enjoyment, unexpectedly, and I hope for many more, but I just don’t know where to expect them. By definition, of course.

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