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Aphrodite in the 21st Century

04/12/2012 in Uncategorized

[De Waal posted a poem on his blog - - and I thought I'd take a stab at something similar]

I saw you, Aphrodite
you were walking down the street,
passing Ravenscourt Park, near Hammersmith
in a white Summer dress
– other drivers may have thought
they were witnessing a movie shoot,
such was your allure
and the effect you had on passersby –
But I knew it was you, Aphrodite

Beauty, love, pleasure and procreation
personified in one shimmering goddess.

Turbo-diesel motor cars, tarmac and i-Pods,
cellphones, bicycles and frisbees
all would have been new to you Aphrodite
but your beauty is timeless
and the stirring of the blood
in those who behold you
is as old as the earth itself, I think

Perhaps I should have been bold,
bought you an ice-cream
from the nearby Tesco’s
struck up a conversation
and eventually invited you out
to Le QuecumBar & Brasserie
across the river, past Battersea Dogs home
and the disused power station
And like Adonis and Ares become your lover

Perhaps I should have been bold
but I was content, instead, to gaze
and feel and admire
Beauty, love, pleasure and procreation
personified in one shimmering goddess.

4 responses to Aphrodite in the 21st Century

  1. *indignantly* So you picture it in words, and don’t actually take a photo? That would have been more effectively aphrodisiacal.

    • During the real life incident that inspired these tame words I wished I had a camera, or better still a video camera, not just to capture the beauty of Aphrodite, but also men really were walking off the pavement and bumping into each other, they were so distracted.Great humour and great beauty in the same scene.

  2. I enjoyed the poem, Czardas. It has a feeling of a real event that you experienced. I also like the end where the Speaker in the poem does not jump in and start courting the goddess – it is very human :)

    • Thanks for that DW. Working on another idea that came to me, with Aphrodite visiting the judgement of Paris, the one in the 1970’s where Californian wine beat French in a blind tasting.

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